Afterburn Effect For Losing Weight – Afterburn Training

Afterburn Effect For Losing Weight – Afterburn Training

What is the AfterBurn Effect? Hi, it’s Justin from The Under 20 Workout
and I’m going to explain how you can burn calories while you sleep with the Afterburn
Effect. I know that sounds like some fad diet but it’s completely real and back by every
fitness scientist out there. I’m also going to tell you how you can join
the fastest growing online workout for just $1 The afterburn effect is the number of calories
burned AFTER your workout is completed. That’s crazy. Not just during your workout but after
you have finished. It’s a fact. If you are doing a high intensity
program like The Under 20 Workout, you are creating a calorie burning phenomena called
The Afterburn Effect. I’m going to make this simple. Look at this
picture. [Quick Pic of runner vs. sprinter; barely enough time to comprehend] So what does this have to do with the afterburn
effect? Someone who jogs or does slower aerobic exercise uses a minimal amount of oxygen (demonstrate)
because they are just using a couple of muscles at a very slow pace and they are not building
any muscle. The sprinter is doing a completely different
type of work out than the runner. Sprinters will train for under 20 minutes a day and
look at the difference in the two bodies. [Show the pic again] The sprinter uses almost
every muscle in his or her body at top speed. (demonstrate) This causes an oxygen deficit. Every one of
these muscles is begging and pleading for more fuel. This kicks the heart rate up and
forces the body to burn extreme amounts of energy or calories at a tremendous rate. You
can actually feel the heat releasing when you train at high intensity. Those are calories
burning and fat melting. As Under 20 members we train for about 20
minutes and sometimes burn up to 800 calories in a single workout, which is amazing. But
what happens after your workout? After a high intensity workout The Under 20
your muscles continue to demand oxygen or fuel to feed themselves and catch up. In addition,
your muscles will start to build which creates a need for even more energy. So for the next
day or two your body will become a calorie incinerator. Crushing calories and burning
fat while building lean muscle. A regular person burns around 2000 calories.
On a Under 20 workout day you’ll burn another 600 calories from the workout. Then in the
next 24 to 48 hours you burn an additional 700 more calories from the afterburn effect. [Visual 2000 normal day calories + 600 during
The Under 20 Workout=700 due to The Under 20 Workout’s Afterburn Effect=a total
of 3300 calories. That’s 65% more calories burned due to the fact that you are training
at top speed. Do you like that? Is that something that you want? Burning calories while you
sleep. 1300 extra calories burned just because you
added a 20 minute workout to your day. Amazing, huh. And the best part… You don’t have to do
any extra work. Now, does this sound exciting? Great. What
if I also told you that you could work out for one hour over the next week and already
start to see results. All it takes is one dollar and I’ll refund that dollar if you
don’t already start to see or feel a difference in your body. There is no risk involved. The Under 20 Workout is the only workout in
the world based on the BATS Principle of putting your Body At Top Speed. And I’m so confident
that you’ll love it I am giving you a one week trial for just a dollar. There are no
strings attached and your money will be refunded if you don’t see and feel your body changing.

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  1. I've read in your blog that I should feel a warm and a little sweat several hours after workout. Well.. for me it's hard to say as currently we are experiencing 38-42°C (100-104°F) and you are warm and sweating as hell even if you didn't exercise 😀

  2. Afterburn Effect For Losing Weight
    If you're lifting weights and it's not helping you burn body fat it may be because you're wasting a precious opportunity to create and afterburn which can burn calories and fat for 24 to 48 hours after your workout is completed. 
    Article explaining The AfterBurn Effect:
    Take just a few minutes to learn the fastest fat burning strategy and let me know if you have any questions.
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