Cancer Risk Factors

So there are two groups of risk factors we have to think about for the people of New South Wales, those over which we have little
discretion and those which clearly are lifestyle
factors and each of us make those decisions. With the first group we need to think
about age. There’s no doubt that as we age the
body’s ability to detect rogue cells diminishes and so that’s a challenge for
us. If we think of lifestyle factors the
big ticket item there is tobacco. It causes more cancers
than any other lifestyle factor and it’s not
just lung cancer, it’s cancer of the mouth, cancer of the
throat, if affects cancers in bladder and pancreas. It really affects our whole body in so many ways. And if we can continue to reduce our smoking
rates we will have an impact on cancer. Other lifestyle factors do include our
use of alcohol, our diet, our exercise and obesity levels. All of the things that cause lifestyle
related problems with heart disease, with lung disease are just the same with
cancer. And all of us have the ability to make
decisions that can improve our lifestyle and reduce our lifetime risk of cancer.

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