Deep Tissue Massage & Weight Loss | Deep Massage

Deep Tissue Massage & Weight Loss | Deep Massage

Occasionally, I get questions about how deep
tissue massage, affects weight loss. Deep tissue massage is not directly related
to weight loss, but it is a part of a healthy lifestyle. Especially if you’ve found yourself in a new
exercise program and you have those aches and pains that come along with that, giving
yourself a nice deep tissue massage afterwards, is going to relieve those aches and pains
and it’s going to get you right back in the gym much faster. But there is a particular type of deep tissue
massage, referred to as cellulite massage that when you receive it often enough, and
it is quite aggressive, you can apply it with honey and different types of things, it actually
reduces the appearance of cellulite by smoothing out the skin and pulling out the water, the
edema. It smooths it all over and so you actually
have quite a reduction in the appearance of cellulite. So I think the misconception that deep tissue
actually is a direct cause of weight loss comes from the idea that many people believe
that the deep tissue massage can reduce the appearance of cellulite. It certainly can’t hurt to get deep tissue
massage, while you’re doing that extra workout and take good care of yourself. Let’s face it, it’s just a nice reward, for
when you do get into that exercise program and meet your goals.

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