85 thoughts on “HOW FAT ACCEPTANCE HURTS EVERYONE – Feminist Logic Fail #6

  1. I hate fat acceptance because itโ€™s ok to call someone short, ugly and/or wierd but as soon as someone calls someone else fat itโ€™s this whole thing and the person who said that is in trouble.

  2. Disappointing. I was hoping for you to address this issue with some facts, but it's all just the same talking points you see from J.Q. Youtube Commenter all the time. The truth is that the question of whether obesity correlates to any major illnesses (apart from diabetes) is a matter in which various studies conflict, and the BMI scale has been entirely discredited as a health determiner for upwards of ten years, but hey! Addressing all the complexities surrounding the issue of obesity and health would make it harder to sound snappy.

    Please don't address tough and disputed medical issues if you're not prepared to educate people. It's not helping.

  3. Nate, this idiot thinks he's debunked you. Please return the favor.

  4. I'm obese, im 17, 5"10, and I was 237 lbs but now I'm 220 and still losing weight. I do not accept my fat and I won't.

  5. My mom said she was fine with her weight, gets type 1 diabetes, still says she fine, it took a coronary bypass for her to get serious, she lost 80lb in 6 months just by adjusting portions and watching her blood sugar. Even if she's fine now but I'll always worry.

  6. To the asshole who fat-shamed me at the gym last week… Dude i'm only slightly overweight and i'm clearly working on it

  7. Does anyone know a good way to lose some weight im tired of being fat it makes me feel gross and i want to make a change

  8. Immagine being limbless, and join fat people that complain about exercise, i mean, doesn't she fucking wished she could grow back her leg through exercise? shouldn't he supposed to be one of the many faces of the self acceptance movement, other than fat lazy people who praise and illness? this is an insult to all progeria kids, maimed, scarred, burned, and paralyzed people around the globe, they are the ones who need help, not people who decided to drown their sorrows in mac n cheese

  9. im a fat person and i dont really like it but it does have a plus where u dont get many girls looking at me because i dont want to have a girlfriend and get screwed over because she thinks im a jackass

  10. I'm sick and tired of fat people, (women and men) who force, the image of be fat is beautiful, not slightly overweight but FAT, because you are to lazy to do some basic exercise.

    And the hipocrisie of those women, will be the first to lust on a tall muscular man, not a fat one, but a ripped one !

    Yeah, it works both ways !

  11. If you really love your body, you would do something about it to lose the weight or at least ve healthier. I understand its a struggle for some people because they cant help it. However you can kinda of help it if you try eating healthier foods and just go on walks. At least youll be doing something for your body

  12. heres a little FAcToid… fat cells left to long grow blood vessels and become very difficult to get rid of! its science!

  13. 4:30 no that is not a fat hp bar at least not in SCUM cus fat characters has mor hp xd (joke)(go and laught) ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Wow that that lady with one leg is admirable but bcz of this stupid fat video her beauty it also looks fake … Wow these are people who think earth is flat , genitals โ‰  gender, men gives birth … And then I trun my head see hundreds of books I have read in my life from school to collage are all lies ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ต great … I need to reset my life….

  15. OMG, I almost threw up… put that fat out of site, stay in your parents basement! No one will ever except Fat! its the opposite of health, go Organic Vegan, cut out sugar, walk once in a while!

  16. I think thick women are cute but theirs a fine line between fat and thick. They give good blowjobs, you can fuck them as hard as you want and you wont break them, they have great personalities, they are the type of woman you dont marry (because id you cant commit to staying healthy then you can commit to a long life with me) and they typically dont mind black men (Im halfblack, just ghetto from the waist down). Now that Im done writing this ridiculous comment, im gunna go troll a feminist video page with this same comment.

  17. obese is defined as having a Body. Mass. Index over 30 ( some rugby players are placed in the obese zone despite playing rugby)

  18. So I'm fat and I accept myself. But I know that what im doing is unhealthy and I don't expect others to accept me for it. Nor do I expect them to bend to what I want them to. I'm not going to blame others for my choices

  19. They Said You Can Manipulate Your Naturale Shape When Asking One Leggedd Girl To Film In They Videoss.. What A Fucktrds .

  20. Just to be honest that 70.7% is a load of shit. Not saying its inaccurate but more of a flawed calculation. It dose not take into account muscle mass or just body type, "some people are just large" not to be confused with " im just big boned". But more so just says, your this tall you should only weigh this much. Im in the Military I can run 6 miles like everyone else and my PT score is a 280. That being said im considered over weight because im 5'11 and 196 lbs.

  21. Dude u really should monetize your videos you make really good content and you should really be paid for it we understand you're doing it for us so we won't have to go through any BS but you should take care of yourself before taking care of anyone else you have real viewers would love your content and want to see more of it

  22. 0:22 Blonde fat lady, a-bit-chubby redhaired lady, thicc bald lady….one of these ladies will be a favorite of shark who like to consume fatty meat.

  23. BMI is inaccurate if you have more muscle mass the best way to judge obesity is by body fat percentage.

  24. "Consume fewer calories"

    You're a fucking FAILURE. Weight loss has NO tie to caloric intake. It's literally all insulin levels and set points for your weight.

  25. How dare you I'm a feminist that identifies as a vacuum cleaner/Toasted bread and I AM OFFENDED GRNEYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  26. The whole "fat acceptance" movement is actually what made me lose weight because I didn't want people associating me being overweight (not really obese but still pretty chunky) with these moron moons

  27. I saw a warning sign that everything I see beyond this point is going to be toxic garbage. It was not in the feminist video, but rather the intro of your video. It is very hostile(=toxic), and also the logic does not make sense (=garbage). Unsubscribed.

  28. The inevitable anxiety and depression that goes with being sedentary. I've been there and it's not for me.
    BTW, If i don't exercise, I'm MAKING A CHOICE.

  29. I disagree on most of your points but the other points are good just not the oil or the work part we need to stop using oil altogether or say good bye earth in 40 to 50 years

  30. Actually, calories aren't the problem, the biggest sugar, starches, unhealthy fats and lack of cardio and exercise! Just 30 min a day of both is all you need!

  31. แƒ˜แƒแƒ™แƒแƒžแƒ แƒ—แƒแƒ•แƒ“แƒแƒ›แƒกแƒฎแƒ›แƒ”แƒšแƒ˜ says:

    The important thing is being healthy.

  32. If youโ€™re overweight, but bust your ass in the gym consistently, and work very hard on a healthy diet then I respect you .

    Now these cocky lazy fat asses have no desire to better themselves. All they do is basically blame everyone ese for their failures

  33. Fucking blessed I'm the only one on my mom's side of the family that doesn't suffer from a thyroid issues. My mom's side of the family is like looking at a fucking school of whales. And then there's my dad's family which is at a normal weight.

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