30 min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT (NO JUMPING) – Ab, Core, Arm, Back, Leg, Thigh & Cardio ~ Emi

30 min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT (NO JUMPING) – Ab, Core, Arm, Back, Leg, Thigh & Cardio ~ Emi

100 thoughts on “30 min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT (NO JUMPING) – Ab, Core, Arm, Back, Leg, Thigh & Cardio ~ Emi

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some diet tips and meals ideas!

  2. Can u please film in a bigger space of the room next time? This workout vid makes me feel
    exhausted coz of the tiny space

  3. I’ve lost about 10 lbs in 3 months using her videos only! For the first 2 months I didn’t change my diet and I believe that is why I didn’t see results in the beginning ( I ate tons of fast food, drank sodas etc. ) but even when I wasn’t showing any weight loss on the scale I could see and feel a difference ! Highly recommend using her videos especially if you’re new to working out! I worked out at least 3 days out of the week and started with the shorter work outs and built myself up to complete the 30 min workouts. I usually do a 20-30 min workout and then I’ll choose a 10 min video that targets a specific area. I was at 141 lbs originally and last time I weighed myself I was down to 130lbs.

  4. omg it really works for me! even though I can't do the whole process , 10min per day(due to back pain) helps me gradually loss weight, approximately 0.2kg every 2-3 days. the best thing is I can get back to the normal diet and throw away those meal replacements. 😁😁😁 I'm39yrs old.

  5. I do this work out interval one is full body 30 mins standing now i see my bodys change and before i forgot i'm a mother of 4 children lol my waist is 26 now ty ty emi so don't stop work out guys i can do this ….u can do this also😊

  6. Your workourt vids are so attainable! Feels hard and looks hard at first but goes easy as I keep on doing it everyday. I can really feel the burn! And I love how you motivate us, plus the background songs i love it! hehe. more power!!!! 😍

  7. Like so you know where you have to change sides half way do you guys ever like roll over to get to the other side? Lmao

  8. A month ago i quit the gym, after trying many different”at home workouts” this definitely was the one i liked the most and I gotta say My body’s quite toned, Ihavent lost weight as I consume a lot of calories on daily basis and Im not looking to lose any weight. (3 weeks in results)

  9. I love your workouts Emi ♥️ I lost 5kg with your work outs! I hope you make a pre-wedding / bride to be work out routine. Loveya! ♥️

  10. i did the whole exercise as u instructed but took breaks during some of the planks bc my body gave up. I was sweating like hell at the end it was Great!! i hate jumping so this video absolutely is helpful and im gonna keep doing it from now on thank u!!!!

  11. When i quit working out for a long time i always comeback to your videos to make a fresh start again!
    You and your workouts are always the best🖤

  12. Thank yoi so much for being here. You ha e helped me to reach my goal. Im only eleven but i amd determine to fi sh my goal for the month of October love you and thank you aging thank yoi so much

  13. my mom and i have been doing this for past few days and we absolutely love it!! we plan to do this for this whole month!

  14. Wow i've been doing this since 25th October and i feel good, somewhat satisfied but i must say it is quite hard especially those planks. But worth every second. I feel stronger alhamdulillah!
    Do you mind telling me how much of calories burn in this exercise? And it'd be really helpful if you mention this on your every video, even if in the description box. It'll inspire us more

  15. Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has lost weight by just doing this video alone? If not, what other videos do you combine this workout with? The ab session always gets me like 😵

  16. شكلي انا العربيه الوحيده اللي هنا🤪
    بس ما شاء الله جسمها مرتب ..نفسي اتحمس واقوم اتلحلح واسوي زيها🤓

  17. Ive come back to working out this week and Ive already forgotten how great it feels and how strong it makes you feel! thank you Emi you motivate me so much! ♡ This time I'm gonna reach my goal and won't give up

  18. I like your workout selection it doesnt hurt my joints, but I hope the music is not like a wedding music that lullaby me while working out, a little up bit music please! Thank you for your video, this is the first time I've seen your channel, for sure will check out more.

  19. Hey Emi …thanks for the workout looks like a comprehensive version of a lot of moves..wanted to know do I just start with this workout without a warm-up session?

  20. Day 1
    Somehow managed to finish this workout with my body shaking uncontrollably during the planks. I love it that my sweat keeps dripping down!

    Day 2
    The exercise felt tougher than yesterday. I kept collapsing during the planks because my elbow burn/hurt due to the friction with contact to my yoga mat. Anyone have tips on how to do planks without my elbows burning? 😭

    Day 3
    My elbows still burn like crazy during the planks. Sweat continues to drip down 😍

  21. I've done it for 19 days. My initial body weight was 62.9kg to 60.5kg. I'm happy ^^ I do it with 15min slim arms and 15min burn thigh everyday and it's really work for me! and I also go on a diet but sometimes a lot of cheating 😂😂 i'm 16y.o btw hehe Thanks Emi! You're my motivation ❤

  22. 13 Easy Fat Burning Exercise and stretches NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!!!


  23. Hi I've started these exercises yesterday and I completed but today I can't even move my legs 😭its really painful what should I do ? Please reply

  24. Emi, hope you can do more different types of no jumping workout. Like your workout so much but my knee is not good thus cannot continuously do workout with jumping. Love you

  25. I just found this workout and tried it today, I love it! It's the most fun HIT workout I've ever done and I like how challenging it is!
    I really enjoyed it, it's awesome! <3

  26. Hi Emi, may i know isit normal to do workouts during period and what kind of workout is suitable? I have never done any during period but im determine to lose some weight and not break the cycle of exercise this time.

  27. I love this video!Thanks a lot!It has been change my body!I don't go gym any more and i save time and many!
    Its a completely gymnastic program.How many time in week do you believe that is enough to do this video?

  28. i’m a male and after getting over how attractive she is i played the video and did one 4th of the exercise after a jog on the treadmills, and I feel great! Looking forward to making her my morning routine. I was very satisfied. I’m not young anymore but i’m certain if i keep this up by February i will look like i’m very young again:).

  29. I'm so sorry Emi TT
    I couldn't make it done..it's my first day of exercise and I was also a lil bit in pain before the workoutT^T

  30. So I decided to start this workout so by Christmas I can wear a nice outfit and I wanted to quit so bad throughout the workout but I told myself “no pain no gain” and I pushed myself through it and I feel so go 🙂 thank you emi 💕

    Update it’s day 3 of this workout since I started on Monday and lemme just say I’m dying😂 but it pushes me so I recommend doing it I’ll try to update each 3 days if not each week

  31. I was following ur 15 min HIIT no jumping twice a week along with gymming… gonna follow this now… how many times in a week should I do this workout?

  32. 1.Touch up and down
    2.Squat punch
    3.elbow knee touch
    4.inch worm
    5.high plank to down dog
    6.knees up crunch
    7.Leg raise and reverse crunch
    8.hip raise heel touch
    9.slow ab bike
    10.lying elbow knee touch
    11.arm fly
    12.wing fly chop
    13.knee push up
    14.single arm plank
    16.air squat
    17.front and back lunge-right
    18.front and back lunge-left
    19.donkey kick
    20.fire hydrant-side kicks
    21.single leg plank
    22.plank hip dips
    23.side plank
    24.spiderman plank
    25.plank to dolphin
    26.outer leg lift+circle-right
    27.outer leg lift+circle-left
    28.inner leg lift+circle-right
    29.inner leg lift+circle-left
    30.side lunge
    31.sumo squat pulses

  33. I would like to request you , how to reduuce breast size so please make a video n workout routine also please please

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