25 HOURS of UberEats NON-STOP – on Halloween! 👻

Guys, what am I doing right now? Getting
ready for another 24 hour UberEats shift. It might not be 24 hours because
apparently London is now only 7am to 4am. 6:58am. We’ve got 2 minutes to go. We’re gonna accept every delivery. Well, not pizzas. Maybe pizzas Maybe we’ll cancel them. We’re gonna see where we end. We’re gonna see how much money we make. We’re gonna see how many deliveries
we do. It’s not about the money. It’s about the adventure, the challenge, the
the exploring. Oh God, it’s cold. But not as cold as last year. That’s good stuff. It’s just
about to go 7. I’m gonna sign in. There we go. I’m using Android
which is slow as hell. First delivery of the day. It’s Westfield as well. I got like a Morphsuit for this.
First delivery. It’s the morning. Let’s get some smiles going on
people’s faces. With the helmet on. Here
I am. Just your delivery boy coming to pick up your food. I
am seriously wondering if the security will stop me. I can’t actually see that well through it. So I can’t really ride wearing the costume. I have to keep my face out while I’m riding because I don’t really want to crash. Hey, I’ve got UberEats 2 E 4 2 6. “I don’t know man, you’re looking a bit spook y today.” Yeah, that’s the one, man. Cheers. Thanks, man. First delivery. It’s a McDonald’s. I don’t know how far is yet and there’s no drinks which is amazing. “Hey guys!”
Security guards. I don’t know if
they even looked at me. Heya. UberEats?
“Yeah. Oh my God.” Yeah man, you’re my first delivery. I’m scared for the other guys later. First delivery in the bag. Or out the bag, should we say? £5.31 for that delivery. I know last time the first delivery was just around the corner. This one was actually 2.1 miles, apparently. So, let’s not give this guy too much hate. Second request. It is McDonald’s. Let’s go
get Ben’s food! I don’t trust myself. I don’t trust
anyone else. It’s pretty hard to see where I’m going. I made it through the door alright. Heya, E 4 B please. Ah, yeah yeah yeah. Yeah, this is actually me. Alright, let’s try not to trip over
here. Before I’d even finished that delivery I
got another one come in from the same McDonald’s. Yeah, let’s go back! Okay, guys. Remember first
McDonald’s delivery I did in the last video? Well this is gonna be a new record.
I just picked up from Subway. I’m going to film the entire trip should take a few seconds. It should be here somewhere. Somewhere around here. Here we go! There we go. Happy Halloween! You’re joking man… And then it all came crashing down. A double order from: Starbucks. Vicious images of a backpack
filled with coffee started rushing through my head. An intense anxious
feeling of dread and shame took over my body as thoughts of handing a soggy paper
bag to a customer became my potential future reality. Oh, what great
responsibility Uber hath bestowed upon thy. Right, I really thought I’d never be saying
this but I have got to a double order of Starbucks. So, I’ve got drinks in here. They seem to be cling-filmed up. So as long as I’m not too rough with it
should be fine but we’re gonna go for it man! Everyone was telling me: “Why don’t
you do drinks?” Because they spill. I’m doing it for you guys. Yes, yes. Cheers. Thank you.
That delivery was not too bad. They sealed the drinks pretty well. I was pretty confident that they weren’t going to spill. It was nice short drops. You know what? I
almost canceled them because I was thinking: “Who does Starbucks deliveries on bikes?”
And then, err, me, I guess. How’s it going? “Wow, can you see?” You can’t ride like it. It’s too hard to ride. Just picked up an order from Paul. I thought I’d show you the scenery here. There’s Tower Bridge. Not London Bridge. Tower Bridge. The Shard. That’s London Bridge. That one. The one that doesn’t look like much. Heya, UberEats. I was now in the city. The lunch rush was
keeping me busy and distracted. The hours melted by as I took in the sights and sounds of historic London. I even got the chance to explore some of the maze of little lanes as I hunted down an office building to deliver someone their lunch. I rode down an old street that’s often
used for filming TV shows as I was pulled back onto Brick Lane.
Tactically dodging an annoying cobbled section of road to try and preserve my
legs and ass on the stupidly long ride. Picking up a vegan meal. Sweet! 7. Well, 7 and a half hours in. I haven’t really had a delivery for last half an hour. I’ve come across down south of the river because there’s no boost anymore up north. I’ve just come here
to try and maybe get some jobs and when there are jobs get paid a little bit extra.
My knee’s a little bit weird. Because I haven’t ridden for last week.
Hopefully that holds out. As long as I don’t go too hard. I’ve got my first order in about an hour. It’s a double Starbucks again! Not sure
if they’ve done them as secure as the other ones so I’m going to go take it very,
very easy. It was now rush hour and the streets were getting hectic with traffic. I ended up getting repeatedly dragged back to a Waterloo station McDonald’s which was horrendously busy. Making it very awkward
to pick up the orders. It was a vortex of hell that was difficult to escape. But it was
merely a hint of what was to come later. We’re deep in West London in a fancy
area and we’re delivering a nice bottle of whisky, some cigarettes and a
lighter. I don’t really like West London because there’s lots of big roads, one-way systems. I don’t really know it as well but we’re gonna see how we go. We’re over 10
hours in now almost halfway. We are in, yeah, Soho. The Westend. It’s really busy. Guys, this night is going from fun,
entertaining to just hellish but I’m loving it! I’ve been stuck in this
McDonald’s in Walworth in South London. There’s like ten delivery drivers in
there all waiting and there’s like one person doing the food. I think I was in
there for like maybe about 15 minutes the first time, maybe 20 minutes, and
then at least half an hour the second time. I just got out of there to do a
delivery to literally just down the road. Those guys could have walked there
and got it so much faster. I came out. Great news: I got a flat front
tyre. A punctured tyre. And then instantly I got another delivery from the same
McDonald’s and I’m just thinking: “This is my life. This is what my life has
come to.” The order I had has three drinks and my limit is two. Those things start
spilling in this bag. That’s my first cancelled order and I instantly got another one. A KFC. I’m just putting some layers. Fix
my puncture? Maybe I’ll just do the delivery with the puncture. And then I’m gonna keep going until
UberEats stops sending me deliveries. Which apparently is 4am but we’ll find out.
Let’s keep rocking and rolling, guys! Alright, I really should start filming
people’s reactions because I just went into this fancy hotel. Three lovely young ladies at the reception loved my outfit. I should have been filming but you know what you can’t film everything. What floor even is it? Hold on! It doesn’t even say. Let’s go for 6. Well, I’m back in east London, thank God! I was stuck in this really crappy area doing
the same McDonald’s. Waiting. I waited for half an hour in KFC after the McDonald’s ones. I’ve wasted all of my evening. Alright, next up: KFC Whitechapel.
They’re coming in thick & fast. We’re getting them like. We’re back to getting them
back to back. I haven’t actually eaten more than a slice of cake in 15 hours.
This boy should probably eat something. Also haven’t drunk anything since left the
house. It’s kind of like an ultra cycling training, you know? It’s just ultra life. It’s just ultra cycling life. Oh f*ck. I’m tripping, tripping over stuff.
Yeah, I just made an awful mistake. Probably because I’m tired. I’m on a double drop right now. When the map loaded I thought it was weird that the first drop
was further than the the second drop but I just went to the pin anyway. “This road doesn’t make sense” and then I realised that I actually just went to the second drop first and that it actually made perfect sense what Uber gave me. And now I’ve gotta go back on myself and then back here again. Oh well! Okay, so I’m currently outside the McDonald’s. Bethnal Green McDonald’s. I pumped my tyre up and it worked before but now it’s completely gone and no matter how much I pump it it doesn’t go so we have to
change my tyre. I’ve got a delivery being made for me I think. So it should be ready in about 20
minutes. Hope for the best. 10 past 1 in the morning. I’ve been
signed-in for 20 hours now. No, 18 hours. I’ve done 36 deliveries. Almost
breaking the one from the 24 hour which is crazy because I haven’t done that
much distance. I also haven’t made that much money. Shorter deliveries pay less
and you get them done faster. I guess that just means they’ve been shorter deliveries this time instead of long ones. I had this idea of going home because you know it’s not that busy. It’s gonna start raining. Well, it has started raining and
I feel like I wanted some more clothes. I didn’t really bring that many clothes with
me. I started riding back and I just turned I was like “Nah! Nah! Nah!” I’ve only got
three more hours left of this challenge. If I can’t get through like a few hours of being
a little bit cold, a little bit wet what can I get through? So we’re gonna try and
push through these last few hours. I’ve got some Coca-Cola. I might not even
drink it. I might go caffeine-free for this entire thing. Then an awful feeling washed over me and it wasn’t just a rainwater drenching my
butt. Something very, very bad was about to happen. My worst fears. A triple pizza order. Do I cancel? Do I do it? I’ve been doing
Starbucks drinks, I’ve been doing crazy stuff. Yeah, three pizzas? I’m not sure, man.
Might have to cancel this and get another alcohol delivery. Let’s think about it for two seconds. Hello? Hello? The pizzas went smoothly. But then I got pulled north to a McDonald’s that seemed like it was annoyingly closed. I’ve got an Uber request. So, I’ll cancel it? Alright. I keep getting requests. It’s telling me… it’s taking me offline. I’m trying to
do 21 hours online but it’s taking me offline because they keep sending
requests for somewhere that’s closed. Dalston at quarter to 3 in the morning and I
just got a McDonald’s delivery, well pick-up, 3.7 miles away which is almost 6km. I’m doing every job. I might as I’ll do it. I mean,
what else is gonna happen? I don’t know! I have a delivery from that McDonald’s
but fun fact: This light was the one that was red where I got the ticket, the
traffic ticket. That was green, that was red. Big deal. Anyway, this might be my last
delivery if it really does go off at 4am. Okay, so it’s just gone 4am so technically
the 7am to 4am shift that they say on the UberEats website for London
is over and the machines should all be turning off. There should be no more deliveries. I’m picking-up my last McDonald’s right now. But the guy, the McDonald’s staff told me “Nope, it’s 24 hours!” So we’ve got three more hours to go.
Which I am actually stoked about because now I’m actually competing against my old
score directly. Most people would be drained hearing they’ve got three more hours to go.
I actually feel energised. I actually feel like pumped up now. Rock on, guys!
I just got double order from this place. With 1.4x boost. It’s raining again. A
little bit heavier this time. I’m hoping they’re actually open for
deliveries because I had to go quite out my way to get here and… oh, here we go! We’re coming in! Yes, yes! Okay, it’s almost 6am. A 21 hour shift was going to be boring because that was just like the new limits. Then I found out 24 hour is still a thing.
So we’re gonna do 24 hours. I just think, you know, why not just do 25? Do 24, now do 25. I just did a delivery from
this Macca’s to like just across the road. I might as well just hang out here. Shelter from the rain. Do I try going somewhere else? Do I try a different restaurant? Is it
going to be busier there? Is it going to be busier here? You might as well just stick with what’s
been good. This place has been pretty busy and they give you the food pretty quick as
well which is… Two hours to go. Still no caffeine. No caffeine at all. Yo? Cheers. Thank you, man. Oh, yes yes yes! How many drinks though? No drinks. What a dream. This is the best
McDonald’s order ever! I’ve just done 24 hours. I’m doing a
McDonald’s with no drinks. Beautiful. And I’m a little bit closer to home. I’m in
Canning Town, Docklands, weird area. I mean, it’s kind of East London. It’s kind of near
my house but I don’t really know that well. It’s a friendly morning kitty. Oh, not
that friendly. Stretch it out. We’ve just dropped one off. Got another one
instantly. We’re smashing it for the last hour. I just got a delivery for the end of this
delivery. I just accepted it without even looking at my phone. That’s how good I’m
getting at this. This might be my last delivery. It’s like a bottle of,
I don’t know, whiskey or something. It’s going to the Isle of Dogs. Which is kinda annoying
because it’s the opposite way from home. It’s 8:04am on Friday 1st November.
I started the shift at 7am on the very 31st October so.
About to complete my last job and go offline. Like that. Look, 25 hours online. We’re on 207 kilometres only. All I’m gonna say is that was
actually a lot, lot easier than I expected. I mean I’ve already done it but
I was expecting it to still be pretty difficult. Because I haven’t really done, I haven’t really done
that mean long rides, long endurance rides that recently. I mean, I have but I haven’t put
them on YouTube. I didn’t even take a single drop of caffeine. No Coca-Cola. No
coffee. No tea. I mean, I had some chocolate bourbons which is like a
little bit of caffeine from the chocolate. Maybe, I guess!? I’m feeling good. I feel like I could go another 12 hours. Should I do 36 hours?
Nah. I feel like it’s because in my head I had the 21 hours
but I wasn’t really fixated on it. And then when I decided “Oh, I’ll do 24!”
It was like: Oh, okay 24… but I wasn’t really fixated on it and then I thought: “F*ck it! 25!” I think when you really start defining like endpoints or, you know what I mean, like you just say “I’m gonna finish in this distance, I’m gonna finish in
this time” so when you get close to that it starts getting really hard. Whereas, if
it’s kind of more of a blurry “I guess 21 hours is the limit blah blah blah
but I don’t really care.” When I hit 21 and the guy told me there’s 24 hours, oh we’ve already done the 21 hours. It didn’t feel like I completed it because I wasn’t
fixating on the 21 hours. Oh my God, guys. It’s that simple!
I’m gonna ride this thing home, have a shower, get into bed, eat some snacks and edit this video real, real soon. So, here you go guys. The full earnings breakdown.
I didn’t give you this last time. I’m giving it to you now. Every delivery I
did from 7am until the end of the day. And then the next day, 1st November
until 7:24 was my last delivery. Total of 53 deliveries and a total of £214.23.
Bish bash bosh. Simple as that.

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