7 High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

7 High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

100 thoughts on “7 High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

  1. 6:36 if the only one pice of is just 400 calories I can't even imagine how many calories the whole dish would be. o__O

  2. You are the best in preparation, simplicity, speed and low cost. I am Algerian and I am happy to join your channel

  3. Why didn’t you use the yolk in the egg that’s where all the nutritional value comes from in the egg not the whites

  4. I have been eating scrambled tofu and veg with turmeric for breakfast for years. Do your veg prep the night before while cooking dinner if you have to.

  5. Times have been changed and the concept of loosing weight is neither from eating food like yours or from excercise workouts, food that keeps you full all the time is what helps us loose weight I. e eating fatty foods LCHF low carbohydrate and high fat diets, the food which you are cooking has more carbohydrates and consuming it doesn't make you feel full hence you feel hungry quickly and crave for more and more so we never loose weight in life time? Please don't post silly meaningless videos and lure people.

  6. Boiling Eggs is better for weight loos and it’s can help you to lose weight a lot but without bread

  7. I don't even have time to eat them in the morning, forget about making them. Lol. But i wish i can eat/ make all this healthy food i watch videos about :/

  8. 8:12 – just a tip to not waste so much of the strawberry:
    Just poke a hole through it with a straw, so only the "bad part" gets off…

    Otherwise nice video and ideas! Thanks!

  9. I want to be healthy but its hard to afford especially if you dont know really what to eat /some foods go bad after a couple days

  10. Ok the omlette looks so sad also it has around 300 calories in it but very healthy and it will last you for a good 5 hours

  11. There is this girl, and I want to get in shape for her. I will keep her name anonymous and mine as well in case she reads this comment, and if you are reading this comment girl, wassup. 😍

  12. These all look so good but I dont like much of the ingredients and I dont have the money to buy them if i did then i would force myself to eat them

  13. None of it is without egg… So eggeterian can have whole egg for protein bt what if u could not hv egg… Completed waste of time… Gd for dinner not breakfast

  14. Deberías cambiar de tabla para cortar por una de plástico o vidrio ya que la madera absorbe rápidamente las bacterias y bueno jajaja están prohibidas en la cocina básicamente :3 igual muy bueno el vídeo

  15. Ok, so this video made me realize MUSIC CHOICE does have an impact on videos. These set of music doesn't seem have anything in common with the contents. Damn.

  16. Had to watch this on mute. Is there anyone left who makes videos without annoying music blasting? It’s food. It doesn’t need a sound track.

  17. Well… all I gotta say is I hate onion so that’s, that. 🤦🏽‍♀️ a lot of times I come watch their videos to get ideas but they include onion lol

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