1. Wow ! Once again that was amazing. Think about it, back in the Roman days all the Gladiators did was bodyweight exercises and look how ripped they were. Great video ….YET AGAIN 💪🏻👍🏻

  2. Hey thenx or anyone reading: this workout and many of them involve pulling and pushing on the same day. Does this mean I should do multiple days of push and pull?

    What would my 5 day workout week look like if I do 1 day for just abs?

    Thanks all!!

  3. grant video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saludos desde venezuel….you are my channel favoritoo…..excuseme my bad english jajaja

  4. I have one request. Pls share a routine for people who are really willing to get a good body but have paucity of time due to daily job. In India, our job really sucks. 9 to 5 .

  5. Chris, can u talk abt rest times between rounds or sets? Watching ur vids, it feels like u don’t rest or something.

  6. Keep these type of videos coming! Without you I wouldnt be interested and motivated to start calisthenics. These videos help so much

  7. Chris you need to stop out doing all your guests man. I know it's your home and your beast, we all know your a beast (2M). Be nice make them feel welcomed lol.

  8. I doing this Workout.. I have a break of 2 min between the exercises and a break of 3 minutes between the sets. Otherwise I am not capable of doing 10 sets. All with quality repetitions though. Hope to reduce the break between exercises to 1 min.

  9. Thanks Chris and Zay . Looking at Zay makes me believe it is doable as the workout aint fancy , it is basic and the volume is high . Simplicity . Love it .

  10. Yo .know what's really mad about my obsession with watching these video's in training with a whole new mind set I'm not anywhere yet but I'm training every morning with the push up small ab work before work and wen I go gym I'm thinking all I'm doing is building something special for the goal of being a thenx athlete

  11. Fuck man cant belie zay got acl surgery lol im currently going through that it aint easy but calisthenics and thenx for sure have made it a lot easier!

  12. Zay… is this the guy you mentioned in your how to handstand video? i recall you mentioned your friend "Zay(?)" who can do handstands on a railing edge!

  13. How many months i have to do this exercise to lose 6 kg weight plzz tell me

    And i am big fan of your channel ❤️👌👌👌

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