How I Lost 10% Body Fat In 4 Months

How I Lost 10% Body Fat In 4 Months

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  1. I like what his friend from "Pero Like" said, "Whatever you do, you better walk out there with your head held high." That's a friend, right there.

  2. Aria, after the first video I contacted you and you replied immediately with so much support. We discussed my journey to American Ninja warrior. Your replies were so amazing and motivating. I invited you to train with me as I push to hit my buzzer on ANW. But, after seeing this video and the passion on your face, YOU HAVE TO FIGHT AGAIN. I would be honored to see that fight in person when it happens. THANK YOU SO MUCH ARIA!!!!!

  3. An actual interesting Buzzfeed video.. Put in some more JiuJitsu and you can definitely be an amateur fighter.. you got the spirit!

  4. Watching several videos of Aria, we always got to see the infectious charm and enthusiasm he has…Luckily after this challenge, we can see the inner drive and motivation to push himself outside his comfort zone…if he could do this in just 4 months, you have to wonder what he can do with more time…

  5. I got good at muay thai within 4 months back when I was 24. I'm back to fight now at 28. Anyways respect on your journey hopefully you stick around your hard work will pay off seems like your coaches believe in your ability. Stay relaxed next time you'll do fine.🙏

  6. Omg actually so inspiring Aria! Im gonna train probably not to fight lol and not as well as you but i still will be as persevering as you

  7. Aria your transformation and progress was super impressive, I know exactly how you feel because I took an amateur fight 3 month after taking my first steps into an MMA gym


  9. High carb and low fat is completely unnecessary, especially since it's much easier to cut carbs than fat (unless you eat dreadful lean protein like chicken breast or pork loin). Still baffles me that so many "pro" trainers suggest this. The fats/carbs don;t matter much in the long run; it's about high protein and caloric restriction.

  10. That's not 28.4% body fat. He was 17% body fat and got down to 10%. I hate these fake and misinformative fitness videos.

  11. nice how only one of his friends believed in him, but his trainers were nothing but supportive.

    Aria needs new friends, even if you do something they think is mental. they have to be supportive because self doubt is a killer.

    the other video was one of the things that finally got me to get off my arse and start boxing, now had multiple sparring sessions and trying to get down to 89kg so im not in heavyweight when i get an amateur fight.

  12. Big respect it’s hard to put yourself and fight in a ring full of people and make yourself 100% accountable for your training my first boxing fight I had crazy nerves but you push through great job!

  13. Fight in the amateur leagues first man. MMA is no joke. You don't want to be going up against people whose lives are riding on the paycheck of their next fight. Concussions and CTE are no joke. Its great content and all, but getting hit once can change your life. Your face and your brain may never be the same again. This isnt something people just dabble in. This is an all or nothing sport

  14. there are tough guys and then there are guys that fought in the ring or cage. It takes a special kind of person to step in there.

  15. Keep training, Aria, its awesome how much progress you made. You showed that you've got a warrior inside you and you should let it out; look at what your internal warrior did for you.

  16. 7:00 this is why SJW's are so pathetic and weak. They coddle each other and treat each other like babies. Victim complex is in every fiber of their being. Everyone is a victim that needs to be "protected"

  17. I respect all your hard work and diet but like, how are you training with professionals but none of them corrected your bench form at 3:39, you could have easily hurt your shoulder benching 90 degrees out.

  18. How can you loose 10% in 4months? That's slow' and a loooong time! 😂 When you already are so skinny.. Means, you don't have any training talents and should talk to some bodybuilders that prep for on season..

  19. So "How Do I Lost 10% Body Fat in 4 Months"?
    With the help of a bunch of professionals that no common person has access to. Yey.

  20. 14:01 – 14:10
    Such a romantic comedy lines
    I love how supportive Merle is, just look the amount of fondness on Aria’s face when Merle is showing her support

  21. Went out on his shield! Didn’t tap out! (No shame in tapping tho) for next time, Ground game….wrestling bro. All the power to ya brother.

  22. What is your heritage? My last name is Inthavongdy. I just think that’s kinda wild. I feel like I may have already said something about this in the past 🤷‍♀️

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