68D #1 fat burning machine

Hey, everybody! It’s Coach Dan Long here
with the Over 40 Protocol. And today, Val is here. She’s on the Stairmaster,
the number one fat burning machine inside the gym. Now, do you have
time for the gym? If you’re like me and
Val– she’s pushing 40. I’m actually almost
46 years old. And today, I want to
tell you two things. One, this is the number
one piece of machine that you can use inside the
gym to burn the most fat. Look at Val. She’s on fire. This is one of the greatest
pieces of equipment that was ever created. Now, I’ve been coaching
moms, dads, kids, athletes, professional athletes,
Olympians– you name it– for over 20-plus years. And the one thing
that I can tell you is, this machine is awesome. The second thing
that I can tell you is that if you don’t
have time for the gym, and you don’t want
to fight traffic, and you don’t want
a gym membership, I have something
specifically for you. And that’s who I
want to talk to. Because today, if you’re over
the age of 40, like myself, you’re going to
want an easy to use system that takes
less than 12 minutes. How about that? Do I have your attention? I knew I would. So if you’re not willing
to do a Stairmaster and you’re not willing
to get a gym membership, I have something exactly
for you right now, just for stopping on this feed. Now, whatever you
are watching, you can go back to that
in just a second. Just give me a couple of
seconds more of your time. Now, when you click this
link right down here, not only are you
going to see me, you’re going to see my
best friend Shaun Hadsall. He’s a ripped grandpa that’s
47 years old with six-pack abs. You’re going to see my wife. She’s 42 with
three amazing kids. And you’re going to see Shaun’s
wife, 58 years old, using this exact system. If you’re over the
age of 40 and you’re not willing to use a Stairmaster
and/or get a gym membership, and you do not want to fight
traffic, this is your day. This link will take
you to the Over 40 Flat Belly and Ab Solution. It will take you
less than 12 minutes. So if you’re ready
and you’re excited, like Val is here,
cranking it out right here on the
Stairmaster, it’s your turn to click the link now.

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