Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Scott from and welcome back to another live following Workout today you and I are gonna be doing a bodyweight routine and by the end of it, we’re both Well, I I won’t be hurting that much. I’m gonna attempt to stand up and not Projectile vomit on my camera But you you are gonna be hurting it’s gonna be intense five bodyweight exercises You can do it anywhere all you need is a floor and the will to push yourselves and make those gains first things first if you got a pre-workout chug it And let’s do a quick warm-up and get your bodies ready, so let’s do some arm circles loosen up those shoulders And for the five exercises guys, it’s all body weight. I will show modifiers if you need them We’re gonna start out with some donkey kicks. Then we’re gonna go into air squats Then we’re gonna go into plank up downs reverse the circles guys Plank up downs X crunches and then a plyo push up. It’s gonna be intense We’re doing five rounds thirty seconds of work followed by thirty seconds of rest All right guys now some shoulder slaps and warm-ups are really important guys Don’t skip the warm-ups they’re really quick just to get the blood flowing. That’s what they’re for All right now some butt kicks guys Really try to kick yourself in the butt as you do these Get some blood flow into that lower body And then we’re gonna do one more stretch Which is gonna help you guys out with those air squats To make sure that you’re going all the way down and every rep so we’re gonna do is you’re gonna step out like this Go to the side world’s greatest stretch open up those hips Bring your hands down switch sides world’s greatest feel so good One more on the other side There we go last one And we’re good nice and warmed up you’re feeling good get your water bottles ready first exercise donkey kicks Five four three two one Boom, so this exercise guys feet in feet out just like this nice steady pace Really try to go out to the side You’re gonna feel some shoulder fatigue Your legs are obviously gonna fatigue your quads are gonna really fatigued and you want to keep that core tight whoa Two one Thirty seconds of rest shake it out. Next exercise is gonna be an air squat Now for the air squat, I want you to get some air so all the way down Jump up all the way down jump up. Alright, you can do it. Let’s bring out these exercises guys Here we go five seconds four three two one All the way down all the way up push through your toes Yeah, come on guys Ten seconds Come on push Keep up with me last one I feel those Now guys these workouts they’re really great to do You can do them anytime anywhere a workout like this. You can do it three or four times a week And combine this with a little bit of cardio You’re golden. All right, the next exercise. Is gonna be a plank up down So what you’re gonna do Again at the plank position and go up and down Here we go down Just like this Looking good guys Now at any point in time you fatigue you can drop to your knees, but you shouldn’t need to Keep going almost there. Keep that core tight And relax Feeling good grab some water if you’ve got it Rest of you Shake it out Stretch a little bit Because the X crunches next and for this movement guys Basically making an X crunching at the top But let’s relax it down. Let’s save our energy We got plenty of time to kill it All right, three two one X crunch Don’t let those feet or your hands touch the ground Come on guys ten seconds Yeah, now next up is plyo push it up so now guys push-ups are tough so do as many as you can regular Even if you have to drop to your knees still push off the ground All right ten seconds Keep those hands close to get them under your shoulders for maximum pushing power Oh, yeah load and explode Halfway there. You’re doing great Keep that core tight Come on guys, yeah, five four three two one And relax Back to those donkey kicks. I know that upper body’s starting to fatigue not a lot of Direct upper body work, but all that’s stabilizing with these exercises Is gonna fatigue you Here we go ten seconds left Finish up your water toss it to the side Donkey kicks two one. Boom I really like this exercise it’s a really great way to blast your legs and your abs Especially the lower abs because they’re gonna be involved a lot when tucking your feet in or your knees in Come on guys. Yeah, my shoulders are dying I couldn’t even look up at the clock that time Air squats are next. I know it’s brutal Making you do air squats after the donkey kicks But that’s why you’re here because I don’t make easy Catch your breath 3 2 1 go All the way down all the way up push through your toes Looking good guys 15 seconds. Steady pace Come on push Three two one Jeez You know if you guys still want an air squat Or your legs are giving out You want to go down and push off your legs that works for me Anything to get it done Plank up down are next guys Let’s get ready three two one This exercise is more than just going up and down keep your abs tight keep that core tight the entire time Come on guys Almost there Three two one Take a minute catch your breath Taking a nice deep breath breathe out really take advantage of the rest period guys 10 seconds remember don’t let your heels or your hands touch the ground 3 2 1 X crunch Basically you’re doing an x to v-up Nice steady pace do as many as you can I Don’t care if you get two As long as you don’t stop Come on Relax So on this one guys if you start to fatigue Make sure you go back out to the X and then just bring your knees in like this and touch your toes If you have to touch your heels to the ground, that’s fine But it’s good to try not to to push yourself. So Here here touch here touch I’d rather you guys get more reps then not do any Plyo push up Yeah Come on guys Yeah, eight seconds good Three two one Whoo halfway there two more rounds guys Get off your hands let those stabilizers and body rest cuz you’re gonna need them for donkey kicks Feeling good, right. Oh Here we go, three two Shoulders shoulders shoulders are burning so hard can’t even feel my quads Five four three two one You guys are doing great let’s keep moving that’s what’s good about time to work out they keep you on track Bring some water if you’ve got it 3 2 1 Air squat Legs are on fire push through those toes Come on halfway there Ten seconds, don’t stop. Come on five four three Two one. Ah Punch the floor. Yeah, what’s up, at least that’s rubber Oh man plank up downs are next Here we go Come on guys steady breathing. Flex your core Come on Two one Rest guys rest Rest it up guys conserve energy get on your backs You guys can’t hear it but nirvana is on right now get me pumped up Yeah X crunch bring it in steady pace Camera guy’s a jerk. He’s blocking the time. I don’t know how much is left Three two one That timers like my saving grace do I know how much the push All right, plyo push-up Easy-peasy if you guys had to go to your knees, that’s okay. As long as you get the plyo part in Three-two-one down Load explode load Explode load and expload halfway there Come on come on Three two one. Yeah All right guys last round at the attack let’s go Fifteen seconds. Yeah, baby. I can see the sweat dripping off my nose Let’s go yeah Donkey kick baby. Let’s hit it. Hah Halfway there. Don’t stop. Oh Yeah, three two one I wish I could float during these rest periods Complete muscle relaxation. Woo getting up after all that is rough Come on yeah Hit it It burns halfway there come on Come on three two one Yeah, I don’t even care Plank up down. Here we go Three two one Everything hurts let go let’s go halfway there come come on guys two one Two exercises left Come on guys on your back Come on focus focus focus focus come on Half way there It doesn’t even look like Xs at that point cuz I can’t even tell This is it plyo, push up guys empty your tanks. Let’s get it Three two one Plyo Come on Load and explode And just like that You guys did a hard core workout in 20 minutes just bodyweight now I’m gonna attempt to stand up and not Projectile vomit on my camera. Give me a momento This is it guys no camera tricks No cutting You know, no editing. You know, I put the timer in the exercise names in but You see the entire workout stats of finish and you know, it’s doable Because I’m doing it with you and I plan to do that every Tuesday from now until I can’t do it anymore So if you guys enjoy my workouts Please show that love smash that like button Let YouTube know how great these videos are subscribe And guys, I’ll see you next Tuesday Do you guys like training with me in real time? well Click this playlist over here and get access to all my real-time follow along workouts and for even more great tips Download my app because I’m uploading content on a weekly basis all geared towards helping you guys make even more gains


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  2. Can I use this one as a HIIT workout on a 3 day FULL BODY weight lifting program??
    I mean on my off gym days.

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  6. Hey Scott like I've said before, you are one of my heroes! I love that you are changing the direction of your videos and carving out a new path! That being said, do you plan on doing any more tutorial style videos? Or maybe any more v.s. videos? Those are classic and timeless. Newbie lifters will be finding those videos for years and years to come.

  7. I can't do the X-crunch and psycho crunches for 2 reasons; I can't breathe when I do it, and my legs don't reach that high without bending my knees.  Any alternatives?

  8. You can do a lot of difficult bodyweight exercises if you use a couple of small sliding mats or wool socks on a slick surface as well.

  9. Scott, i wanna ask. Is it true that you are against weightlifting with gloves? And why you are against it?

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    Today was resting day, tomorrow death day. See you guys tomorrow:)
    Good job Scot btw 🙂 thanks for the video:)

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  14. @ScottHermanFitness
    I said I’ll do it and I did. At the end I was retching and eventually threw up. But I was able to finish the whole routine! Can’t wait to do it again Sunday!
    Thanks man!
    You are the best!

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    Wednesday – the other full body workout…the one with burpees and curl to press…

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    Think I'm going to do a rotating schedule with your other workouts…before pictures already taken…thank you for all your hard work…I promise…I'm working hard with you…

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    But today, is the day I completed it all 4 rounds!! Proud of myself and proud of Scott for successfully keeping it up with me LOL

    PS: Thanks for the workout, Scott!

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