Cachexia: a story of cancer, discovery and fighting back

Cachexia: a story of cancer, discovery and fighting back

I see cachexia. And you’d imagine, that I would see it
rob people of the chance to fight. To function. To be. That I would see the strength
needed for the simplest tasks disappear. Replaced with words like ‘I
just can’t’, ‘I just can’t’. That I would see faces change. Cheeks becoming hollow. Skin sagging from bones. You’d imagine that I would
see faces grow unrecognizable. Slowly, but surely, even to themselves. I see the struggle. I do see people disappear. But I also see the
undeniable want to keep living. I see so much more
than what you’d imagine. I see smiles. Love. Humour. The human spirit. Hope. There is an antibody being developed, that
if successful will give people a better chance. To fight. To function. To be. That day is coming. And I’ll be here waiting. When it does.

2 thoughts on “Cachexia: a story of cancer, discovery and fighting back

  1. This brought me to tears,My husband passed 2 years ago from mesothelioma.
    It was the most traumatic thing I've ever witnessed, brutal savage and relentless.

    What angered me most was the indifference of the medical team regarding his
    I know his cancer was incurable but my darling husband died of starvation.
    Your words reminded me of his strength of character during those dark last months
    And yes there was humour ,love, laughter .

  2. I'm terrified because this is happening to me I'm a mother of 3 and a wife. The doctors have tested me for everything I say that all day I cant do this . I'm loosing 2 pounds a day and in my blood I'm malnourished and I'm trying to GAIN and I'm loosing so fast they wont do anything to help me but they just keep doing tests I just discovers this as I thought about anorexia but I'm not doing it on purpose and then I happened to find a video about it.

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