30 Minute HIIT Fat Burn Workout | Train With Mitchelton-Scott

30 Minute HIIT Fat Burn Workout | Train With Mitchelton-Scott

– Hello and welcome to our
30-minute HIIT interval session. And I’m with the Yates
Twins from Mitchelton-Scott. Just getting the names right. Simon on my left and Adam on my right. This is gonna be a very,
very tough session. We’re gonna be on board at
Elite Direto Smart Trainers. And we’re gonna be using
the mighty app from Elite to just adjust our resistance. And I’m gonna tell you now in this warm up a little bit more about what is in store. Now, a HIIT session is high
intensity interval training. And what we’re gonna do
is six 30-second bursts peppered with riding
at FTP and thankfully, you’ll be glad to know
we’ve got some recovery bits in there as well. But first up, and we’re
nearly a minute in already, is a nice graduated warmup. So we’re starting at a
perceived effort level between one and 10, around
two, building up to five. That’s five minutes. Then we go in to riding at tempo. So for those of you riding
without a palm metre again it’s a perceived
effort level of around seven. Just building things up. Getting the blood flowing to muscles. Getting your breathing right. And getting to the
point that when we start pressing on the petals really
hard and doing these intervals that we’re pretty much
primed and optimised. So from the tempo, we’ll be riding at FTP, so functional threshold power. The amount of FTP you
can sustain for an hour, that for two minutes and
then we get to the rather nasty pointy end of
this session and that’s the intervals themselves. And they come in the form of
a flat out 30-second burst. Once that’s done, we drop back
down to riding at threshold. It’s very, very hard. No real chance to recover. And after two minutes back
up again for 30 seconds, flat out to a perceived
effort level of basically 10. So it’s a max effort. And then you’ll be pleased
to know, we have two minutes to recovery before we do that again. Recover, do it again, and then
we crossed the finish line. So, still just under three
minutes to this warmup to go. But really important that you make sure that you’re riding indoors at home. You’re not out on a patio. You have a well ventilated area. And that you’ve got plenty
of drinks on board as well. It’s only a half an hour session, but you will need to keep hydrated. Especially if you’re indoors. So small sips throughout the session is what you need to
aim for and importantly make sure you’re fully hydrated before you do this session as well. In the session you’ll get used to kind of race-winning efforts. And because there’s not a
lot of recovery in between these sharp efforts, it’ll also help with your endurance as well. And this sort of session really ideal for those that are time crunched, to riding and training
around a full-time job or full-time education. This is the sort of session,
that if you recover right, combine it with some good
endurance rides on the road, leave another turbo session in a week, can really start going places. Really improve your
condition, make you faster and quicker, and make you fitter as well. As long as you recover too. So we’re coming now one
and a half minutes more. No spinning. So Si, how you feeling? Really looking forward to these efforts? – Should be difficult I think, no worries. – Should be good. And Adam, do you do much
turbo training, mate? You’re looking a little
bit anxious right there. – I do a little bit every now and again, but mainly on a TT bike. – Mainly on a TT bike. – Yeah I’m sure this session
will be pretty tough. – As you may know, because
you watched TCM for awhile, I used to train a lot
on the end-all trainer. It really did help. Especially to get that ray sharpness at the beginning of the season. I’ve been doing hard
intervals and cold climates. They’re very difficult. Especially now, the new
generation of start smart transitions in Direto. Intelligent, smart
trainers are using the app. You can really monitor all
of your metrics on screen and adjust the resistance accordingly from a heart rate here, from the power and cadence,
everything that you need. So now 30 seconds to go before we lift things and head in towards a little bit tempo. So, there’s kind of a
phase between a warmup and riding at threshold. Just a graduated, incremental
warmup, essentially. Try to keep the cadence around 90 all the way through to the
harsh 30-second intervals. Try to up the cadence
to 100, maybe even 110. So this session, short but pretty sweet. So, okay, let’s lift it out. Tempo. Upping out the store kit. You start to feel the bike,
this is a pace you can sustain for an hour, a couple of hours. You’d know about it, after a
couple of hours, definitely. Want to get the legs turning as well. In this sort of session, it’s so, so valuable. Really intense session. And the one other thing
about riding indoors, although it isn’t for everybody, you can incorporate it into your training. It’s a really pure form of effort. No other things to get in the way. You can just focus on your
form, your shape on the bike and get in power through without having to worry about road hazards or the traffic, weather conditions. It’s a real pure,
condensed form of training. Don’t get me wrong, very, very hard indeed, but once you’ve done it, you can bathe in the warm afterglow. And then what you look
for is a piece of cake. I bet you like your cake. – Yeah. – Yeah, I think we’re all
thinking about cake right now. But we’ve got a few intervals to do. Six in total. So another 45 seconds of tempo riding. Keep it nice and smooth. Real good road feel on
these Ballitzo trainers. And fully adjustable. Real space-saving home trainer as well. These legs fold away, put it away, especially if you live in a small space. And it’s quite low noise as well. It won’t wake your neighbours up. Okay. Ten seconds now. We’re going to lift it now to riding a functional threshold power. For those of you without
palm meter’s perceived effort level of around eight,
keeping the cadence the same. So, here we go. So, this is the sort of pace that will be pretty uncomfortable. Just a pace you can
sustain for around an hour. Okay? Two minutes of this. I might just back off talking. I about think I might be
annoying the boys, actually. I don’t think I’ve lost anything yet. (energetic music) Coming up to a minute. Burst interval coming up in a minute’s time now. Just stay focused. If I can get form on a bike, using these sort of sessions is great time to think on your position on the bike. Shouldn’t be gripping the bars too hard. Plus you’re thinking about your condition out on the road as well. Get yourself nice and low. That blend of the
ability to produce power, being comfortable but also the arrow. The big three points you can work on. So, 25 seconds till the first brutal interval. Si, are you looking forward to it? – Oh, I don’t know, have
to see after, I think. – Okay. Had a nice espresso before this. I think we’re up for it. Okay, 10 seconds, guys. And then they want 30 seconds of your best effort, all right? You at home as well. Three, two, one, go, come on. Effort level 10. (energetic music) Five, two, okay. Down to threshold lower. Down in recovery. But making an effort to race and getting cool by having to hold on. Really good. Your top end, but also your endurance. Your ability to sustain
and become resilient in numerous situations on the road. It hurts, but it’s worth it. So come on, keep on going. You should be able to get
control back in your breathing, even though you’re pressing on. (energetic music) Looking good, Si. Don’t be afraid to do what Si’s doing as well. Keep the power down, up it a couple of gears to give your glutes a bit of a rest. Your lower back. You want to get a numb backside. Ten seconds, and back down if you need to. Okay. And five more 30-second intervals to go. Break it down into bite-sized chunks. Best way to do it. Such a good session, this. Okay, 30 seconds until the next interval. (energetic music) Okay, guys, focus now, yeah? Both of you. Two, one, and all the way. Come on. (energetic music) Halfway. Come on. Two, and we’re okay. Lock it down now, boys. And girls, everybody at home. Take a little drink if you need to. And see it’s up at a five for two minutes. Use this time to spring you legs, get those toxins out. Don’t forget the cadence set about 90. Give your body a chance to recoup. If you keep your effort like that, without recovering, it can help with your endurance, but what will happen is, you don’t recover
nothing between each one, the quality of each one diminishes. And that’s a different sort of training. So we did little recovery bits. They all progress, a little hurt more and more before I make sure in the
short space of time we’ve got, 30 minutes, that we’re optimising
all of those 30 seconds. A little sip. How do you feel, Adam? – [Adam] Yeah, doing all right. For as one. How about you, easiest one? I think it’s really
important that when you do the threshold session, really go threshold, and if
you’re trying to do more, then, like you said before, the next interval will pretty much work. Keep it as consistent as possible. – It’s the right environment
to do that as well. You’ve got the clock in front of you, you’ve got me here telling you what to do. Stick to that, stay disciplined. Really good bit of advice there, Adam. Don’t try too hard,
because you’ll materially affect the quality of the next interval, and hard enough as it is, you don’t want to die
towards the back end of it. So, go ahead, select the gear and you’ll be doing the
next threshold bit now. Ten seconds to go. Just enjoy these last few seconds before we knock it up to riding at threshold
number of eight coming up in three, two, one, and lift
it for two minutes now, guys. All right. Just hold it nice and smooth. Think about comfortable hand position. Try and get low if you can. And replicate the
position out in the road. Nice and smooth. Grippy but sustainable. Watch that cadence. Again, as Adam said, don’t push too hard. We’ve still got four 30-second reps to go. And then a nice little
warm down at the end. And then, a bit of cake, if you fancy it. Okay. I haven’t done it today, but if you want, put a towel over your bars as well. So your sweat doesn’t start
to corrode your expensive kit. Okay, a minute now. Before the next interval. Once the next interval’s
done we’re halfway through the intervals. Keep it going. Just think of all the good
this is going to do you. And these guys will be
taking their condition to the grand tours. Tour de France, Vuelta, Giro. I’ll just run to the cap. Brilliant. Okay. Twenty seconds. Remember, 10 seconds on
everything you’ve got. Thirty seconds. Two, one, and go. Come on. (energetic music) Two, one, and down. Threshold. Don’t let it slip too much. Ninety RPM. It’d take a while to breathe into cell. Stay focused. It’s going to hurt. It’s all in the bank. All of the training is an investment. You’re halfway through the
30-second intervals already. Three more to go. Keep it going, you’re doing great. (energetic music) My distinct lack of talking is indicative of how I’m feeling now. A minute till the next interval. Stay focused. It’s going to start to hurt now. Just make sure you don’t
get too ragged on the bike. It’s a good idea to try to hold the drops for the hoods, stabilise yourself a little bit. Not so cool work. And diamex as well. Get yourself a good platform for delivering that power. Thirty seconds. Okay. I’m not looking forward to this. Fifteen. Three, two, one, go. Come on. All you got. (energetic music) Three, two, one, let go. Okay, get a leg turning. Knock it down. One more recovery session. Two minutes. Oh god. Yeah. Keep those legs turning, guys. You at home as well. Keep them turning. Okay. That’s a level of five. Nice and easy. This goes and takes over nicely, 90 RPM. Get your breathing back. And reflect on the fact you’ve done four. Only two more to go. So one more threshold. One more interval. Another threshold. Another interval. And then we’re in the home straight. Great work so far, cheers, guys. Both looking good. Pretty eager. Most of it. – When the sessions are so short, you’ve really got to get out, I think. – Oh, definitely.
– [Simon] Yeah. – It’s important for
a nice little warm-up. That’s what you’d say. When you haven’t got a lot of time you can really reap the benefits
of these trial sessions. – Sure. – Is this something you do much? On the Turbo Tour, or? – Various, I got them. A lot of work on the TT bike. I think it’s really beneficial, also, to be able to just hold a position on a TT bike. Concentrate on the effort, holding the position. And you don’t have to
worry about any traffic or anything like that. That’s when you can really get
the most benefits, I think. – Good stuff. Well, I’m afraid our little bit of chat has taken us nearly to the point. We’ve got to the tail end of this session, so it’s opportune, guys, to get into the gear ready
to knocking up an effort. An effort level or two. Okay, threshold coming up, so. FTP, or effort level of eight. For the ultimate time. Two and one, here we go. Just lift it up, nice and smooth. No harsh effort to get it to the point. Feel that point and hold it. Great stuff. At this time, just hold that position. These guys are using the TT bike to up it. You’re doing your road bike as well. Get on the hoods. Get on the drops. Try to maintain it. Okay, no problem moving around a bit for these short sessions. It’s good to try and get a bit of discipline drilled in. And hold that position. (energetic music) Great stuff. The sun’s come out for us as well. Just over eight minutes left now. Been a real good session. Got one of these sessions
in once, twice a week, combining with some riding on the road. That’s a great road feel on these EXO trainers. They replicate that feeling. Various modes you can use. The app’s great for adjusting the resistance as you see fit. And these fold away nice and small as well if you haven’t got a lot of space at home. So, 30 seconds until the next interval. Just really make these count, guys. It’s your time, so don’t cheat. Don’t cut any corners. I want all the effort. It’s pretty short. It’ll be over soon. Now, commit yourself 100
percent at this next interval. Okay. Now, boys. Three, two, one, come on, 100 percent. (panting) (energetic music) Two, one, okay, down to FTP. Don’t want to hurt too much. Down at level eight. Well done. Keep it rolling. Keep discipline. Up to your 90. FTP, close your power metres. Just hold it. You’re nearly there. Just over six minutes of riding. Keep it smooth. They really help build your top end, these sorts of sessions. If you recover well, eat well, sleep well, balance your training, you’ll reap the benefits. It’s worth writing your training down, planning ahead as well. And that way you’re far more likely to stick to a plan. Doesn’t have to be chapter and verse. Stick it in your diary. And generally speaking, you’ll stick to it. Okay. Coming up. In 25 seconds it’s your last interval. Reach into the tank, boys, all right? You at home. Fifteen seconds until the last one. Make this one count. You win a race, you beat your mates, you set a new record on a climb. This is what it’s all about. Here we go, three, two, come on, guys, let’s go. All the way. (panting) (energetic music) Guys, this one is a minute, I’m sorry I said. Sorry about that. The last one’s a minute. It’s okay. Just hold it. Should have mentioned that, shouldn’t I? A little tasty twist. Twenty-five seconds to go. I’ll put you right in the red. Come on. Twenty seconds. You’re going to be sweating,
but it doesn’t matter. Just keep on. (panting) Five, two, all the way. Sorry about that little twist. I thought it was 30 seconds. It was a minute. I’ve got a bit worn out myself. Okay. Get my breath back. Yeah. Thought we would spay the horses there. If it bothers you at home as well. That’s what your face
looks like during the end. Well, we’ll go with that. So I just spin the legs. At a level of four. Gradually dropping it back down. Trying to get your legs turning. About 90, though. So this is just a half an hour session. No harm after this
session is finished, this. Continuing to warm down
for a little bit longer. But this session has got it all. Nice warm up, nice bit of tempo riding, nice warm down, and some efforts at threshold. Taking you into real top energy, yeah. Really held it with your top end. Now those guys do a nutter. A HIIT interval session, doing the intervals at the back of riding at your FTP. It’s going to help with
your ultimate endurance as well, isn’t it? – These kinds of efforts really help you at the end of a race, when you really need to wear everyone down and, you know, just like
at the critical moment when you need to
everything you can to win. These kinds of efforts and
the intervals of the work. – Definitely will help you there. With a couple of the
best riders in the world. Just need to take this
bit of time to thank you for joining us. Keep spinning those legs. And again, just knock the resistance down on the trainer here. Using the app just to take a
bit of that resistance off. Just spin the legs. Warm down, very, very important as well. Still a minute and a
half of this warm down, but put that planning, your training. Plan these sessions as well, especially if you are crunched for time, which most people are. Not everybody is one of the
best professional riders in the world. They have a little bit more time, but if you plan your time, you’ll
get much more out of it, so clear your space, make
sure it’s ventilated, get your drinks ready before the ride, one on your bike, one for immediately afterwards. One more little tip that I really like is to make a fruit smoothie
to have afterwards. It’s really important after a session, even as short as this, to replenish those glycogen stores, make sure that from a
hydration perspective you’re topped up as well. So that all laid out and you’ll become far more efficient and get that, make that
a part of your routine. And also, I would advise, if you’re just coming into the sport,
doing these sessions, doing any of these sessions back to back. It’s very, very intensive. So you want to break up the
week with lots of sleep, lots of recovery. And some other endurance-based sessions, but believe you me. Get your recovery right, get your strategy right, as these boys have already said, you can really reap the benefits and become faster and fitter. Going to go head with the last 20 seconds. Thanks very much.
– No worries. – Best of luck. Good season. We’re going to go out
for a cake in a minute. And definitely a bit of a lie-down. So, just keep the legs turning. Just the last few seconds. And there we have it. Well, thanks very much
for your attention, guys. Thanks to Elite as well for supplying these Direto trainers. If you haven’t subscribed
already Origin GC you can do so by clicking
on the globe button to get to like and share this video. And for another training video, how about joining me as
I head up Campolongo Pass in the Dolomites.

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