do you want to burn fat faster stay tuned today’s video
we’re going to be talking about 5 ways kettlebells are gonna help you do just
that what’s up guys it’s Max Barry owner of max’s best bootcamp and i help get my
clients into awesome shape and we’re bringing these videos to you to get you
into the best shape of your life today we’re talking about how kettlebells are
gonna help you burn fat faster and I’m gonna give you five reasons starting
right now let’s get into the video the first reason kettlebells work so
well for burning fat faster is because they are serious cardio so you’re gonna
get your max heart rate up and they’re perfect for using in a high-intensity
interval training format so hit training has been totally proven to burn fats one
of the most effective ways to burn fat but a lot of times what these studies
are based on is boring cardio machines so bicycles treadmills ellipticals and
so kettlebells incorporate perfectly in the high-intensity training program and
they’re gonna be way more effective safe and fun so the first reason is
kettlebells are serious cardio you guys the second reason why kettlebells will
help you burn fat faster is because of their high calorie burn kettlebell
training burns anywhere between 10 and 20 calories per minute what does that
mean that means in just a half hour you can burn 300 to 600 calories a half-hour
kettlebell training session and so super high calorie burn some kettlebell
exercises like snatches and a few other will burn even 20 20 calories a minute
or more if you’re interested in checking out a video that we just put out a
couple of weeks ago was 5 kettlebell exercises that are super high calorie
burners and we’ll link it up right here in the cards you can check out that
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Internet’s anyway you guys we’re gonna go into the third reason why kettlebells
are super effective for burning fat fast and burning fat faster than a lot of
other methods that you’re going to use so they’re super fun the third reason is
they’re just all kinds of fun and they’re super effective but they’re also
very versatile so that means there’s so many possibilities to when you’re
training with kettlebells that it’s just never boring and if it’s not boring
guess what you’re gonna actually enjoy your workouts and so you’re gonna become
more consistent because you actually like working with them and you look
forward to your workout sessions so consistency is really key if you want to
get results and for long-term fat loss it’s not about doing something for 21
days thirty days six weeks eight weeks it’s really about this long-term play
guys and it’s about living that healthy fit lifestyle and so incorporating
kettlebells into your training perfect super fun they’re gonna keep you on
track and actually if you guys want some kettlebell workouts we have a bunch of
them on this channel that you can follow along with and so we’ll link a few more
up in the cards and down in the description box below you can check
those out at your convenience let’s keep rolling on this video the fourth reason
why kettlebells will help you burn fat faster is they involved strength
training now strength training and resistance training is an amazing tool
because every pound of lean muscle tissue that we have on the body it’s
actually gonna cost our body 50 calories about 50 calories to keep that muscle on
our body and so we’re not talking about big bulky muscle we’re talking about
lean long tone athletic bodies you guys and so boosting your metabolism by
increasing your lean muscle tissue is a fantastic
thing and we can all use a little bit more of that so resistance training is
the only way to increase your lean muscle tissue and kettlebells are great
for more resistance training there’s other things that we love to use and
incorporate in our workouts at the bootcamp with our clients and in our
videos that we train work show you guys here on the channel kettlebells hey body
waves of former resistance training battle ropes we use a lot of mini bands
and so these are all great forms of resistance training kettlebells are one
of our favorites we are about to go into the fifth reason why kettlebells help
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watch it all right you guys the fifth reason why using kettlebells will help
you burn fat faster is they will increase your endurance now I know what
you’re thinking yeah I know that but actually did you know that there’s two
kinds of endurance there’s cardio endurance which is a lot of times that’s
the first kind of endurance that we think of and there’s also muscular
endurance so cardio endurance is going to is that where you think about where
you’re huffing and puffing and you’re actually body start to break down your
form starts to break down because you’re so winded so when you’re winded that’s
your cardio endurance so kettlebells will definitely help you with your
cardio endurance but also your muscular endurance so when you’re getting tired
we’re gonna actually get a few more reps out as your endurance increases your
muscular endurance increases so those are two ways that you’re increasing your
endurance by using kettlebells we’ll help you burn fat faster you’re gonna
maximize your training session so every time you work out you’re actually going
to be getting better and and you’re gonna be getting more done in
less time and I don’t know about you guys but anytime we can save some time
and be more effective of all in baby and so man those are five reasons why
kettlebells are going to help you guys burn fat faster be sure to subscribe if
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