Carbs vs Fat in the Diet – Kevin Hall, NIH

>>I’m Dr. Kevin Hall. I’m at the National Institute
of Diabetes Digestive and Kidney Disease, here in the
National Institutes of Health. And my research is primarily
regarding how does the body adapt to different diets, and
in particular the macronutrients of the diet; that
is the carbohydrate, the fat and the protein. What happens when we manipulate
those in a very controlled way to people’s metabolism, as well
as how their brain responds to those changes
in diet over time. The body actually
responds very differently to when you cut carbohydrates,
for example, compared to cutting fat. So metabolically those are
very different manipulations of the diet. Changes in hormones,
for example, insulin being a primary
hormone, changes quite a lot when you reduce carbohydrates in
the diet, virtually not at all when you reduce fat in the diet. And that has all sorts of
downstream effects in terms of which fuels are being
burned by the body, how different organs are– are actually metabolizing
fuels differently, as well as what’s happening
in the brain and that’s one of the unique aspects of this
research is that we’re able to bring together people with
expertise in both the diet, the metabolism, as well
as the neuroscience of how the brain
responds to food images and food cues all
within one study.

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