Health & Fitness : How Many Calories Do You Burn Sleeping?

Okay this feels really good. This is something
you don’t see very often in a fitness professional taking a catnap. But guess what I am still
burning calories. I’m CarolAnn with Studio Group X and we’re going to talk about exactly
how many calories you burn while you’re sleeping. Now we all know that we need at least 8 hours
of rest or good solid sleep at night. So that our bodies have a time to rejuvenate, repair
themselves and so there’s a lot going on while we’re sleeping at night. And in order for
us to be able to function and to rejuvenate, repair, build those muscles back up after
a really hard workout we’ve got to burn calories. So exactly how many calories are we burning.
Well take an average woman weighing about 135 pounds although it may not sound like
a lot she’s burning 56 calories an hour. Do the math over 8 hours 448 calories in 8 hours.
So that’s the good news. You’re still burning calories. What about a guy. Well about 190
pounds he can burn about 80 calories an hour. So again 640 calories in 8 hours. Now if you’re
an individual that works out and you’ve got more muscle mass in your body you’re going
to burn that many more calories. So continue with your workouts. Eat well and burn those
calories while you’re sleeping. I’m CarolAnn with Studio Group x and you know what, I’m
going to go back to sleep.

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