СЖЕЧЬ ЖИР! Кардио Тренировка в стиле CrossFit

СЖЕЧЬ ЖИР! Кардио Тренировка в стиле CrossFit

Hello, you are ready to cardio then went So we proceed to our first exercise tried the bar at arm’s length and do jumping We straddle the sides and in the center do so 10 times the ass do not raise too high the breath smooth Let us now consider five pushups body flat and exhale at the top immediately do jumping Barbie 10 times programs become the top in the bar and again jump to top not in a hurry, we just warming up a bit more 6 all breath eight arms straight and the last nine 10 well done went immediately following exercise you will need for it Does your bag and there you can put your Cantal or book at me without my bag of 10 kilograms throws her over his shoulder lunges throw the bag on the other shoulder and turn the other leg then leave the left leg We framed and reserve the right toss with the bag on the other shoulder Again, make sure your knee that go to the knee you should be smooth higher lift bag to earn more and your hands shoulder do 15 lunges every leg is when together all a bit and threw one last time We put the leg and threw the bag to the side a little rest restore and breath a deep breath, exhale gone further we reiterate our jump bar 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 push exhalation times two three four five and jumping up Burpoe jump lath jump 3 4 is not lagging behind 5 faster 6 exhale everything else eight nine and the last 10 umnichki rest fellows immediately take our bag put it on his shoulder, go lunge forward threw the bag framed leg left back We threw the bag framed importantly immediately take the leg back so that your front knee was straight for higher lift bag to keep your hands well-earned balance a bit more putting some put aside the second not put back right left I threw the bag putting some very simple thing to keep his balance and following technical fellows rest Now we will have a second deuce exercises breath and so proceed to our next exercise we put the bag in the middle of the room, and now we’re going to do an exercise, we are putting a teddy bear outstretched arms in front of you and a little cant as if we legs bent at the knees and run around this bag somewhere five laps, try to wind it such great circles run and somewhere in my room let’s say there is a place where more the main thing that your priest was at the height of the knees have you scratching on the floor It seems to think that this is such nonsense but try these five laps to reel excellent training you press your hands and feet and the last circle Well done and how tired main keep balance keep your coordination and proceed to the next exercise to do 15 of these lifts bear sit-ups and drop the bag lift him his arms sits down a little wider feet, we placed again raised We sat down to a spring so empty very well that if your bag will be those for which the handle can be taken well sit deeper do 15 sit-ups such a time when the bag is a render on the floor knees looking toward socks sit deeper back straight We dropped abruptly raised another village omitted and last goals again as goose or Well done rest and the hotel is now run become to a certain point where we remember the end of our circle and run 5 circles we wind dad higher try to direct it well sticking up are approximately the same distance from your bear then you will understand how big are your circles And last fellows stopped keeping his balance and went back 15 times do jerk bear sat lowered two We sat down again lowered 3 4 5 back straight exhale exhale six 7 all 8 9 Let me lagging behind 10 eleven 12 and more 13 a little more 14 and the last sat-sided we just umnichki fellows, I am proud of you if you do it with me a little more to stop breathing a deep breath exhale rest drink water if you need to inhale exhale and move on to the next exercise we have 20 jumps with an asterisk we touch your hands to the floor and you is passed upstairs while we arrange the arms and legs to the sides well sit down right horoshenechko sits down a little lower than parallel to the floor upstairs we do exhale hands touch the floor 20 times fellows stopped immediately take our bag cant little body forward leg bent at and tightens chest bag abruptly pull slightly slower omit 20 times again make the weight you bear this to 20 repetitions for you seemed heavy not 10 kilograms would be enough when we exhale bag tightens circles a bit more It has excellent rest a little rest we are fine it will not just jump from side to side We went again our jumping 1 2 three hands taller side 4 5 July 6 8 9 10 eleven twelve thirteen 14 sit below 15 16 17 18 and 19 20 fellows We have now become a little more exercise will do we have not forgotten about our thrust and chest but now here salam this bag to the side and tightens it for yourself little pushes and again or for themselves We turn over our body Again pull it under him and again under him twice so we are doing and then reverses again five laps on the need to do five sides pulled this again is a great exercise for your media for your hands the more I think on the floor you will be much better than me in the dusty forest still a little fellows get up rest and reiterate our cravings bear breast before himself of hardcore training and Barents lately become legs together tilt back straight and went 1 2 exhalation 34 five six seven eight nine another ten times two three 4 5 six seven eight nine And last 10 Well done guys, we just super, I straight very good feel about this training I hope you’re as self I rest we set breathing Fuh just super deep breath exhale so if you have no Weights additional equipment you can simply take any of your bag to cram some of your favorite books and deal with the handbag thanks to that carried out this trenirovochku with me waiting for you in the following video to all their good luck and until but

30 thoughts on “СЖЕЧЬ ЖИР! Кардио Тренировка в стиле CrossFit

  1. Танечка, было бы интересно посмотреть видео на тему:"Как ускорить метаболизм?"

  2. Танюша еще темненькая))) приятно видеть две Тани)) тренировка супер♥♥♥

  3. Судя по упражнениям это явно не кроссфит, а обычная круговая тренировка.

  4. Это было мощно! Сегодня в планах у меня не было тренировок, но бесмысленному сидению на диване я предпочла сделать что-то полезное.

  5. Вау! Мой любимый сэндбэг! Спасибо огромное! Это было супер! Можно еще таких новых тренеровок

  6. Спасибо! Отличная тренировка!

  7. Танюша, ты прекрасна!!! Безумно люблю смотреть твои видео. Нереально вдохновляешь и поднимаешь настроение. Еще и моя землячка:)) Южные девушки – красотки!!!:)

  8. Здраствуйте Таня 🙂 я смотрю ваш канал и мне ооочень нравиться ви просто молодець,но у меня вопрос просто хочу розобраться.Если мышци есть но под целюлитом,делать упражнения и зарядки или лучше просто сушиться?
    просто не пойму никак разницу 🙂

  9. Татьяна у меня вопрос. Мне 15 лет, могу ли я заниматься такой тренировкой? И если нет подходящей сумки, как у вас в видео, что можно взять вместо неё?
    Спасибо за ранее)

  10. Танюш, хотелось бы видео о правильном применении спорта когда планируешь беременность, при беременности и после родов. А то я уже голову сломала как правильно надо поступить. Очень жду видео! Диме привет! ))) Вы умнички!

  11. Какая милая, добрая и хорошая девушка. Сразу хочется заниматься все больше и больше . Ты заряжаешь нас позитивом , спасибо большое Татьяна!)))

  12. Танюшка, Ты такая умничка ) Идея с сумкой мне безумно понравилась ) Спасибо тебе )

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