How to lose weight FAST with Herbalife πŸ’š My SECRET Formula ☝🏼😁

hello my name is Alex welcome to weight
loss nutrition shakes dot com in this video I will share with you how to lose weight
fast with Herbalife my secret formula so stay tuned because this is going to help
you a lot! okay it all depends what you understand by fast for example almost
14 years ago I was more than 30 pounds overweight for about five years and I
lost that extra weight in five months only with Herbalife basic program that
for me was fast! Now… some people lose weight even faster than
me between one to two pounds per week what I recommend to lose weight fast is
to follow my secret formula. Ok are you ready… less sugar less salt less flour
less fat less alcohol less excuses! more vitamins more minerals more fiber more
protein more water more exercise understood? …as simple as that!
now.. Herbalife programs provide all that healthy balanced nutrients that your
body needs that is why all of my customers get results, we personalize the
program according to their needs and goals and for that my friend I can help
you …so get in touch as soon as you decide to get in shape, visit my blog to
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thank you for watching bye for now!

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