1. every exercise its hurt from the start like lunges I can't do my squat for 3days bcoz of the pain from lunges but now it's easy for me while the Russian twist for me the hardest exercise in my list until now i can't do it straight 20reps.

  2. I couldn't complete this full video workout on the first time I did it and had muscle ache for few days, took me some courages to do it on the second time and able to complete it. yay

  3. Just completed this. Emi, I cannot thank you enough! Your workouts seem to be the only ones that make me feel good, during and after the effort!

  4. Emi I love your videos. you re an inspiration to me. I always felt like losing fat is hrd, but I am now on the keto diet and doing these work outs and I hope to look like you and be fit and healthy. thank you for always being inspiring.

  5. I'm here to get tips for losing belly fat but omg her thighs are everything! I want to do all her exercises just to achieve that tone on my thighs 😂👌😊

  6. this workout literally gets me out of breath everytime!!! my lungs are burstingbut i just love your workouts. thank you!!

  7. tried this workout yesterday and maaaaan, the burn on the back thighs and bottoms tho!!! i still feel it today I cant even sit down without crunching my face but I LOVE THIS WORK OUTTT

  8. I've been following your workouts daily for a week now! The result is incredible! I ate whatever I wanted without having weight increase! Thank you so much!

  9. I'm on holiday with my family right now in France and I've been eating so much food without exercising a lot besides walking 😂 thanks to you I was able to do a HIIT in my hotel room. thank you so much emi, i love working out with you through my screen 💗

  10. Thank u emi. For loving my comment . made my day. I try to do every workout u post. It's hard since I had my fourth baby. I would love a exercise that helps me lose my lower tummy. Since I had c sections

  11. exercises in the video:
    1- windmill
    2- jump squat jack
    3- toes touch
    4- lunge + knee raise (clap)
    5- skater
    6- side lunge
    7- jumping jack
    8- squat + knee raise twist
    9- side plank (both sides)
    10- curtsy lunge
    11- low kick
    12- slow squat + leg extension
    13- standing ab bike
    14- single leg deadlift (both)
    15- jog in place

  12. 很困擾,最近右肩膀關節錯位要休息一個月不能手部運動。正在找適合的hiit 。我不想只是跑步或是節食。


    I am going to be doing this workout and a few other of her workouts until I reach my desired goal or at least first goal:
    lose 5 inches off my waist.

    I’ll be updating every week or every other week (results take time so be patient)

    If I forget, please feel free to reply to this comment to remind me 🙂 I hope some of you join me as well! Good luck all x

  14. Hi Emi, am really not a gym person, but your body is a dream. Can we achieve the body goal just by exercise at home with no equipment?

  15. Ok ok so I was wondering, is it enough if I do your 30 minutes standing exercise EVERYDAY or do I have to do more than that to lose weight? 😥

  16. Doing this for a week , started 3/19/19
    Updating y’all: 3/26/19
    03/19/19 measurements:
    Waist- 34 inches
    Bust-39 inches
    Hips+Butt-44 inches
    Weight: 176.2 lbs

  17. Hi emi, i just want to ask because i am worried is this going to slim also my legs? i dont want my legs to get slim because when i got some fats on my legs i was happy because my legs were so small before. I just want to get rid my belly fat, its a really big fat.. I wonder if this work out will make my legs slim too? i hope you answer because i love all your work out so much for the past 2 months im doing your work out videos 😊😊 #changewithemi

  18. Your body is my goal ♥️ i was 56kg two weeks ago and very unhappy with my health. I started eating better and doing your exercises regularly and now I've lost over 2kg! Thank you Emi!

  19. Wow emi its amazing that you got your great body without enrolling in a gym and no equipment 😊 really amazing

  20. i have been doing your 30mins HIIT workout everyday and i tell you this 15min standing full body fat burning HIIT workout is the best! i love it! a new additions to my daily routine. Yey! thanks Emi.

  21. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  22. Hello! I’m actually starting my fitness journey again! I used to workout regularly but I ended up quitting (I did the journey with emi Wong and had amazing results! But unfortunately I lost motivation… 🙁 ) but now I’m restarting! Actually as I’m typing my sweat is literally dripping down my body and making a puddle…. I’m excited to start my journey again!! Also anyone reading this, keep going!! Don’t give up! I learned the hard way… I lost like 10 pounds with emiwong and I gained back like 20. It’s better to keep going, keep it up! Because if you dont you will have to start from scratch again. I’m hoping I’m able to stay on track this time😄😄. Have a good day, and remember…

    No pain no gain!!

  23. I've been abroad for 2 weeks, eating like a king. But, it began to feel kind of gross, so I'm glad I'm back to working out, absolutely dead!

  24. I love the beach soot… and your outfit envouraged me a lot, to achieve your body 😜 yiur so fit and imlive all ur vids! 🥰😘😍 more power

  25. Emi thank you for your workout I totally love it. Made many of workout with multiple trainers but yours suit me the best. I have question, how to be more motivated. I had some bad time and i give UP workout for more then week, i feel really bed as i dissapoint myself. I do not know what to do.. How to fight with crisis

  26. Only maybe a month of reps every other day of ur work out.. i hope il catch up on ur body ✌🏽✌🏽 ur my peg thank u!!😍🥰❤️🙏 more power!!!

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