5 Best Foods for Fat Loss (FOODS YOU MUST EAT!!)

Hi, everyone! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women
and today we’re doing a sit down talk about the five best foods for your fat loss. So, some of you all think great foods for
fat loss would lie within your vegetables, your protein – well, you’re right. Let’s dive a little bit deeper and talk about
exactly why. So number one on my list is salads. The reason being is because of the volume. Your mind knows how long you’re taking to
eat something and if it takes a little bit longer to eat then you’re going to feel more
satiated. It sends that signal that you’re full. Rather than having two bites of something
and you’re done. So salads are a key way to lose fat because
it takes a while to eat and it’s pretty low calorie at the same time. So keeping salads with even homemade salad
dressings are excellent. Also, soups. Soups are another one that is volume. It makes you full, it makes you full, it’s
great in the fall and winter time, and as long as there is some protein in there and
vegetables, soups are excellent. Avoiding ones that are a little thicker and
creamy soups. They’re a great way to get full, feel satiated,
and also the heat of the soup helps coat the stomach and keeps cravings at bay. Number three: smoothies. Volume, once again. That is the key I’m using here for these five. Smoothies are a great way to get a breakfast
in, a lunch, a snack, a dinner; anything at any time. It just requires a little bit of time, or
stop by a shop and get one. But they are great for adding a handful of
spinach in, you can even get some vegetables in at the same time. Your Greek yogurt, some protein powder, or
leave out the protein powder and just go Greek yogurt and some great fruit in there as well. But adding ice and water helps increase the
volume in the stomach and helps you feel full. Number four: one of my all-time favorite foods
is salmon and that’s a great one for fat loss because of the omegas in it. The omegas-3s that have the fish oils in there
are so crucial for keeping your blood rich and healthy with those types of fatty acids. So those are – it’s a great source of protein,
it’s a perfect kind of fat, and it’s the only way, really, you’re getting them. Unless you’re taking omegas in capsules. So the next one, number five, is just in general,
any protein sources. So protein is the key derivative for increasing
metabolism, keeping muscle mass, and also helping you build – consistently build – muscle
mass as well. So keeping amino acids in the blood at all
times. So that’s why protein is one of the top five
best foods for fat loss. So we have salads, soups, smoothies, salmon,
and protein. I kind of messed up the “S” there with the
protein at the end. So those are my top five best foods for fat
loss. Hopefully this helped you guys. Leave comments below, if you have any other
ideas as well, I’m sure everyone would enjoy reading those. So leave us a thumbs up and check us out ATHLEANXX
for Women. Thanks for joining me. I’m Amy Jo. We’ll see you next time.

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