6 thoughts on “Diet की मदद से Height Increase करे | How to increase height with the help of diet

  1. I`ve only used this technique “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it) for a month and have received recognizable height increase. I have a taller good friend and he recognized the progress in my height also. He was actually 1.5 inch taller than me before but now, our height is similar! .

  2. I`m just another small individual who wanted to get bigger, now i`m truly happy. I was 158cm after using this process “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it). I gained 5cm now i am 163. Here`s what you should know. Just believe that it will work so you`ll have what you desire as if you have uncertainties regarding the product while making use of it, you will not obtain great results. .

  3. I though its impossible to grow taller using this process “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it) and its just depend upon the genetic, however I was like I will give it a try. I am now an inch taller after finishing my first lesson! I also consume lots of milk with it I think it helps! .

  4. I`ve started out making use of this method “Lαsοnοz αtc” (Google it) three months ago. My height is originally 5’8 and now it reached 5’9. Then I stooped, but now I am gonna give this another go…. hopefully I`ll acquire 5`11, you must look and learn it. .

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