15 Cara Efektif Bakar Lemak |15 Effective Ways to Burn Fat (part 1)

Have you ever feel that certain parts of your body part look bigger? This is not your imagination Because it’s really happening. Those are the areas where your body store fat We often focus only to burn calories to be slim and those calories come from the food we’ve eaten yesterday, two days ago, and even today’s lunch The fat that’s been sitting there is not going anywhere for over 10 years is not going anywhere You must understand the difference in lowering body weight vs. body fat Click the link above for more information Lowering body fat is not as simple as lowering you body weight The real target is to reduce the body fat percentage that’s been sitting in your body for years How do we do that? Watch this video til the end I’m gonna share 15 effective ways to burn body fat Number 1. Strength Training Strength training is a type of exercise that requires you to contract your muscles against resistance It builds muscle mass and increases strength. Muscle burns fat effectively When we do cardio work out like aerobic the body only burns the calorie during the work out after the workout, the body stops burning the calories But, when you do strength training such as weight lifting your body keeps burn the the fat even when we’re asleep and don’t worry ladies, don’t be afraid to do weight lifting you won’t turn into a huge muscular woman Instead, your body will become slimmer and neat because the unwanted body fat has gone If the body become bigger that’s because the fat is still there You don’t plan to use drugs anyway, right? Tips number 2: High Protein Diet As I mentioned earlier we need to build muscle mass in order to burn more fat Muscles need fuel that comes from protein High quality protein intake helps to reduce belly fat preserves the current muscle mass stabilizes metabolism during fat burning reduces hunger and keeps you full longer There’re many protein sources out there choose the lean one with low fat content lower calorie content There are plant based protein and animal protein One of the best options for animal protein is chicken breast Chicken breast has one of the least amount of calorie compared to other types of meat it also has low in fat and high in protein You may check it for yourself the nutrition comparisons of several different animal proteins with the serving size of 100g You may compare the fat content, the sodium the calories and protein If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you may choose plant based protein such as legumes, lentils tofu tempeh and beans In general, plant based protein has higher calories and lower in protein content if you compared with animal protein So, if you’d like to consume the same amount of 31g protein in 100g of chicken breast You need to consume more in plant based protein and end up eating too much calories You need to leverage it with the exercises Egg White is another favorite protein source It’s also more affordable In 100g of egg white contains 9g protein 165mg sodium and 0,02g fat Yes, egg white is very low in fat and calories only 52 cal unfortunately, egg white is high in sodium and we have to remove the sodium in the body which leads to our next tip 3. Cut down your salt intake Salt retains water and fat So, if you consume too much salt the water and fat in the body are trapped inside It’s gonna affect your appearance, too especially you’re used to eat high sodium delicious foods for sure, you’re taking too much salt Our body needs no more than 1 teaspoon of salt/day and even lesser for kids the higher the sodium content in your body the higher the body fat. especially the fat around the belly thighs and arms Foods like chips, crackers, fried food, soup gulai (curry soup) are very high in sodium. Reduce your salt intake if you can, cut the salt completely I’m in the process of cutting my body fat so I don’t take any salt in my food You don’t have to worry for not eating salt because we still get the sodium from vegetables and protein we eat. Does food without salt taste bad? Well, in the beginning you need to adapt to it first You’ll get used to it and later one, when you try restaurant food most likely you’d thing that it’s way too salty or too sweet. because you’re used to eat food as it is. we can also be more creative we can add lemon juice, lime juice or other spices to the food and it’s very healthy for its anti oxidant content. Number 4. Fill Up on Fiber Fiber in vegetables helps to prevent weight gain and lower body fat We also feel full longer and have better bowel movements Some of the best vegetables for this diet are broccoli, green bean, and asparagus. In 100g broccoli, there are 34 calories, 0,4g fat 2,6g fiber 33mg sodium and 2.8g protein. If you’re interested to know more the nutrition facts of vegetables You can google it or download some apps There are many nutrition apps out there packed with the information that you need for your diet. Tips number 5 is Minimize your carb intake white bread or wheat bread all kinds of bread croissants pastries rice are all carbohydrates Why can’t we consume wheat bread? it’s healthy, isn’t it? As long as it’s bread wheat or not they’re the same thing Bread’s main ingredient is flour and the extra mixture of margarine, butter, and milk Bread turns into sugar in the body and then stored as fat. Refined carbohydrates are high in glycemic index Those food throw the normal blood sugar level Remember that our main goal is to lower the body fat percentage that’s been stored for years in the body If we keep loading on extra calories from high carb foods When will the body burn the fat? Since the body will be busy burning the calories from the carb you just ate. While the storage fat has no chance. 1 pound of fat or about 0,45kg is 3,500 calories You see, how many hours of treadmill can shade those off? and burning 3500calories is only equal to less than 1/2kg of fat in the body. You can check you body fat percentage at the gym, any fitness centers, or special scales. and do the math yourself. This is why, it’s not an instant process. We’re not talking about instant noodle. So, the more carb you take the longer the fat is burned Number 6. Eat healthy fat. Aren’t we trying to remove body fat? Why am I telling you to eat fat? It works differently with healthy fat. In general, fat takes a while to digest and can help slow the emptying of the stomach, which can reduce appetite and hunger We feel fuller in longer time A good fat is macronutrients needed by the body to maintain good functions of organs and hormones. If you consume no healthy fat at all in your diet, it means you’re conditioning the body not to burn fat. Instead, the body becomes better in burning calorie But not in burning fat. Other than that, lacking of healthy fat disrupts hormonal balancing. Some specific hormones are made from healthy fat. And apparently, those specific hormones have a job to burn fat and increases metabolism. How much you eat also matter. Just because it’s good, don’t overdo it. A good example of healthy fat is avocado. My favorite of all time! You need only 1 avocado a day or some nuts like almond cashew No more than 20 pieces/day. Take only unsalted roasted/raw nuts. not deep fried. Oh my, it’s too detailed!!! Yes, you have to! On my early days, I weighed all my food and now, I roughly know how much I should eat without weighing them. Number 7. Cut the Sugar Intake. Sugar is one of energy sources for the body. It makes desserts taste so good! Consuming too much sugar will be stored as fat. It’s not only making you fat, overall, sugar is bad for health So, don’t overdo it. If possible, eliminate it completely.

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