Fit2MASS – Body Composition Baseline

Alright, hey Team Drew we are here at the
intermountain live well center up in salt lake city utah We are here to get our body composition tested through a body bod test and and also a caliper test to see where we are
at as a baseline for our fit2mass journey. So you guys are going to get exclusive access to us pretty much naked getting pinched and sitting in the body pod. ummm it’s embarrassing… it’ll be fun… we’ll be doing this in the beginning, middle, and end of our journey to make sure we’re gaining the right kind of weight. during this journey. lets go ahead and get started. You gotta put this on to compress the hair By determining your volume through pressuring changes and your mass, we can determine body density. Now underwater weigh in is a density measurement as well. So it’s the exact same formula for the estimation of body fat. But this is a different method for finding your density. Hold nice and still for a few seconds. Okay so we just got done with our body composition test hopefully you enjoyed watching us in swimmer caps. She was pinching us in weird places (laughing) Okay so here are the results. The bod pod test came back at 9.3% body fat for me my lean weight was 169 lbs My fat weight was 17 lbs My pinch test (calipers) came back a bit lower at 6 point eight percent So what I’ll do it just take an average of the two and that will be my number we’ll make sure it’s the same person Liba doing the test so it’s consistent. Ya on mine 19.1% body fat Lean weight 95 lbs Fat weight 22 lbs And then in the pinch 18.5% Between that and one other form of testing (BIA) I’m pretty much around 18.5% starting off. So that’s my starting off point. So we’ll keep you guys posted. My goal is to stay under ten percent throughout this whole journey but hopefully keep my fat weight the same and increase my lean weight so that’s that’s the challenge is very
hard work what we’re attempting to do uh… but it is possible just takes dedication and that’s hopefully what we’re here to demonstrate we’re going to get our strength baselines and we’ll explain what that is when we get to the gym.

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