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Is there a supernatural
dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there
life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. My guest went to India and while
in India, God spoke to him and revealed to him ancient secrets
that make people, this is in the Bible as experiential, that make
people 10 times wiser, 10 times healthier, 10 times closer to
God, and he wants to teach that to you now. Are you interested? Jordon was in college, a
freshman, and out of nowhere, Jordan, 19 diseases. You’re not, you went through, in
your words, a living hell. Medicine could not help you. You went to, what, 70 doctors,
and you were dying. You went from 180 pounds to 104
pounds. But then, and I believe this is
a key of your life, as I look back, you were a Messianic Jew. You were a believer in the
Messiah and you prayed a very important prayer. Tell me what you told God. Jordan: Sid, when I was
suffering in this prison that was my own body, couldn’t
escape, didn’t understand why everything that I had just fell
apart, seething pain, depressed, I realized that I’m not the only
one. There are many that suffer and
they suffer alone. And I said, “Lord, if I can help
just one person overcome disease or better yet avoid it, then
this living hell will have all been worth it.” If God healed me I promise I
would begin to share his message, and if I could help
just one, the two years of constant torment and suffering
would have been a mere blessing from God. Sid: And God heard that prayer,
and one day Jordan and his wife determined they want to go to
India. But Jordan, you didn’t
particularly really want to go, did you? Jordan: I didn’t. After overcoming those diseases,
which were particularly digestive in nature, going to a
place where you can’t eat, can’t drink, have to shower with your
mouth closed, I really didn’t want to go. But my wife was passionate about
international evangelism and she was very excited. My son had a dream, believed he
was supposed to go. He was eight at the time. I knew I had to go and I trusted
God, put my health in his hands and we had an amazing time. Sid: You had something very
supernatural happen to you that is going to change the destiny
of people all over the world. Tell me about it. Jordan: I did. And while I expected, Sid, to be
there, see miraculous healing, see angels in front of me, I
expected to me a spectator of miracles. But instead while I was on the
platform, the Lord spoke to me and he said, “Jordan, I know it
was a sacrifice for you to come. You didn’t want to be here. You came and now I’m going to
give you some things. I’m going to impart wisdom into
your spirit that will transform the world. Every night when you’re leading
this crusade,” he said he was going to give me a message, an
idea, a concept that would transform the lives of his
people each and every night, and Sid, he did just that. Sid: Well after he got this
concept, he decided to test it. I mean, you know, he’s not the
only one that asked questions. So he goes to his local
congregation and he tests the idea. And what kind of feedback did
you get when you told them what God had told you to do and they
did it? Jordan: January was coming
around. Everyone wants to do a program,
a fast of some kind. But I said, this isn’t a fast. This is a transformation that
dates nearly 2700 years back in the Bible. The same wisdom that God gave
Daniel, Hananiah, Azariah and Mishael so that they would
follow a plan against all the conventional wisdom that allowed
them to have wisdom, favor, health and prosperity like no
one their age, and really no one in the world. We tested it on a few hundred
people and the results were supernatural. Sid: Tell me about three or four
things that people reported when they did this. Jordan: Well let me say this. It’s 10 days. Okay. Let me reiterate, it’s 10 days. Sid: Ten days. Jordan: Ten days. Sid: How in the world can you
have any tangible measurement of results in 10 days? Jordan: Well if you consider
losing 24 pounds, 19 pounds, 18 pounds, having addictions
completely gone. Sid: Wait a second. If someone, this isn’t fasting. Jordan: No, this is eating. Sid: This is eating. But if someone was fasting they
wouldn’t lose this much weight. Jordan: They would lose, which
is why I was surprised but not shocked, because God said he
would give me something that would be supernatural, and we
were seeing people having their bodies transformed, their minds
cleared and their relationship with God at a deeper level than
ever before, all in just 10 days. Sid: Okay. When we come back, would you
like to find out the supernatural revelation that God
showed Jordan in India that comes from the Bible? I know I would. We’ll be right back. We’ll be right back to
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It’s Supernatural! Sid: Jordan, we talked about how
you almost died when you were in college. How is your health today? Jordan: It’s great. In fact, the Lord healed me so
fully that I have not been on any medication or anything of
the sort in about 20 years. Sid: And you used predominantly
natural things rather than medicine. Jordan: It was more than
natural. It was God’s dietary and
lifestyle recommendations or I would say mandates from
scripture. God healed me his way so that I
could share his message of health and hope with the world. Sid: Okay. Tell me what you learned about
this brand new concept that is actually an ancient concept of
how we should eat or do this Daniel type of eating. Jordan: Early in the Book of
Daniel it talks about he and his three friends, Hananiah, Azariah
and Mishael, otherwise known as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
how they abstained from eating the king’s rich foods, which
likely were unclean or detestable animals. We call it tref in the old
country: lobster, shrimp, pork, etc. Sid: Whoa. That stuff was bad back then. They didn’t have good
sanitation. But I understand now it’s okay. Jordan: I would say not in my
book, but not in his book it’s not. The word “detestable” never
changes, Sid. This isn’t kosher. This isn’t unclean. This is detestable. God’s plan for our bodies is to
eat food. The things that I previously
mentioned, that’s filth, that’s not food. I know I may offend some people. Some people may want to make
this a theological argument, but I have not touched pork,
shellfish, any time of derivatives of that in the last
20 years, nor would I ever, because I believe that God is
the same yesterday, today and forever, and so are those things
that he created, and they’re not to be eaten. Sid: Okay. Tell me what the revelation for
Daniel. Jordan: So Daniel decided not to
eat the king’s rich foods, but consume only pulse and water. But I didn’t really know what
pulse was. Sid: That was my question. What is, you know what is pulse
is? Jordan: Well there is a lot of
translation. But pulse is any fruit or
vegetable, nut or seed that you can put into the ground and it
will reproduce. So it’s not necessarily just rye
or just seeds, or just sprouts. It could be a number of various
fruits and vegetables. Daniel only consumed those and
water. But I also realized that in
biblical times, people didn’t eat the same way we do or the
same times that we do. And that little principle, that
small twist in your diet can make all the difference in the
world. But it doesn’t stop there. Daniel did something else that I
believe was critical. When his colleagues tried to get
him in trouble, they were jealous of him. All his wisdom, all his favor,
King Nebuchadnezzar gave him so much power that his competitors
decided to attack him. They knew that if they made
people bow to a certain statue, Daniel would not do it. And when Daniel heard, instead
of bowing to the image of the king, he flung his doors open to
Jerusalem, prayed three times a day as he had always done. Sid, I decided that we as a
group needed to set our watches, our schedules around three times
a day prayer: prayer for our bodies, prayer for our families,
prayer for salvation of our loved ones. And as a congregation, we prayed
together three times a day on conference calls, using
technology, dropped to our knees wherever we were, and each night
we had a service. And it turned into a revival. Sid: I have to ask you this,
though. Are you advocating people be
vegans or vegetarians? Jordan: For 10 days, yes. That’s a great question. Sid: Only 10 days. Jordan: I believe animal foods
are a very important part of our diet if they’re raised properly
and if they’re prepared properly. God tells us in Leviticus 11,
Deuteronomy 14, that these are meats you can’t eat. Jesus consumed animal foods. We have reason to believe all of
the disciples did. But for 10 days Daniel and his
friends consumed pulse and water. And if you will do so for 10
days, God will do supernatural things in your body, mind and
spirit, and then we will launch you into a lifestyle of healthy
eating and living with revelation that you’ve never
heard before. Sid: Okay. That I can attest to. I’ve never heard some of the
things he’s teaching now. But God gave you three
principles. Briefly, what were they? Jordan: Number one, eat only
what God created for food. Number two, eat food in a form
that is healthy for the body. Don’t alter God’s design. And number three, don’t make any
food or drink your idol. We idolize caffeinated
beverages. We idolize alcoholic beverages. People literally worship at the
table that we eat at, not the kind of worship God wants. In fact, Paul says of himself
that we should buffet our body and make it our slave. I think some of us are confused
and think the word “buffet”, yeah. No. Sid: I got it. Just to help a few people,
before we go to the next segment, you have what you call
the dirty dozen. Tell me two of the things that
most people make mistakes on. Jordon: One we already
mentioned. It’s unclean or detestable
animal things. It’s pork, it’s shellfish. I have a rule, biblical eating
rule number one, thou shall not eat anything that Jesus cast
demons into. Think about it. Think about it. And number two is a tough one,
okay. No artificial or diet
sweeteners. Pink, yellow, blue packets,
you’re an experiment if you’re eating them, drinking them. They’re addictive. They’re brain altering and in
five or 10 years you’re going to find out they’re really bad for
you. So get off that stuff. I know it’s ubiquitous. It’s everywhere. Get off of those diet
sweeteners. Sid: Okay. These two other people went on
the diet of Daniel for 10 days. It does some cleansing of your
toxins. Is this an important thing? Jordan: Absolutely. Our environment is 400 times
more toxic than just our great-grandparents, in the air,
in the water, in the food that we eat and the building
materials, our carpets. You name it, it’s toxic. The Daniel Diet will help
detoxify your body, mind and your spirit as you order your
temple around God’s plan. Sid: But you know what shocked
me? I thought, and we’ll talk about
it. No on second thought, let me
tell you this. How many of you heard your whole
life breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How many? Raise your hands. Every one of us will raise two
hands on that one. Well Jordan told me that is
untrue. And when we come back, I want
him to explain that. Are you interested? Jordan Rubin is a New York Times
bestselling author and is often called America’s biblical health
coach. He has unveiled a 10-day
supernatural health plan that combines the Bible’s ancient
wisdom and the best of modern science. We will be back with more of
It’s Supernatural in just one moment. We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Jordan, before we get to
all this, I want to model our new aprons, “Meshugah for Jesus,
Meshugah for Yeshua”. Yeshua, Hebrew for Jesus. Meshugah means, loosely, it’s a
Yiddish word, it means crazy. Jordan: Loco for Jesus. Same thing. Sid: Yeah. We also have the mugs. I kind of like the phrase,
“Meshugah for Yeshua”. What do you think? Okay. Very, very important topic. I have just found out about this
from you. I have just started doing this
and I want you to tell me why you recommend we don’t even eat
breakfast. What would the cereal
manufacturers do with you? What would your mother do? Jordan: They’d have a lot of
times on their hands. In fact, you make great point. Why do we think breakfast is the
most important meal of the day? The cereal manufacturers want us
to think that. Truth is in biblical times and
even today in the Middle East, they barely ate anything in the
morning. And even if they did, it was
very, very small, something they could grab. They had a medium size meal at
lunch and guess when their biggest meal was? Dinner. Think about it. Sid: It’s supposed to be the
opposite. Haven’t you been taught it’s the
opposite of what he’s saying? Is there any studies today about
what you’re saying. Jordan: Virtually every month
now there’s a study on the concept that if you eat in a
tighter time window and rest your body, the rest of the day
you will be leaner, your brain will work better and you’ll be
healthier. Think about this. Are you sharp after you’ve eaten
a big meal? Sid: No. Jordan: No. What about when you’re hungry. Think of the animals and humans. You want to face in lion in
Africa when he’s just eaten or when he’s on the prowl? Sid: I hear you. Jordan: You will find whether
it’s an athletic event something that you’re taking a test in
school, a presentation in business, a television taping,
you’re sharper when you haven’t eaten and your body is running
on the reserves and burning fat. It’s amazing. Many people can eat the same
exact foods in the same amounts in a different, more compacted
time window, same foods, same amounts, and they lose weight. Their blood sugar improves and
they feel better. Now some people that have blood
sugar issues, start eating an hour later each morning until
you reach about 12 to 2. I haven’t eaten today. I’m going to eat one healthy,
delicious big meal this evening and I’m going to feel light when
I get up from it. I’m going to feel great tomorrow
morning and sleep well. This plan that I call daily
cleansing flips our ratio of building and cleansing upside
down and will transform your health. Sid: Speaking of transforming,
I’m smelling some good stuff here. What have we got? Jordan: Sid, this is chili. You asked if I was a vegan and
the answer is no. I will say this. Many people don’t like the joke,
but I only eat vegetarian. So this animal, this beef. Sid: I get it. Jordan: So this is grass fed
beef chili. You can also use bison or
buffalo. You can use venison, lamb. It is awesome. Those are the biblically
allowable meats. So we start with grass fed beef,
high in vitamins and minerals, CLA, which helps your waistline
and immune system. It has creatinine for the
muscles, glutamine for the gut. Red meat is in again as long as
it’s raised well. Sid: Because of where we are,
very large grocery stores carry it. Jordan: Absolutely. That’s where this beef was
purchased from. I have a friend who raised this
beef. In fact, I raise beef as well. Sid: All right. What else? Jordan: So we brown the meat in
a skillet or a stainless steel pan and then we take a nice pot
like this. You can have a crockpot,
pressure cooker or regular pot. And then you have tomato juice. You add pureed tomatoes, all
organic if possible. Every major grocery store has
organic. We’ve got kidney beans, onions,
which are a rich source of cortisone and other nutrients. And then pepper, salt and chili. Now chili peppers are loaded
with Vitamin C and are amazing for circulation. That goes for paprika, that goes
for jalapeno, habanero. Peppers are amazing. Sid: Well I tell you what. I’m ready. Jordan: And then it comes out
like this. So we’re going to try this
chili. This is a favorite in the winter
and even in the summer. Okay. So Sid is going to consume our
amazing chili. Sid: Smells good. I have to tell you. What is this doing for my brain
now? No, I’m just teasing you. But I believe that you could
pray a supernatural prayer right now for those that are watching,
that will change your destiny. Would you do that now Jordan? Jordan: Absolutely. If you’ll pray with me, and this
is specifically for somebody who’s lost hope, who the doctors
have said there’s nothing they can do. Someone that feels like they are
trapped in a prison that is their own body. If that’s you, I want you to
drop to your knees and pray with me. Allow the Holy Spirit to touch
you in a way that no one else, nothing else can. Heavenly Father, I thank you in
Yeshua’s name that there are people all around the world that
have dropped to their knees, that are giving their life over
to you. And I believe right now as sure
as they’re hearing my voice and watching me that the spirit of
God that created them is healing them, is restoring their cells,
their ligaments, their tendons, their organs and tissues. Cancer is healed in Jesus’ name. Digestive issues, Crohn’s
disease, ulcerated colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, acne,
eczema, psoriasis, autism and behavioral issues in children,
healed in the name of Jesus. These people who are receiving
healing are overcoming right now by the blood of the lamb and the
power of this testimony, healing, pulsing through their
veins in the name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, who was and is, and
is to come. Amen. Praise the Lord if you’ve been
healed right now. Sid: Now let me tell you
something, Jordan. This is so delicious. But I feel bad because you don’t
know how good this is. I’ll tell you what. How many of you would like a
sample right now of this chili? I want another one. My hand is up. You’re going to get it. Jordan Rubin is a New York Times
bestselling author and is often called America’s biblical health
coach. He has unveiled a 10-day
supernatural health plan that combines the Bible’s ancient
wisdom and the best of modern science. We will be back with more of
It’s Supernatural in just one moment. Sid: Next week
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