10 min LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR BELLY FAT BURN! No Equipment ◆ Emi ◆

10 min LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR BELLY FAT BURN! No Equipment ◆ Emi ◆

Hi! I am Emi! First, thank you Audible for sponsoring this video and I’ll give you guys a little bit more details at the end of the video So it’s time for another lower abs workout Many of you really like my previous ones and you want some new exercises to work on this area While you ask and I am here to deliver and this workout is super fun It only takes 10 minutes of your time So, no excuses And if you’re ready, let’s go! 10 exercises 45 seconds each Focus on your goals and let’s get this done We are kickstarting the lower belly burn
with “Reversed Ab Bike” We’re doing it slow here for more burn Lie on the floor Hands under or next to your bum Legs lifted as you bend one knee towards yourself and extend the other leg a few inches off the floor This is just like the reversed motion of riding a bike Both legs are off the floor during the whole exercise Try your best to work your lower abs and press your entire back on the floor without arching up Do it slow and controlled The closer you extend your leg to the floor,
the more it burns Good work on getting the first one done Second exercise We are continuing the burn in the lower abs with “Leg Extension” Same starting position Using the power in your lower abs to lift both legs off the floor Pull both knees in, bending at around 90-degree angle then extend your legs together straight to a few inches off the floor Again, our legs are not touching the floor the whole time But the closer they are to the floor the more it works the lower abs If you are a beginner, you can have them lifted higher No problem but challenge yourself to lower them as much as possible You can feel the burn in the lower belly area That’s what we want No dropping, keep going Third exercise is “Leg Raise to Reversed Crunch” to hit the lower abs in different angles Same starting position Using your lower abs to lift both legs up perpendicular to the floor Then crunching the abs Lift your butt off the floor Feet pointing towards the sky then lower your hip to the ground and legs back down to a few inches off the floor Again, feet not touching the floor until timer is up Enjoy the burn focus on crunching your lower abs in every rep Keep breathing You are doing really good so far Don’t let the burn stop And we are getting up for our fourth exercise “Knee to Elbow Plank” Start in high plank position Crunching your abs bring one knee towards your elbow on the same side This is one rep Alternate side for 45 seconds Here we are doing it slow and controlled
for the ultimate burn You should feel it in your inner and lower belly
for each rep I know this is tough I am dying here, but I will keep going No pain, no gain You want the results? You gotta put in the work 10 seconds, almost there Hold on 4 down, 6 to go Fifth exercise is “V Up Hold” Holds are the best for burn tough but effective, so let’s get into it Sitting up, contracting your abs to lift your legs up as you reach your arms straight forward to balance yourself Your body is in a V shape Hold it there Don’t drop The more you extend your feet towards the floor the harder it is Hold it You are stronger than you think this is what gives you the lower ab burn So, hang in there Don’t give up We are almost done 10 seconds And we are halfway through Sixth exercise, we are lying back down for “Flutter Kick” This time we are making the burn more intense but having your hands on your tummy with head and shoulders lifted off the floor As you tighten your abs to raise your legs up and make small, rapid up and down scissor-like motions with your legs By having your head and shoulders up It helps press your back onto the floor and focus the burn in the lower belly The closer your feet are to the floor the harder and more burn it is I know this is super tough You can see my legs are pretty high up here as well Just try your best If you can go lower, go lower The key is not dropping the legs to the floor until timer is up Come on, you can do it a few more seconds to go And we are on to our seventh exercise “Windmill” to hit our lower abs from all angles for a complete burn Hands below or next to your bum lift your legs up with slight bend in the knees Then make a big circle as big as you can from one side to another without touching your feet back to the floor then rotate back to the other side You will feel the burn all around the lower abs from side to center and that’s our goal You are doing great Keep pushing, keep making big circles No stopping 10 seconds Another one done Only 3 more left Eighth is “Leg Raise Pulses” This is similar to “Leg Raise” but instead of lifting our legs all the way from bottom to 90-degree angle We are pulsing up and down in small motions mid-air This is definitely harder than normal “Leg Raises” But it works even more The closer the movements are to the ground the crazier the burn would be Although even mine are pretty high up my lower abs are getting very sore at this point But challenge yourself, see what your body can do Only 2 more minutes to go Ninth is “Leg Raise Hold” to give an extra burn to our lower abs after the pulses Basically, hold your legs straight up together in mid-air for 45 seconds Again, the lower they are, the harder it is and the more burn you get You get what you work for Hold it, hold it Just like Chad said hold it guys Keep your legs down and off the floor Legs as straight as possible This burn is going to be worth it We want flat belly, slim waist, lower abs then we gotta work for it No, put it, put it back down 20 seconds Put it back down! And we are on to our final exercise “V Up and Down” for the maximum burn Sit up, hands behind your bum Supporting your torso up raise both legs up with slight bend in the knees then working the abs rock your legs up and down while keeping them off the floor This is so hard but I said it before and I will say it again No pain, no gain Hard work and determination is what gets you to success If it’s easy, everyone will have abs So work hard, believe in yourself You can do it Only a couple more seconds to go! And we’re done! Good job for not giving up, you did amazing! Keep working hard and the results will come Remember to “Like”, “Comment”, “Subscribe” and press the bell button So you won’t miss my awesome videos
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100 thoughts on “10 min LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR BELLY FAT BURN! No Equipment ◆ Emi ◆

  1. Day 1: ✅
    Day 2: ✅
    Day 3: ✅
    Day 4: ✅
    Day 5: ✅
    Day 6: ✅ first time I was able to do the last workout without taking breaks in between yaaaasss
    Day 7: rest
    Day 8: ✅
    Day 9: rest
    Day 10: ✅

  2. ive been following along to this almost everyday for about 2 weeks and im already starting to see a difference. thank you

  3. Can I do this workout if I had 2 csections because whenever I start lower belly workout ie floor based I feel pain in my stitches so end up with leaving the workout incomplete.

  4. I have done this workout everyday for one full month. At the beginning It was very hard but I did it. The results are amazing. Love your workouts ❤️

  5. Do we gain weight after stop doing this workouts.. even after we got our dream shape??? Need answer so badly…😣

  6. I am going this workout for the second time and it is really targeting my abs.
    Also 999 169 Emy! You are ai close to 1M and you totally deserve it!

  7. I have been doing this for a month and the result turn up clearly!! OMG 🔥love your videos so much emi!! And congrats for the 1M subscriber!!! 😉🎉🎉🎉

  8. height: 1,48 cm
    weight: 50 kg
    waist: 75 cm
    14 years old
    (I'm from Brazil, so sorry for the bad english.)

    ѕтarтιng 05 • 09
    ~I was putting the day before the month, uff. Brazilian costumes never die!~

    day one: ✅
    I did it, but was really difficult, dropped in the last ten seconds.

    day тwo: ❌
    was busy with school things, sorry. But I saw that I last one kg.

    day тнree: ✅
    It was really hard, my body is in ache, dropped the last few seconds again. I'll try harder tomorrow.
    I forgot the stretches on the first day, so I did it well today. I learned my lesson.

  9. I am doing this with 2 other videos, every second day. + leg workouts every other 2 days
    The burn is real and you will see changes in no time! I saw mine after 2 sessions!

  10. I enjoyed this workout, thank you 🙂 Do you have any tips to prevent lower back pain when in the V sit position?

  11. Emi if you don't mind me asking. Can I reach your body if I eat property and I do these exercises cause your body is goals😍😍

  12. at first i couldn't complete the last one. my legs could barely move. but now, i can do the whole thing 😀

  13. I love how you include the noises of you struggling, because I make those all the time and wonder how these youtubers can do it without shouting :')

  14. Emi! Thank you so much 🙂 I've been struggling to find an effective ab workout recently but this one seems perfect, despite being crazy difficult!! x

  15. So I'll update after every workout that I've done. I'm planning on doing this every morning and night!

    NIGHT 1: ALL OF THE EXERCISES WERE SO HARD FOR ME. I think I did not complete any of those, and I skipped one exercise since I might wake my sleeping parents up. If I would to rate my performance tonight, I would rate it 4/10.

  16. I am going to do this one after my gym routine! Because this BURNS and i loved it! I know babes its not easy, at first i hated working out, but now i can’t imagine a day without it! I love it so much and it makes me feel super confident and happy. My upper abs are now finally revealing and I’m so so so happy! But that took me more than 5 months guys, so don’t give up now! Think about how sexy we will look in summer and how those bikinis are gonna look one us. You all are gorgeous!!!

  17. I’m doing this workout for a week
    Not really motivation but let’s go!!
    Day 1:✨💕👏🏼🤜🏼 smashed it
    Day 2:💕✨🤜🏼
    Day 3:✨💕💓
    Day 4:✨💚👏🏼🤜🏼
    Day :5💓💚💕🌱👏🏼
    About to do Day 6 right now
    Day 6:✨💕❤️💓🤜🏼smashed

  18. I have been doing this and her chair workouts everyday once or twice a day for 2 weeks and i already got my abs and toned stomach i wanted. It really helps🙂

  19. Hey guys! This summer I reaallyy wanted to be more fit and Ive watched so many other work out videos but they just werent for me. When I first tried this video out it was SO hard ! Compared to the diffficulty when I had very first started, its so much easier to get it done now. Out of all of the workout routines I have tried, THIS was the one! I enjoy this workout so much because of how effective and how much it focuses the burn on my lower stomach. KEEP UP THE HARD WORK GUYS! No one will probably read this but I wanted to update daily :=D im currently on the 14th day of doing this workout and I started on June 3rd (btw results differ, i heard some people saw hard results within a few days but for me this process is slower compared to theirs but still VERY effective!) Thank you Emi for keeping me motivated! 💛 I plan on doing this for the entire 2 months of summer!

    (Start June 3rd) Day 1: VERY HARD, sweated A LOT, was very sore after, wasn't able to complete the workout without dropping countlessly…lol i only did this once for that day

    Day 2: i did two workouts throughout the day, still dropped, same as the first day

    Day 3-4: Still difficult for me, but it was a bit more bearable! The results havent shown yet but Ive been bloating a lot less which is a good start

    Day 5: I DID THE WHOLE WORKOUT WITHOUT DROPPING! I still get tired doing the exercises though lol but I managed to push myself

    Day 6: Did the whole workout the soreness is completely gone by now. I can see the side lines appearing but nothing too major

    Day 7: sweating is decreasing, and its getting easier to do, but i still get tired haha, these exercises have helped so much with bloating

    Day 8: i decided that in order to speed up the process i would do this workout 3 TIMES A DAY! Besides day 1 i did the workout 2 times a day before changing it to 3 times. surprisingly this was bearable and the side lines are becoming slightly more visible than before

    Day 9: same as day 8, the workout is easier to get over with and i even start looking forward to working out! The results are coming in slowly (side lines are appearing though!) and i still have a long way to go! Exersizes are so effective in reducing bloating and my stomach is getting so much flatter

    Day 10 (wednesday june 12th): just woke up and decided to take a break today to let my body rest. Im going to take a break every wednesday from now on. On the side note, OMG I woke up and checked up on my progress (before eating) and i can definitely see the two lines on the side and the middle line shows as well in some angles. Im so happy! The lines arent as defined as i would like them to be but i can tell im getting there!

    Day 11: just finished the 3rd workout for the day and i feel SO GOOD! definitely so so so much easier to do and my stomach is getting toned. my appetite is also decreasing and i don't feel hungry all day like i used to feel! listening to music helps so much btw :=)

    Day 12: I dont know why I sweated so much in the 3rd workout of the day, i ate a lot of chips and icecream the last couple of days because i couldnt help it hehe BUT I HAVE TO STAY MOTIVATED AGHHHHHHH :=/

    Day 13: so….i forgot to update because i had been out most of the day with family and doing an interview in the morning. I was only able to do the workout once :=/ DANG IT MAN

    (also i dont know why my comment keeps disappearing. my comment only shows up when im signed into my account so thats how i edit my comment on a daily basis. otherwise i cant view my comment on a guest account or another account in general so i dont even know if anyone can see this :=( the only way for others to view my comment is if i repeatedly delete my comment and re-comment again on the video)

    Day 14:

  20. I've been doing this as my morning workout for a couple of days now and i have to say it is indeed effective.
    I also add so many other videos from you to my routine.
    Love you emi ans thank you so much for your amazing workouts ans for being to encouraging!

  21. I always keep my legs down like to feel more burn but in the 9 excerise I keep them up bc I feel more burn I don't know why but thank u

  22. Can u or someone who has done this workout tell me if this removes belly fat so u could have a flat stomach????

  23. hey guys! i'm going to be starting this tomorrow morning as soon as i wake up ( because yk its like midnight and that's when i find new workout vids lmao ). i weigh 124lbs and i'm hoping to get down to 115 soon 🙂

    day one: done!

  24. Ima update everyday!
    Starting weight:49.1kg(108 lbs)
    And I want to have a flat stomach and abs too .
    I'm not gonna go on a diet but I'm gonna try eat healthier and eat smaller portions)
    Day1:I'm dying but yeah I did it!
    Day:2Im not doing it because I'm in so much pain bc of her leg and arm workouts .I'm still gonna practise 3 of my dance routines!
    Day:3 same weight.ima update every week so yeah cya.

  25. I really like that we have time to pause between exercises and I can see the results already. I have been doing this for two days now and see the difference, even though I can't perform all the exercises till the end because it's not possible for now. I have started to go to the gym 5 days ago, first time in my life. So this is all new for me. I have fat all over my tummy and so far I can see results but offcourse small results. Anyway I am not expecting miracles so so far it's good.

  26. The first exercise requires a lot of body coordination, the exercise looked very strange to me at the beginning: D
    I have now lost 35 kilos, for more info like to visit my channel 🙂

  27. Lost 10 kgs since last year by doing your workouts. I know the progress is a bit slow but I am so thankful to you Emi.
    Love you 😘

  28. Thank you Emi!❤️💓 You really help me get a healthier body I want. Your videos are amazing😍 and I really enjoy doing it. Been doing this workout for 2 months and I can say that I change a lot.

  29. 2 days ago, my stomach looked a bit puffed out, yesterday and the day before that I did different workouts from you and today I looked in the mirror and I was delighted to see that my stomach had flattened and my ribs were visible I'm currently on the floor about to finish this workout with good expectations in mind so I just wanted to say thank you for your help

  30. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  31. Thank you so much Emi 😭 I love this workout, mostly the last one because you can really feel the burn, you can feel the abs develop! ❤️

  32. tried it for the very first time today and i can already see a little difference? wow will continue to do it and hope it slims my tummy! thank you for the video! 💗

    update :
    so far I've been doing this workout for 3 days and i can definitely see that my tummy has become slimmer compared to day 1! will update again if i have more results

  33. was looking for more effective workouts focusing more on the abs and i hate jumping exercises so this is really for me THANKS EMI💕
    I have been slacking and not done any exercises to my body so hopefully this works out for me and I will starting tmr along with some days doing the thighs’s one!

  34. I've finally started to look into exercising and its totally normal to not be able to do a majority of these completely when youre starting out right? I'm really out of shape due to lack of exercise haha

  35. Day1: Done 😀
    Day2: Done 😊
    Day3: Done ✅
    Day4: Done 🙂
    Day5: Done 😁💓
    Day6: Unfortunately not.. I went to the amusement park with a few friends..
    Day7: Done :3, I did the workout two times ✅ ✅
    Day8: Done 👍🏻🙂
    Day9: Done 💓
    Day10: Done 😀
    Day11: Done :3
    Day12: Done ✅
    Day13: Done
    Day14: Done 😀
    Day15: Done :3
    Day16: Done 🙂
    Day17: Done 💕💞
    Day18: Done 🙂
    Day19: Done 👌🏻
    Day20: Done 👍🏻
    Day21: Done ❤️
    Day22: Done 💜
    Day23: Done💖
    Day24: Done 🌸
    Day25: Done 🌺
    Day26: Done :3
    Day27: Done, thanks a lot Emi for sharing this workout online for free!!❤️❤️❤️💓

  36. I did it! It was so hard by the end I had such a hard time but I pulled through! Thank you! With the help of your videos I am reaching my goals!

  37. Wish me luck.. I’ll be doing these for as long as I have the motivation
    Day 1: August 1st, not too bad! So far I’ve only needed a break during the flutter kicks and the leg raise pulses are incredibly hard for me
    Day 2: August 2nd, better than yesterday. Not too many breaks but I can still be better

  38. Emi!!!!!!!!
    I used to had eating disorder and I fought with it for two years and finally!
    I did your workout every single day and that helped me to cure that!
    I love you 😍😍I will keep going 😊😊😍!!

  39. After 9 days of doing this and sometimes also her small waist workout, I lost an inch of belly fat. My belly was 31 inches and my waist was 28 inches nine days ago, and the whole time from looking in the mirror I thought nothing was happening but then I measured today and was really happy to see results. Will keep doing this.

  40. I am doing this workout and I will update when I can!!

    Day 1 – 10th August 2019 – 7:47 pm AEST:
    I finally finished the workout… It was extremely painful and I couldn't stop screaming, but I kept pushing myself! There are no obvious results yet, but hopefully, I can see a difference the more I do it. 😁
    Day 2 – 11th August 2019 – 11:46 pm AEST:
    I literally couldn't do it haha! My stomach still aches when I try to stretch, bend back, twist my torso to look behind me and so on. Because of that, I decided to skip today but I'll do it twice tomorrow. Hopefully that will enough to recover!

  41. hi! so i’ve been doing this workout and one of your arm workouts for 2 days already. and i was wondering if its safe to do them twice a day, everyday?

  42. Emii I love your workouts so much!! Yours are the only ones that make me feel like I'm actually burning calories. You're so encouraging and I'm excited to try this out today. Keep up your great work, thanks a lot! Also I love how supportive Chad is 😀

  43. Omg this actually works this is my first time and day and I can already see a change I can see my lower abs went smaller Guys gotta keep trying And never give up!

    I'll do this everyday and two times SOOO EXCITED

  44. Im a mummy of twins.. and have a saggy w/ stretched mark tummy due to pregnancy. 🙁 I’ve been doing this abs burn for a week now. And im seeing a big change. I’m going to do this for 2 weeks and will update here for progress. Thanks Emi, i really enjoy your videos.

  45. this one is NO JOKE HARD GUYS🤧😭☠️but it feels SO GOOD afterwords and i really love the burn!!!!! thanks for this workout🥰

  46. Okay I’m gonna update cause I feel like it might motivate me to continue so here it is (btw I have quite a lot of belly fat, not expecting abs but just flatter belly):

    Day 1: Obviously no difference, workout was hard but I’ve been doing workouts irregularly for a long time so I was used to it

    Day 2: Done, a bit easier than yesterday

    Day 3: Done again, I think I’ll keep doing this for 2 weeks and decide whether I’ll continue depending on results

    Day 4: Sorry guys, I skipped today, but if it makes you feel any better, I was really tired from dance cause we had to do planks, 120 jumping jacks and 120 crunches 😩

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