Couples Swap Diets For A Week

Couples Swap Diets For A Week

19 thoughts on “Couples Swap Diets For A Week

  1. Wait… how do the couples not try what each other are having if they have never had it though😂? He sees swasti eating some stuff, but like has never had it😂.

  2. I’m not trying to sound mean or insult her, but why is one of Cheskas ( sorry if I spelled it wrong ) arms bigger than the other?

  3. fast food isnt cheap instead of buy 11$ McDonald's for lunch and another 20$ for dinner you can buy meat and greens and make food for 2 days disgusting

  4. if my boyfriend and i traded diets, he’d be so sad with mine. i forget to eat lunch half the time (and very rarely eat snacks), and when i do actually eat lunch, i pick at my food 😂

  5. Damn. I wish my work provided that much free food. We get 30 minutes to eat and maybe once a month they pay for lunch but it’s like a cost limit

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