Fitness Monitors : Body Fat Analyzer

Fitness Monitors : Body Fat Analyzer

Alright we have a cool body fat analyzer called
the Tanita
or you might say Tanita but it’s right here and it’s a cool one because it’s a two for
one special, just like our other one, but this has your body fat and it weighs you at
the same time. You can also program it to keep your information so you just go on each
time and another person’s information, so you have person one and person two. And if
all of those who come over your house and they just have to know their weight or body
fat, they can come in as guests. So this is cool, it’s priced pretty high right around
the seventy to eighty range. You can probably get it at Target or you can order your own
possibly at Wal-Mart as well or any of the sporting good stores should have them. But
it’s great three and two and one, the body fat, the body weight and it’s going to show
us a few other numbers that I’m going to demonstrate for you. This one you want to take care of
because too many things stepping on it with shoes can be damaging. So this one is a barefoot
only machine that you might want to keep out of the kid’s section of the house just in
case. Alright I’ll show you how it works.

One thought on “Fitness Monitors : Body Fat Analyzer

  1. the info given was not correct. First off she didnt mention the scale measuring body FAT – which it does. Then she said that if a guest came they could weigh themselves and also get the body fat measure – untrue. It just weighs them but does not give body fat measure.

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