Fast Fat Loss | Is Faster Fat Loss Always Better?

Fast Fat Loss | Is Faster Fat Loss Always Better?

– So in this video, I wanna
share with you my framework and criteria so you can
decide between fast fat loss and slow fat loss, and it’s important for you to understand
when to apply each one. Because I see a lot of
people making a mistake and they are going faster when they are supposed to go slower
with losing body fat, or they go slower when they
are supposed to go faster. In any case, you wanna set
yourself up for success and you wanna know how to do
this in the most optimal way. So I wanna share with you my experience and some of the things
that are pros and cons of each approach so you
can make a better decision. And none of this is some kind
of magic solution, by the way. When I’m talking about
fast, I’m not talking about one week or two weeks, we’re still talking about months. But there are changes
between each approach and you can even
alternate between the two, which I wanna dive into here to really help you out on your journey. And by the way, if new here
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how to make this a lifestyle. Also consider enable the notifications by hitting that bell
icon to notify yourself when next video comes out. Other than that, let’s dive into it. So the first criteria we have to consider when deciding whether to go
for faster or slower fat loss is really how much body fat you have. How lean are you? If you’re someone who
is at 10 or 12% body fat or 15% body fat, you’re
already fairly lean considering how much fat you have. In this case, you don’t wanna exceed 0.5% of your body weight loss per week if you’re going on a fat loss base. Let’s say from 15% body fat down to 10, it’s really gonna be 0.5% of
your body weight per week. So if you’re going from,
let’s say, 180 pounds, it’s gonna be somewhere around 0.9 pounds. So less than a pound per week
if you wanna do things right and if you wanna minimize muscle loss, and in some cases, even
promote some gaining muscle in that type of situation. Now when we’re talking about someone who’s at 25% body fat or higher, let’s say above 20 or even above 15, you’re really looking
at somewhere between 0.5 and 1% of your body weight. So let’s say between 15 and 20% body fat, that’s where you’re looking at somewhere at 0.75% of your body weight per week. But if you’re above 20% body fat, especially 25 or 30% body fat, you can aim for 1% of
your body weight per week. And that’s gonna be,
let’s say, you’re 220, you can lose a 2.2 pounds per week and that is not really fast. That’s actually fast,
but it’s not extreme. And a lot of people will be very happy with those types of results,
especially when you’re, let’s say your goal is 15% body fat you’re starting at 25,
well if you can lose two pounds per week, that’s amazing. Because you’re gonna start seeing results and you’re gonna start
seeing massive changes, especially in the first
six, seven, eight weeks. And then as things do slow
down naturally, as well, you’re gonna get into
that more sustainable rate as you get closer to 15% body fat. Now the second criteria to look at when you’re determining whether to go for faster or slower fat loss is your experience with dieting. If you’re someone who has a
lot of experience dieting, you’ve tried a lot of mainstream diets, you’ve lost weight but
then you regained it, you lose it quick, you gain it quick, you do wanna go a bit slower. You do wanna go at that 0.5%
of your body weight per week even if you are at a
higher body fat percentage. Because in this case,
you wanna master eating at that new low weight. You don’t wanna go super aggressive and not give yourself a chance to build those habits
and design your lifestyle to make that new low weight a default. And that’s really important to understand. So if you’re someone, even if
you have experience training, dieting, and nutrition, everything, you still wanna give yourself a chance to make this sustainable. Sustainability is the key because every time you regain weight, it’s very mentally defeating because you’re kind of losing and gaining the same weight over and over again. And you do wanna put a stop to this and make that change permanent. Also, if you’re someone
brand new to dieting, if you’re someone who basically has no experience with
hitting your numbers, your macros, your
calories, you have no idea about training, if you’re just learning about this, which is normal,
everybody starts somewhere, you don’t wanna go too aggressive. Again, you wanna give yourself enough time to master these skills because
this is a set of skills you need to know in order
to actually reach your goal. So you do wanna set
yourself up for success and you do wanna go a bit
slower in that case, as well. So you go with that 0.5% rate. Now other than these two conditions, if you’re someone with
a lot of experience, you have a lot of training experience, you’re someone who’s actually been able to keep the weight off if
you lost weight in the past and you’ve done it successfully, in that case, you can go
for faster approaches. And that’s really where I would recommend, if you are someone, again, at
a higher body fat percentage and you have that experience and you can maintain the weight, then you can go faster. Other than that, for
pretty much everybody else, you’re looking at 0.5% of your
body weight loss per week. Now the third criteria
that we have to look at in order for you to determine whether to go for faster
or slower fat loss is your overall lifestyle. So if you’re someone
who is an entrepreneur and if you have a lot
of businesses to manage, some new products that are launching, lots of staff, if your
career is very demanding, you’re bringing work home,
there’s long work hours, there’s a lotta stress,
maybe some family stuff, maybe some travel coming up, there’s a lotta things
happening in your life and you’re already
stress out, in this case, you do wanna go for that slower 0.5% of your body weight per week. This is where you are gonna
be losing that body weight at a more sustainable rate
for your stress levels because if your stress
levels go super high and if you’re trying to
micromanage and keep track of all of this, something is gonna give. In a lotta cases it’s binges,
it’s falling off track, it’s having a week of good work and then, all of a sudden, a weekend
or a couple of days just fall off track with the
diet and regain all the weight. I don’t want you to be dealing with this. And once you go more sustainable, make this a lifestyle, build these habits, and when you’re stressed out, you really have limited mental bandwidth. You’re managing already
so many different things that you don’t wanna start adding a ton of more aggressive and things
that you have to micromanage, especially with your diet. So in this case, I would recommend going for that 0.5% of
your body weight per week, even if you are someone
with tons of experience, lots of body fat to lose, I still recommend a more sustainable rate. Also what I recommend is
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8 thoughts on “Fast Fat Loss | Is Faster Fat Loss Always Better?

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  2. I was able to lose weight quickly and i had control, but one day i made an excuse to have more calories which i didnt even want and it threw me off.

  3. Been watching your videos for a while your an inspiration,
    Youve helped me from giving into cravings whilst on my current diet and previously also.
    I have just recently lost 1 stone in two weeks and i am hoping this time i can get to 10% body fat before i put calories back up.
    Many thanks for your videos.

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