8 min. Home ABS workout – Follow Along (Burn fat)

8 min. Home ABS workout – Follow Along (Burn fat)

what’s going on guys welcome back to my
channel once again I am back with a brand new video for you today we’re
going to do a quick fat burning workout for your abs i’ma go change real quick I
will see you in a bit you guys get ready and I hope you
enjoy the video. yeah so the first exercise we have is
called walk outs, and you start in a push-up position
alright and keep your body straight, butt tight, core tight, and you just walking
slowly like this, and you’re coming back to the push-up position. Alright, 30 seconds… let’s
start!!! always keep your core tight, so your butt just a few seconds left. Hold it
all right we’re done. Second one. um it’s called the scissor kick. Just lay
down on your back all right and place your arms on the floor. It’s
like you’re squeezing and you elevate your legs and you kind of hold it and
then keep doing the scissors That’s why we call it the scissor kick. So, 30 seconds let’s go!!! you can actually put your elbows* so you can kinda have a good support and feel more comfortable but it’s okay if you don’t. hold it Don’t touch the floor with your legs… Hold it.
We’re done. third one the heels touches*. Again, you lay on
your back, and you’re just doing this touching your heels. it’s like the further
you put your legs the harder is going to be. So, if you want it to be easy, we put it
like this… further…harder. So, let’s go. 30 seconds Keep your core tight. Touch, reach. Try to keep
your back away from the floor. We got this all right
third one is called the Russian twist. So same position. We’re not changing and
hold your legs and… this 30 seconds. Let’s go!!! That’s maybe a little bit harder Core tight..eight… seven…breathe and next one It’s the Obliques crunches. That’s for your obliques. Just kind of bend your legs
like this and lay on your back like this keep your elbow on the floor, and we’re just
going up like that. So, 15 seconds for each side. Let’s go! Switch! all right… easy easy…almost there!
The next one is the plank leg twist. Plank position of course, and you just twisting
like this; your legs underneath your body. You keep your elbows* underneath your
body, and you just…yeah! 30 seconds, Let’s go! Easiest one. If your back hurts, you can kind of put your head down and…
so you can squeeze more. Your butt..and…tight core…and….we got this.
Next one; circles. Lay on your back again and… 15 seconds for each side.
Keep your core tight. Let’s go!! and last one is the plank. Easiest one. 30 seconds. Ight…Squeeze your butt. Squeeze! hard! And your core…as well Squeeze (4)…Almost there. Squeeze everything… all right, and we made it. Ouhhh that was a
quick fat burning workout for your abs guys because I know a lot of people it’s
like they have been doing abs for a long time but, they’re still not
showing up. you know why? That’s because they’re like… still fat
hiding your abs and that’s why. So, that was a good workout for them if you have
this problem. So, I want you to do like..to go for a second set if you’re going for
a second set you can, you kind of leave a minute after this set and you go for the
second one and you kind of do this workout like..three times a week at least
so you can have better results. So, that was it for today guys. If you
enjoyed this video, please make sure you subscribe, like, share this video, comment,
leave suggestions… how did you feel after the workout, and I’ll see you the next
video. Peace!

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  1. Whats up guys? If you are watching the video, make sure you watch it till the end. Then, try it and thank me later. Subscribe, comment, like and share!!! Don't forget to turn on the subtitles and watch in the language you want. Thanks!

  2. Good job Kyky! Keep going. The videos keep getting better. Also it would help a lot to show the chronometer on the screen please. Thank you 🙂

  3. Great job!! I love your videos!!

    They will definitely help me train during this fall. Keep up the awesome work!!

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