“Feel The Burn” – Is Muscle Burn Good Or Bad For Growth?

“Feel The Burn” – Is Muscle Burn Good Or Bad For Growth?

Hey, what’s up guys? Sean Nalewanyj here of
EliteImpactLabs.com, with the muscle in minutes Q&A, where I provide quick-to-the-point, no
B.S. answers to your bodybuilding and fitness questions. Today’s question is on the issue
of muscle burn. So, whether or not muscle burn is good, and whether or not it is indicative
of a successful muscle building set at the gym. So, the short answer here is no. Muscle
burn does not indicate that you successfully stimulated muscle growth during your set nor
is it something that you even need to really worry about during your workouts. Muscle burn
is the result of a rise in acidity that happens within the muscle tissue as a result of the
breakdown of ATP, which is the usable energy molecule in your muscles. So, as that ATP
is broken down during the set, muscle acidity rises, and you feel that burning sensation
in your muscle tissue. Now, you’re going to find that some muscles burn more than others.
So, calves for example, biceps, traps, these muscles tend to burn more than other muscle
groups do. And you’ll also find that the rep range that you’re using also influences muscle
burning quite a bit. So, if you’re performing a lower rep set 4, 5 to 6 reps, you’ll find
that your muscles won’t burn as much as compared to a higher rep set of say, 10, 11 or 12 reps.
Muscle burn is an inevitable byproduct of training at the gym, but it’s not something
that you need to strive for. If muscle burn was the sort of central factor involved in
stimulating muscle growth, then the best muscle building approach would literally be to go
to the gym and grab a pair of 5lbs dumbbells and just crank out sets of 500, 600 a 1,000
reps or more. You wouldn’t even have to go to the gym. You could sit at home and grab
a pair of soup cans, and just pump out 1,000 of pec flyes and get an insane amount of burning
your pecs. But we obviously know that that’s not going to be the best approach for gaining
new muscle. The only thing you really need to worry about when it comes to gauging the
success of your muscle building sets is two things. The first and most obvious one is
going to be proper form. So, you want to make sure that you understand the mechanics behind
the exercises that you’re performing, and that you’re actually stimulating the target
muscle. So, if you’re performing a set of chin ups for example, you want to make sure
that you understand the proper form, so that you are maximizing lat stimulation and minimizing
bicep stimulation. Or if you’re performing a set of dumbbell presses, you want to perform
them in such a way that you’re actually stimulating your pecs and minimizing the use of your shoulders
and triceps. So, that’s kind of the obvious starting one. But the underlying foundational,
most important principle when it comes to gauging the success of your workout is the
simple issue of progressive overload, which I did a video on previously, which basically
states’ that in order to get — in order to gain new muscle over time, you have to consistently
increase the amount of weight and the number of reps that you’re performing over time.
You basically just need to focus on adding more weight to the bar. Muscles respond to
stress. And as they adapt, you have to continually increase the workload in order to produce
new gains. So, as long as you are training with proper form and you’re training within
a hypertrophy rep range. So, anywhere as low as 4 to 5 up to about 10 or 12, and you’re
getting stronger over time. So, each time you come back to the gym, you’re performing
a few more reps with the same weight or you’re performing the same number of reps with a
heavier weight, and over time those numbers are increasing, that’s honestly all you really
need to worry about. Muscle pump, muscle burn, muscle soreness, these are just an inevitable
byproducts of that process. So, when you go and train, you’re going to feel some muscle
burn. You’re going to get a muscle pump. The next day, you’re going to experience a certain
level of muscle soreness. But these again, are basically just a sideshow. It’s a byproduct
of focusing on progressive overload. But it’s not something that you need to strive for.
The only thing you need to strive for is lifting with proper form, and adding weight to the
bar over time. So, get a training log book, write down the exercises, the sets, the reps,
the amount of weight you’re using, and then just focus on increasing that over time. And
if you go to the gym, and you beat last week’s performance, then that means you had a successful
workout. And the next time you go to the gym, you want to beat that performance. And overtime,
you just want to keep adding more weight to the bar and getting stronger. And that’s going
to result in continual hypertrophy. So, I hope you found the information in this video
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32 thoughts on ““Feel The Burn” – Is Muscle Burn Good Or Bad For Growth?

  1. Sean I appreciate all the advice you give and it's straight to the point. Also, them back exercises for mass you talked about a couple videos back had my lats feeling like they've been through the ringer lol. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. Take an advil/tylenol and if you feel better then yes. If it doesn't go away then skipping one day won't mean anything in the long run.

  3. hey Sean, what about whenever sometimes after I work out with free weights I feel my muscles are very shaky. Is this a sign I am over working? Or is it okay?

  4. Your videos are really good. Like the way you explain things in your videos especially some of the most asked questions and myths.

  5. Short answer is you are wrong….somewhat… Progression is what fuels growth. This can still be done with higher reps that allow you to feel the muscle work and or burn. No the burn does not cause growth, as said, progression does…and you say this in the vid. Your mistake is in the conclusion that this progress can not happen with pump workouts, when in fact they can, and do., along with a rounder and fuller muscle as opposed to a more flat muscle from a focus on lower reps. Both work, what keeps you the most consistent will work the best for sure..

  6. The Burning Sensation is the muscle breaking down. The more burn = the more breakdown = the more recovery = the more growth

  7. +Sean Nalewanyj I'm getting muscle burn frustratingly quick. What is the best approach to increase the threshold before you start to feel the burn? Do I need to focus more on endurance training or cardio?

  8. I disagree partly with the above video. You have two type of muscle fibers slow twitch which grow with higher rep ranges (depending on the person anything from 8 to 20 reps) and fast twitch explosive muscle fibers which grow with lower than 8 rep. Adding more weight to the bar will increase growth but you can just add more sets to your workout or rest less between sets. For example i can do 100lb barbell curl for 8 reps but then rest for 30 seconds only complete 6 on the next set and then 4 on the last set, my muscles dont know how much weight i am lifting but they do know the stress due to intensity. Volume and intensity is far more important than how much you can lift. The most important factor is to do both light weight high reps up to 20 (or even 50+ feeder workouts) and heavy weight low reps so you are encouraging both types of muscle to grow. If you want to stay injury free you can still grow muscle on 12 reps plus, do not try and find your 1 rep max as you are most likely going to injure yourself. For me personally do each set to failure thats what makes muscle grow, some people disagree but it works for me.

  9. God thing I watched this video before I went off to injuring myself. I watched some videos of trainers telling us we are halfassing our workouts and that we are better off staying home if we won’t strive for pain.

  10. Do you still stand by this? What about Schoenfeld theory about the three mechanisms for muscle growth… and metabolic stress being one of them?

  11. I mean obviously the burning sensation is a sign that the tissue is broken down otherwise it wouldn’t feel sore. And after you rest for about four days your muscles are already getting bigger.

  12. that is exactly what I needed to hear, cause recently I was training and doing the exercise as efficient as I could with the best tempo, but yet I didn't feel any burn during the exercise I was depressed for not training well, thanks a lot dude almost 7 years later and still a helpfull video, keep it up bro !!

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