From ‘Baby Belly’ to Fit Mama

These stories were fairing with you. They are going to motivate you at almost 300 pounds our first guest Ashley admits She felt like a prisoner in her own body and after giving birth to her daughter. She wondered if the pounds would ever come off I’ve always been big I grew up using food for comfort food for sadness joy food was it My diet consisted of french fries cheeseburgers cookies cakes anything that felt Good to eat in middle school. I weighed about 160 pounds in high school it was about 220 pounds I hit my highest weight when I was 24 years old there wasn’t much that I could do at that weight It couldn’t climb the stairs. I couldn’t play with my toddler One night in November of 2013 I was cleaning some stuff up around the house And I bent over to pick up a shirt and my back just blew out I had to have multiple nurses and staff help me onto the bed Have an extra-large wheelchair. Oh that was really embarrassing The day that I was able to get up I got on the field It was two hundred eighty seven point eight pounds, and I was like I don’t ever want to see this number again And I knew I never wanted that number to get to 300 that was the day that everything changed Ashley now is one fit mama Ashley come on out join us Wow Congrats a hundred and thirty two pound ways Actually, how did you do it? everybody wants to know I Focused on healthy eating and meal prepping just being more active throughout the day and it really changed everything Like you can workout all day, but if your diet is horrible. You won’t lose You know it’s not going to stay off and that’s the key for super athletes bodybuilders meal planning Yeah, they know what what they should be eating they plan it all out Easier to stick with yes Definitely mom how do you like how do you see your your babies outlook in life now that you’ve transformed your life Oh my gosh. It’s so different I I’m so happy for her because I will give her the Foundation for a healthy relationship with food that she needs because that’s so hard in today’s world everything’s fast food Everybody just eats junk and so I want her to know that you know it’s time to eat healthy But if you want to snack later you can have a little treat you learn the tools you’re teaching the tools And I want you all to see how this can be done, okay? everyone says that drive throughs save money, but if you ever stop to think what that fast food meal is really costing you a double bacon cheeseburger Large fries and a large soda might cost you about 10 bucks, but it’ll also cost you over 1700 calories 77 grams of fat 84 grams of sugar and a lot of people eat like this Regular intake of foods like this we know can increase your risk for heart disease diabetes and even early death So we’re going to compare that to one of your meal prep meals Delicious Cucumber chicken salad cucumber tomato feta some kalamata olives and a light vinaigrette you just mix it all up It’s so filling light on the calories. It’s one of my favorite lunches protein healthy fats I love it and actually it’s so beautiful. I mean we eat with our eyes beautiful all those vibrant colors really like a Mediterranean vacation My view of Greece the biggest thing is this is that I’m talking for all the moms out there that are like you are hustling And going throughout the day you could prep this give it to your kids You could eat her yourself, and I know it’s so easy to go fast food But app we have to be honest after you eat fast food you do you don’t ya know? Good you eat This it feels light And you’re feel energetic in what’s crazy is eating like this actually does save you money over the long run And this is gonna save you over 1200 calories 58 grams of fat and over 74 grams of sugar Compared to the fast food meal. I love that you are showing everyone out there Salad doesn’t have to be boring we’re gonna Have a few of Ashley’s meal prep meals on our website, so you can give them World yourself head to the doctor’s TV com

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