8 BEST KETTLEBELL EXERCISES FOR ABS | Kettlebell Ab Exercises For A Lean Strong Core

whatsup guys its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and these are the best kettlebell abs exercises of all time let’s go kettlebell windmills plank saw kettlebell swings kb carries abs are on fire right now we hope you guys like those abs exercises with kettlebells. if you did be sure to smash the […]

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Why fasting bolsters brain power: Mark Mattson at TEDxJohnsHopkinsUniversity

Translator: Madina Juarez Reviewer: Carlos Arturo Morales Thanks, Brian. I am at the National Institute on Aging, and as many of you know– people are getting older, and there have been advances in cancer research, cardiovascular disease research– many people who would have died in their 50s and 60s from those diseases are living into […]

Luke Duncan on the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria

I would say I’m privileged to work in the LIMS building It’s relatively new and it’s got a lot of facilities that I need I’ve got a good supervisor who I get along with And I really like the open working spaces The inspiration behind my research is the rise of antibiotic resistant bacteria So […]

Weight Loss Meal Prep | Healthy Recipes To Lose Belly Fat

Weight Loss Diet Plan For Muscle Building Foods That Burn Belly Fat Workout For Men DIY

Do you want to see this Weight Loss Diet Plan For Muscle Building Foods That Burn Belly Fat Workout For Men? Are you trying to get rid of that weight that slows you? Sit still, stay tuned and watch this YouTube video to the end for real answers. Welcome once again with Injibs Cosmets and […]

HOW I LOST 9KG IN ONE MONTH! | Tin Cruz (Philippines) w/ ENG SUBS

hey guys welcome back to my channel in today’s video I’m going to share with you how I lost weight in just one month. So if you want to know what I did to lose weight, just keep on watching. So first, I’m going to talk about why I wanted to lose weight, my starting […]