Feeling Cold On Keto? (or I.F. Intermittent Fasting)

Feeling Cold On Keto? (or I.F. Intermittent Fasting)

Feeling cold on keto? Well I’m gonna
explain it so you get it once and for all. Coming right up. So let’s break this
down step by step and let’s make it very very simple if you’re feeling cold and
we’re assuming that you’re endorsed in a controlled environment
if you’re feeling cold it’s because you’re not producing enough heat and why
would you not produce enough heat what where does that come from there’s two
reasons one would be hypothyroid if your thyroid is basically your thermostat
it’s what makes a thyroid hormone that tells every cell in your body to crank
up their action to turn up the heat production to turn off their activity so
if for any reason that you are hypothyroid then that’s gonna turn down
the thermostat it’s gonna turn down the heat production and even if you have
plenty of fuel available the cells just won’t do anything with it
so check out that video on thyroid hypothyroidism besides hypothyroid is if there’s a fuel
shortage that if your body doesn’t have access to fuel or doesn’t think you have
access to fuel or doesn’t have enough fuel so there’s two basic reasons for
that one would be that you have plenty of fuel but that you don’t have access
you can’t get to it it’s locked away and the second one is that you’re actually
running low on fuel you just don’t have enough and the body perceives a shortage
so let’s talk about fat because fat is your energy reserve that’s your fuel
reserve you’re you’re walking around with a tank of fuel on your body as fat
reserves so someone who is relatively lean like myself I have about a hundred
thousand calories of fuel reserves on my body in fat alone I have a little bit
more in protein and other tissues but hundred thousand in fat that’s about
thirty hounds so I weigh about 185 I’m about
15% body fat maybe a little bit less these days give
or take or it could be 150 pound person with about 20% body fat still still
pretty lean then on the other end of the scale would be someone who has maybe a
hundred and fifty pounds of fat that’d be a 300 pound person who has 50% body
fat and 50% body fat is not as rare as you might think most people that we
check even people who don’t look overweight are going to end up somewhere
around 35 to 40 percent body fat so we have a lot of calories we have a lot of
fuel reserves on our bodies and that’s for survival purposes that’s why the
body packs on the fat because the person with the more fat can survive a
starvation longer and historically that was a really good thing because in the
wintertime or during periods of starvation the really skinny people
would die off and the people who are better at storing fat they would survive
so people have humans have developed the ability to store fat really well as a
survival advantage but if you can’t get to that fuel if you have all that fuel
but you can’t get to it if it’s locked of a way it’s inaccessible this is what
happens with insulin resistance insulin is a fat storage hormone it creates a
pressure to push that fat inside the cells and you don’t have access to it
even though you have all that fat it just won’t be available to come out of
the cells and to be burned as fuel so now as long as you if if you’re on a
high carb if you have insulin resistance and you keep eating high carb now you’re
still going to be warm because you’re topping off your blood sugar you still
keep filling up the fuel you keep packing it away but you keep adding more
so you have enough but now you have the bright idea to restrict calories you
want to lose some weight so you follow the popular advice of eat less so it’s
they say it’s all about portion can trol in calories well it’s not because
once you have insulin resistance and use strict calories now your body senses
that hey you know I need 2,000 calories for my metabolic needs to keep the heat
production up but you’re only feeding me 1,500
so I’m 500 short I don’t have the fuel that I need so I’m gonna turn down the
thermostat and this is what happens when we crash metabolism through calorie
restriction in the presence of insulin resistance and that’s what happens to
most people because most people are insulin resistance their insulin is
packing the fat away now they start eating less they can’t get to the fat so
even in the midst of plenty even with an abundance of fuel reserves your body is
starving it only has that 1,500 so it’s gonna
turn down the thermostat and you get cold if you are trying keto and you feel
cold you’re probably not fat adapted yet because if you’re truly in ketosis if
you are burning fat then the ketones being in ketosis producing ketones is
the evidence that you’re good at burning fat that means in ketosis you do have
access to these fuel reserves and even if you start eating less your body says
okay I need 2000 calories and you’re only eating 1,500 no problem I know
where to get it I’m fat adapted I know where there’s several hundred thousand
calories sitting around I’ll just get it from the fuel stores so if you’re fully
fat adapted and not insulin resistance you can eat less without turning down
the thermostat without crashing your metabolism because your body doesn’t
care where you get the calories it doesn’t care if you eat them or if the
body if you can burn them from existing stores and that’s why kita works
that’s why if you’re truly in ketosis then you’re not gonna crash your
metabolism you’re not going to turn down that thermostat just because you eat a
little bit less and the beauty of keto the beauty of being fat adapted is that
you don’t get hungry because your body knows hey if you don’t eat I’ll just get
it over here okay the other reason is an actual lack so at
some point a lot of people they get so enamored with ketosis and they feel so
good doing it and they get in a certain routine so they lose the weight and lose
the weight but it comes a point where they don’t really need to lose any more
weight such as myself and with I skip a few meals it’s usually no big deal but
if I go for a week and only eat one meal a day or so then my body starts getting
a little cold it starts turning down and saying hey feed us a little bit more
because the body is starting to sense that maybe we’re taking this fat-burning
a little too far maybe we’re getting a little too close to that edge of of
survival it’s like we’re not dying yet but we’d like to have just a little bit
more fat reserves just in case there’s there’s a long starvation ahead so if
the body starts sensing that it’s getting kind of close to the end of the
fuel reserves then it’s also going to cut down it’s going to turn down that
thermostat and you start feeling cold so the solution obviously is if you
don’t have access to the fuel then get fat adapted now you just learn enough
about this you get some some way of testing yourself you start counting your
your carbs carefully and you make sure that you get into ketosis probably get
down under 20 grams or so for for a solid week and see what happens and if
you are getting down to or below your desire
wait then make sure that you eat enough okay you can stay on keto but you may
not want to stay on on one meal a day anymore because it’s just really
difficult to eat that much if your body needs to 2,000 calories it’s kind of
hard to eat that in a single meal sometimes so at that point I probably
suggest that you spread out your feeding window a little bit you stay low carb
but you don’t have to follow all the rules for weight loss anymore you can
still stay in ketosis you can still be low carb you can still feed your brain
the the good fuel but the rules have changed a little bit you’re not needing
to lose the weight you need to eat enough to meet your metabolic needs so I
hope that was helpful please let me know if this works for you let me know your
experiences if you have additional comments or questions or suggestions
with videos let me know that as well and I’ll be more than happy to take a look
at that share this video with as many people as you can because we need to get
clarity on how these things work we need to understand the basics so the more
that you can share this with other people the more you can enhance their
quality of life thanks for watching

66 thoughts on “Feeling Cold On Keto? (or I.F. Intermittent Fasting)

  1. Learn more about how to warm up your hands, feet and whole body https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYKFP9MUiGk&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR66j4tCGGPWq7FWd3fI26qi

  2. I was wondering about this exact topic. I'm 6 weeks into Keto. Down 22 pounds. Showing medium ketones on my pee stick and running about 1.5 – 2 on my blood ketone monitor. I feel like I'm fat adapted, but I'm very cold ALL the time. I'm going to eat another meal during the day and see if I can fix this. Thanks for the video.

  3. I love your videos! Thanks for everything you do. Plz do a video about high blood pressure. I've been keto since October. My blood pressure was great until late December when I wound up in the hospital with low sodium levels and extremely high blood pressure. They kept me there and finally got my blood pressure under control. Now my diastolic is still high. Like 98-110. I'm still on keto and I don't understand. Plz help me.

  4. I love your channel. You have a simple way of explaining complex information. I had an ah-ha moment when you explained why our metabolism/body naturally adjusts to our own body fat on keto. The human body is simply amazing if we treat it right. Keep doing all that you do 😊

  5. Thanks again for a great informative video Sten. Im down about 30 pounds as of this week. I still have about 50 pounds to go, but I feel great!

  6. I think OMAD is when your body is running already top notch! I rather much on meat all day and eat egg's , bacon , Avocado, Sardines. when you have the muchies just go for it… I ate 5lbs of beef today how's your day going bud?

  7. 03:46 Objection – not the fat is being pushed in the cells by insulin: it's the redundant amount of sugar in our blood that gets metabolized into fat later.

  8. Since going low carb and caloric restriction, I've gotten my BMI down to 21 and I've really noticed my hands and feet get cold quite often now. Even while in a 70F house.

  9. Interesting information!
    I recently done a 6 day water fast for autophagy and stem cell activation, starting on the 3rd day I got really sensitive to cold , I had to put more clothes on me. Guess the body went into conservation mode.
    I am around 10% body fat and I am a very active person, on carnivore diet for 5 months after 1 year keto

  10. Brilliant! Thanks…. I am lean and following Keto…. and I am also doing OMAD and have run into energy problems…

    this is very helpful and educational. Your explanation makes solid sense to me.

    thank you very much

  11. I did IF 8:16 May – August 2018 to no avail. Now I do OMAD – IF 4:20, I have done so since august, i can observe autophagy.

  12. You just said you get cold too when you eat less. So what if someone doesn't want to be 15 % and more like 10%

  13. I started keto diet around Jan 23rd. Threw away a few pounds, but still long way to go. About twice a week I do intermittent fast from noon to noon. I would like to extend the hours but find myself getting very cold and kind of jittery. So, at present, it seems I can't go beyond 24 hours of fast. No, I don't have any problem with thyroid. perhaps I need to wait a bit longer for my body to get fat adapted. I do eat plenty of fat in the form of coconut butter, ghee and olive oil and also some meat. I find it very hard to give up yogurt something I grew up eating almost daily. I use it plain adding some nuts, blueberries, chiya and poppy seeds. Would appreciate your response. Thanks a lot.

  14. Hi Doc. ..makes sense to me…very good info in layman's terms…I have been working in minus 30 outside and being in ketosis has kept me warm until I eat too many carbs …I fall off the wagon lots…then I have a cycle of ravenous hunger and cold and tired until I get back to peeing ketone again…I'll figure this out one day…but do enjoy the different mindset of ketosis…Alot sharper thinking….I'll just need to be more disciplined ….thankyou so much for all you teach😊

  15. Your comments re: what to do when you are dropping too far beneath goal weight are much appreciated and no one seems to talk about it. My goal is health, not losing more weight. I'm at the bottom of the normal BMI range and I'm getting a little too thin–and cold. Thanks.

  16. Hi Dr Ekberg! Thank you for this update and advice. BTW, Congrats for having 20K sub! I recalled when I sub to your channel you were then, only less than 2 k subs. Look forward to more informative video from you too…

  17. I am 185-85 and sometimes in the mornings when I am driving to work my hands are getting cold and  I am forced to heat them up with the help of heating system of the car. But after drinking my keto coffee at 8 am  my hands are getting warm again. How to deal with this situation ( I am 59 years old, maybe that is the reason).

  18. I’ve been OMAD/KETO for a year and every morning my body is like a furnace. One thing I have added as a bio hack is hot/cold therapy in addition to hot yoga and that has increased my body thermostat sensitivity also throwing in some arctic plunges occasionally.

  19. I've been doing cold training and cold exposures for 3 years. Started doing fasting, both daily IF and occasionally longer (1-5 days) fasts. I've heard a lot grom the fasting community that one gets cold while fasting because blood is being diverted to fat storage… Your explanation makes more sense to me though. I usually start to get a little cold around 18 hours fasted and during longer fasts I am very cold intolerant. After re-feed and a few hours of digestion I am back to my normal and can do full cold exposures again, so I'm not worried about thyroid function.

  20. Thank you for your video's Dr Ekberg, I always find them informative and helpful. There are so many keto bashers out there and misinformation, I always look forward to your videos.

  21. As always great stuff. Thank you. I have been doing keto and intermittent fasting and love when my dog lays on my cold feet. Dr E you are the best!

  22. Thank you for the video. This helped me a lot😊 Actually I was facing this issue.. I used to feel very cold in my office in the mornings where as everyone said they feel very normal. i feel very tensed as i couldn't figure out the issue.. i now understand this. IF might be the issue. I will also check my thyroid if everything is alright. really thanks for the video.

  23. My wife always feels cold… I told her my idea of "producing heat", but apparently the cold comes with a headache as well 😆

  24. This is very helpful to me! I'm on here doing research before possibly seeing my doctor. I have been on a low carb diet & have been doing intermittent fasting (currently 18:6 with 2 meals a day) for 6 months and now find myself at a normal weight [I lost 42 pounds from 173 to 131 and I'm 5;6"] … with a BMI of 21.1 …. I am not really trying to lose more weight although I like the idea of losing more fat around the middle. Just recently I've been feeling really cold … inside with the furnace running!! My feet and legs especially. I know I have more studying to do about the thyroid in case it's that. But I know I am not at KETO level except for at the tail ends of my 18 hour fasts … (possibly and depending on my total carbs). … early in my diet/IF I was keeping my carbs very low but now for the past few months I keep them between 50 and 80 or so and I just feel better … I don't have the leg/toe/foot cramps anymore that was the main thing. Anyway. I will look for your other related videos but when I saw this one … I knew it applied to me … I've been using a heat pad on my feet and legs in the evening because I just can't warm up — granted it's lots colder than usual – I live in South Texas and being in the 30s/40s is really drastic we don't heat the house up to where we normally keep the A/C (76). I still think it's diet related and I wonder if I need to lower my carbs and just eat more. Lot's to study. Thank you for this video – it's a good start for me!

  25. This is by far the best explanation of keto with calorie reduction that I have heard in about 100 videos. Thanks

  26. I don't see how this can be true as people who have been fasting for years such as Dr Fung and Megan Ramos say that they get cold when they fast. I am in an EF now on day four and my ketones last night were 7.1 (highest result for me) and I am cold. I feel tfat adapted.

  27. I watched this video when it came out and I thought… "Good to know." Then today in a Facebook Keto for women's group someone asked if "Feeling cold was normal for Keto" and she has just started doing Keto recently. So I shared your video on the comment thread of her question. How timely. Thanks for all that you do. 😉

  28. Great video. Now I'm wondering if my one meal a day could explain why I'm feeling colder this winter. I am good when I'm inside but I'm not tolerating outdoor time as well as I did last year. Thanks for the insight!

  29. WOW, you have answered a question, I have had an issue with for the past month, cranked up heat the last 3 weeks, because under afghan, socks, slippers, jacket still cold. I just had blood work the 19th; quit all my meds Thanksgiving, 2018 including armor thyroid. have taken thyroid meds for 2 decades. synthroid for 15 and armor last 5. I have over 100 pounds to lose, I will work on being fat adapted. I have heard of fat adapted, but not as good explanation as this, thanks I have done dirty keto for about 4 months, not as strict as I have been the last month, but quit following macros, about 20-50 g of carbs a day 16:8 or 18:6 IF and have done 3 – 72 hour fasts, first weekend of the new month. Trying to clean up the keto foods. Just found you yesterday, I have binged for the last 2 days.

  30. You have such a wonderful way of making topics you present so clear. I've been on Keto since mid January this year and started IF beginning February. I find this new lifestyle not difficult and sustainable. But I have noticed in the past week or so that I am feeling colder, especially my hands, although I normally am not cold sensitive. We prefer around 19°C. Lately I am surprised to see the thermometer showing 19.5 or 20° and for me it feels like it is cold, as if it were 17 or so. I have been changing up my routine lately to OMAD now and again and perhaps a 24hr fast at some point (normally do 16/8). I've lost half the weight I hoped for but have another4-5 kilos to go…am losing very slowly but happy clothes fit much better now.
    Thanks to your explanation, I understand what is happening and for me it is probably just a phase until I am fat adapted. (I thought I was already as I am never hungry and Jan-Feb was much colder here than now and I did not have that feeling of being cold.). Thank you for your work!

  31. OMG…just looked up 'decathlon' and your name and found you in wikipedia. Impressive. Thanks for sharing that bit of info about you in the entro!

  32. This is so awesome. I like that you are dealing with every subject from several different points of view. I am hungry… of these high quality full of wisdom videos 🙂

  33. Hi, I started Keto a week ago. I am fasting 14 to 16 hours a day. I am restricting calories to 1300 (1500 should be my allowed to maintain myself) and keepin my carbs at 20 maximum. During the hours I fast, i am very cold. ( hands and nose and feet) How long does it take to get FAT ADAPTED? Thank you.

  34. So my temp has always been at about 97.6. Sure, I'm always cold, but no one has ever said anything is wrong with me. Now I hear maybe I should get that checked anyway?

  35. Dr. Ekeberg, I'm doing a combination of Intermittent fasting OMD and keto, so far I have lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks. For the most part I don't feel hungry until the end of the day My question is that I feel cold, and my hands feel cold no all the time but during the day I would say around 12 pm ….Thank you

  36. for me thats a decisive video, i ve always been afraid of bringing my metabolism down, was afraid of the yoyo effect. Now i know as long as i m fat adpated and i have enough fat stored (and i have!!) no reason to fear eating a little less, thx dr.

  37. I get the keto rash and websites say that is an indication of you being in ketosis. I also get keto flu symptoms. As I type this, I have NO energy. I'm nauseous, (threw up a little last night), cold( It's Cali summer but any breeze makes me feel like it is around 65 deg), and have full body fatigue. I have plenty of fat to burn. Knowing that I have had the keto rash and have the keto flu with being cold, am I in ketosis or not? Should I eat more?

  38. On IF, 6-hr window since May. Still having sleepy / freezy spells terrible. Based on your video, my insulin is still too high. (Yes, still overweight…) Another Keto expert says to force yourself to exercise when you feel this way. Last thing I feel like doing, but I can try… Wishing there were a rapid way to get insulin levels back to normal and fix the resistance issue… If there were a medicine for that, imagine how quickly people could lose weight without losing hope…

  39. Thanks for the excellent information. When I have tried extended fasts in the past (following a period of LCHF eating and average weight loss), I could never get beyond 3 days without severe chills. It would seem that after a sufficient time eating low carb, the body would be fat-adapted and should be able to fast for several weeks while feasting on body fat. If I experience chills during an extended fast, what should I be doing differently to force fat-adaptation? And is it true that with enough body fat, a fat-adapted person could go for weeks without eating?

  40. Thank you. I’ve been IF for 18 months. I’ve gone from 235lbs (25%BF) down to 195lbs (15%BF). I’ve been experiencing cold symptoms (day and night) for about 8 months and simply couldn’t figure out why. I’m also cold at night but sweating under too many covers. Sounds like my body is telling me it’s ok to open my meal window a little wider to get some more calories in. Thank you for the information.

  41. Doctor, I have asked you about feeling cold on fasting on your video which you posted yesterday on hypertension and I got my answer, it was due to lack fuel. Will this get you into autophagy and how long shud I prolong fasting under such circumstances. Also I want to know if the body use the muscles for fuel if you are not feeding.

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