How You Can Eat ALL Your Favorite Carbs and BURN Stubborn Belly Fat 🍟🍪🍕

Hey, everybody out there. Coach Dan Long here with
the Over 40 Protocol. And today, I want to talk
about a couple things that are going to help
you understand how to get this midsection of
yours to release and burn off. See, protein and carbs are
huge when it comes to this. So pay attention on this. Short video, OK, cause I
have two tips for you that are going to help
you, especially if you’re over the age of 40. Now listen, I’m 46 years old. I have been training and
nutritionally helping moms, dads, professional
athletes, Olympians, the military, you name it,
for over 20 plus years. And today, I’m in my
own kitchen because I want to discuss with
you how important it is to not only have the
proteins in your body– remember– pro, tein, like when
you were a teenager– protein. And also, having carbohydrates. Now keto, paleo,
vegan, Nutrisystem– you name it– South
Beach diet, turbo shakes. All these different
diets, fad diets. Remember what I’m saying– fad diets. Oh, and by the way, you
see this link around here? Don’t click it, don’t touch
it, don’t even look at it, because I want to
talk about This but at the end of
this short video, I have something
amazing for you. Matter of fact, let me
pull this out right now, because I also want to
talk about this real quick. This is something I
picked up today, where I have to discuss with you. Oh, and I know you
know that is, probably. And I know you know what
this is probably, right? OJ, and a little bit of my
favorite prosecco for my wife. I’m going to talk about
that in a second, also. Now here’s the thing, OK? One of the most important things
for you to understand is that when you are trying to burn this
off and/or trying to gain lean muscle– not bulky
muscle, just lean muscle– it is so important
for you to make sure that you are consuming
lean proteins. And then also, carbohydrates
that are complex carbohydrates, but that are not the
carbohydrates that are going to help
you retain cortisol and keep this from burning off. Now the key is when you think
about proteins in the body when you consume them. When you consume them, you
eat them or drink them. Protein shake and/or
maybe it’s a steak, fish. It could be chicken. Today, I have a bowl that I went
and picked up specifically I had made for me, because this
is one of my favorite things to eat. And I’m going to
show this to you, OK? In this bowl, you’re going to
find a little bit of sriracha on the side, because
I like the hot sauce. I have edamame, I have
chickpeas, I have broccoli, I have avocado. I also have tomatoes. Down at the bottom, I have rice. And then I have lean
chicken right here. Now, what’s
important about this? See, when it comes to proteins
and carbohydrates in your body, scientifically, you have to
understand that proteins cannot find their way to the muscle
without carbohydrates. Now you don’t need a large
amount of carbohydrates to make that process happen. You just have to have some. So when you do a
protein shake, it’s important to implement a little
bit of carbohydrates that are good carbohydrates
into that protein shake so that the proteins can
find their way to the muscle to repair the muscle, which
we know that protein, that’s what it does– it
repairs the muscle. It also keeps the
muscles full, right? Especially as we get older,
because the muscles start to shrink. And then also,
carbohydrates, not only do they help the brain
function, but they also help like a flashlight. It’s like the
carbohydrates, they have a flashlight
helping the proteins behind them find the
way to the muscle walls. That is so key and
so important when you’re trying to get this to
burn off, especially if you’re over the age of 40. That is exactly why I built
this bowl exactly customized to what my needs are. Now again, don’t forget
I’m 46 years old, OK? It’s important to
remember to treat your body like a 46 year old,
or 44, or 50s, or 60s, or 70s. Otherwise, all you’re
doing is you’re acting like you’re a
teenager, and that’s no longer a fact, OK? So I want you to
remember lean proteins. In here, what do I have? I told you, I have chickpeas. I have broccoli. And I also have edamame. All good proteins
and carbohydrates. And there’s also rice in here. And it’s a brown
rice, by the way. Try to stick with brown. You can do white, also. Some people do
better with brown, some people do
better with white. Either way., try to see
which one works best for you. But I have brown rice in here. And then I have
lean chicken breast. All the fat has been cut off. It’s been grilled. And the protein is
ready for consumption. It’s so important to
remember– carbohydrates are huge into your diet. Now I know you see I had
these carbohydrates here. What if I told you
that at all on day one, if something could
start actually helping you boost
your metabolism, boost your hormones, and help
you fight the aging process. Would you be interested? I knew you would. It’s taken 20 plus
years, and I’m super excited
because today, it’s a brand new system
that’s been created. And today, because
you’re on this feed, you’re one of the lucky ones
to actually find this, OK? This system is called the Over
40 Hormone Reset Solution. See, what happens
is from fad dieting, cutting carbs out of your
diet, not only does it affect your brain, but
it affects your cortisol, it affects your hormones,
it affects your metabolism. And they start to tank. So what you have
to do, especially if you’ve been fad dieting
like keto, paleo, vegan, any of these diets for
over 14 days or more is you need to
reset your hormones. See, if you’re over
40 the hormones are most likely your
biggest problem. It’s not your exercise program,
because you don’t even need to exercise to make this work. And it’s not your fault.
That’s why I’m here with a system that
helps you not only have this– imagine this
being implemented back into your diet. You can. I’m going to tell
you exactly how now. One, you have to strategically
mealtime and put specific foods together so you can get this
to release and burn off. Two, meal pairing. Pairing strategically meals
that are together and foods that are together in
combinations to help you burn this off. And then number
three, which is why I had this out here, mimosas,
pizza, cookies, cake, anything you want. Pasta, breads– they can
all go back on your table. Yes, but you have to
do it strategically by playing high
carb cheat meals, implementing back
into your diet. But you have to do
it strategically, which is what we show you in
this protocol called the Over 40 Hormone Reset Solution. So if you’re excited,
you’re over 40, maybe in your 50s, 60s,
or 70s, and you’re looking to not only
have the proteins, but carbohydrates to be able to
maintain and build lean muscle, and also burn this
midsection off, the Over 40 Hormone Reset
Solution will work for you. I want to thank you for
stopping on this feed. I want you to know
that at this link, you’re not only going
to see me, you’re going to see my best
friend, Shaun Hadsall. He’s 47 years old and
he’s the ripped grandpa with six pack abs. His wife Karen you’re
going to see, 59 years old. She’s using this exact
protocol and system to live a healthy lifestyle
just like my wife– that’s 42 years old–
with three amazing kids. We want you to start burning
off, living a healthy lifestyle too. All by clicking the link now. Thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you at this link below.

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