Шок-контент. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. Первый тру обзор

Optimum Nutrition. One of the top supplement companies around the World What can we expect from them? Only the best products. And still, we don’t have a full, detailed review of this gainer You can only find “unboxing-style” videos and comments about the taste We were hoping it’s gonna be really great When we decided to fully test it But the results was quite shocking And I have this bag behind me for a reason Soon you will understand why Hi there! You’re watching AV Fit channel My name Is Vladimir (yeah, like Putin) And today we are going to test this gainer. Serious Mass It’s from Optimum Nutrition In Russia and Ukraine this stuff is not very cheap You can ask as, why did’t we test it right away But we have started with local products We tried most inexpensive gainer supplements first We didn’t find anything good there (Russian DotA joke) No pleasant taste, no quality protein I think, you shouldn’t pay money for this Than we tried mid-priced products And it was much better The taste was way better We’ve found some protein inside And not only maltodextrin for the carbs So, more you pay – more you get And here we are for the top tier This mass gainer is highly recommended by many reviewers You can argue with that But it will be in the short list anyway Optimum Nutrition is a very respected manufacturer And most of theirs products are good or even excellent So we can expect a lot from this gainer So, let’s find out Serious Mass. It’s from Optimum Nutrition It’s showtime! I like this design It’s quite simple and clean There is no marketing BS No snake oil claims You can see the name of the product Well-known logo of the company And one more thing (Check my English) Now I will translate this in Russian Also you can see that it has 1250 Kcal inside Not the entire container One portion And it’s chocolate flavor We are always looking for chocolate or vanilla flavors to create a better comprising The membrane on top is also great It has an authenticity seal So they want to protect their product. This way you can distinguish real deal from fake If you were paying attention, you could saw another hologram If you don’t have it, it’s ok This one is from my local dealer. Another protection step The weight is 2.7 kg (6 lb) We have paid $40 for this The average cost is $35-40 here Let’s check the weight It’s almost 3 kg (6.6 lbs) So everything is fine here One portion is 334 g (12 oz) That’s a large dose. I wouldn’t take it. And I don’t recommend it to you. I did calculate the macros for 100 g (3.5 oz) And for this portion size it’s quite ordinary Protein – 15g, Fat – 1.6g, Carbs – 75g, of witch Sugar – 46g So, like I said, nothing special But if you want to count the entire portion it’s a different story Protein – 50g, Fat – 4.5g (Saturated 1.5 g), Carbs – 252g, of witch Sugar – 20g

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