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Alright, let’s be honest here for a second. You’re a dude and you’re looking to start
working out. Now, WHY are you looking to start working
out? Well it’s simple… You’re trying to get LAID bro! You think that if you work out and get REALLY
jacked then all you’ll have to do is go around taking your shirt off and girls will
fall in love with you Well, the truth is, that’s only half true. YES it will make you 10x more attractive to
girls and make them more into you, but you still have to have good game in order to seal
the deal. But since the physical part of it is important,
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20% off your order. (Slight pause) Now most workout videos are fluff-filled nonsense. Imagine taking bro-science and bullshit, and
putting it into a protein shake. Mix it up a bit, and boom you have half the
fitness industry haha. So today, we’re gonna cut through all that
bullshit and just focus on the important part, the muscle groups that will make you look
like a greek god like me! Because hey, you and me both know you’re
just trying to get laid. First off, here are the 3 main muscle groups. The 3 groups you want to focus on are your
upper chest, upper back, and shoulders. These 3 muscle groups are what’s going to
give you that aesthetic v-shape that makes you look bigger, more aesthetic, and will
increase your chances of getting laid by 3.9% to the 11th power… aka A LOT! Some people will say that arms are just as
important, and they’re not wrong, but if you workout these 3 main muscle groups hard
and heavy, your arms will naturally build up and increase in size as well. So I’ll include a few arm exercises to add
in at the end, but these are just supplementary. Now that we got that out the way let’s jump
into chest & shoulder day. Chest & Shoulder Day. You typically want to start off with incline
bench press because it targets the clavicular muscle which is at the top of the chest and
does a really good job at targeting your upper chest. Your upper chest is super important for creating
that chest plate look and giving the look of a big, solid chest. It also is vital for giving your body the
v shaped aesthetic. Incline bench press is also really good for
working your triceps, the front portion of your shoulders, and it even engages the back
slightly for stabilization. I typically do 4 sets of incline bench press
FIRST, before I move on to the regular flat bench press because the upper chest muscle
is extremely stubborn and hard to build, so I like to hit it first when I’m at full
strength and am not yet fatigued. I’ll usually go heavy on this one, and do
anywhere between 4-6 reps or 4-8 reps. The second exercise is the flat bench press,
I do 3 sets of these because they help make sure I’m targeting my chest and they even
engage my shoulders really well. Again, I go heavy here and do anywhere between
4-10 reps. Next, I’ll move on to do 3-4 sets of chest
dips, the only difference from regular dips here is that I’m leaning slightly more forward
to isolate my chest. This exercise is fucking awesome because it
targets the triceps and chest really well, and it engages the shoulders a ton for stability
and dexterity throughout the movement. And it even uses the lat muscles aka your
middle back, for stability. After this, I’ll go on to do 4 sets of shoulder
raises, to really isolate and engage the shoulders. I tend to do this exercise for 8-12 reps since
the other exercises I usually go heavier on. Then depending on how fatigued my shoulders
are after this, I’ll go on to do 2 sets of the standard military press for about 6-8
reps. Moving right along to Back & Biceps day. I’ll start off by doing 5 sets of pullups. Now this may sound like a lot, but the first
two I consider to be warm up sets, and then I follow up with 3 working sets. I usually do around 8 reps of this and go
ALL the way down, i know a lot of motherfuckers like to cheat on this exercise and only go
down halfway but that defeats the whole purpose. You want to
make sure you get the full range of motion. Afterwards, I’ll move on to doing 4 sets
of cable rows for for anywhere from 6-10 reps. You really wanna make sure you hold the contraction
and squeeze tight when doing this one. That’ll really build up a strong back. Then I’ll move on to doing 3 sets of cable
or machine pulldowns with the closer grip attachment to target the upper back between
the shoulder blades. Again doing 6-10 reps for each set. This exercise is crucial for building up a
strong upper back which will help bring your posture upright and force your chest forward,
making it look bigger, and giving you that v shape. Lastly, I’ll finish up with 4 sets of hammer
curls to really focus in on the biceps and give them the attention they need to build
up. The biceps are worked as accessory or secondary
muscles throughout all of the back exercises and the biceps are a small muscle anyways,
so doing 4 sets of hammer curls on top of the workouts prior should be enough to build
them up over time. And that my friends is it. Be sure to refer back to this video when you’re
in the gym and need to keep track of your routine. I’ll leave a summary on screen now for you
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some of those butt girls, so for now, Zeus out!

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