Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay

Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay

100 thoughts on “Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Jazz and Lindsay

  1. I take a medication that keeps me from eating for an hour when I wake up (also has to be taken on an empty stomach), so I get the whole “don’t eat breakfast” thing

  2. I love how jazzmyne talked about the habits she still has from when she was hard on herself when she was younger. I felt like that was really insightful and interesting to listen too.

  3. Lindsay eating breakfast and getting more hungry reminds me a lot of when the undereaters start eating more on Supersize vs Superskinny- your body gets used to small amounts of food and when you give it more you get your hunger cues back

  4. In the netherlands its usually just 2 slices of bread with peanutbutter or cheese or something for breakfast and lunch and for dinner most people eat potatoes, meat and a vegetable and im kind of done with that stupid diet so now im hangry

  5. so she "would never" eat cottage cheese because it reminds her of being on a diet, but she still eats her cereal in a cup to limit her calories?

  6. Im a Lindsey for sure!!! I hardly eat. I eat maybe one meal and one snack a day. Some days i dont eat at all and some RARE days i snack all day. And try eating cottage cheese with BBQ chips, a bit more flavor 😉😉

  7. I can’t deal with Jazzmyne criticizing Lindsey’s food choices and calling her eating habits “infantile” ugh she’s so toxic

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  9. I LOVED when Jazz mentioned that body size does not have to do with a person’s food consumption.
    I have literally tried every diet and exercise program under the sun starting at the age of 7 years old.
    I had always been a larger person. Then finally at the age of 22 I was diagnosed with Pcos and a couple of years later, hypothyroidism. Both mess with the cells and hormones in your body and make you gain weight and makes it difficult to lose weight and certain “diets” make it worse.
    I would literally eat hardly anything and people close to me always mention how “I eat like a bird” so why was I so big?
    Plus being so energetic all the time, my friends and family could not understand why I was so obese.
    It’s literally just how my body is, I don’t over eat and I’m not lazy, it’s literally my diseases and genetic makeup. So I am so glad this video brought light to that ❤️

  10. Yea I agree with bodies are different but one is eating more than the other and trying to loose weight while the other eats whatever but doesn't eat more often than the other

  11. "I get nauseaous in the morning"
    I felt that. I cannot eat solid foods before 8 am. I will just end up throwing it up again, but I still get super hungry if I have to get up at 4 am to go to work. Thank God there are these liquid food alternatives, originally used to replace meals during diets :c

  12. Lindsay’s diet reminds me of intermittent fasting, maybe that’s y she looks “healthy” while eating “unhealthy” food

  13. I'm 5'10 at a 100lbs. Always hungry with dizzy headaches. Not as healthy as i should be! Looks are deceiving for sure.

  14. Wait. They eat popcorn everyday? I thought that's something you eat like once a month while watching a movie with friends…
    And you can ORDER breakfast? I eat oatmeal during the week and fresh bread from the bakery on sundays. (Breakfast is important and healthy!)
    – me, a confused european

  15. I feel like Lindsay's eating is more like mine. I can't eat breakfast and rarely ever eat dinner I just eat a medium sized lunch and maybe a small snack.

  16. I get it, time is precious…but so is your body.
    Its a needs proper fuel to be able to function.
    The green juice definitely dessert.
    How is it filling? If anything I would assume it would just raise your blood sugar and increase cravings?

  17. It’s not that I’m skinny or anything but I’ve never had an appetite in the morning. Until like one or two I just feel like full almost? And it’s probably because I eat so much at night Idek

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