I Lost my Weight Without Diet or Exercise

I Lost my Weight Without Diet or Exercise

Ahhh! My weight went up AGAIN?!
This scale MUST be broken. Ever since I started working, the cute little university girl has now transformed into the chubby office
cookie monster! How did this happen to me?! I really try to watch what I eat by not eating so much for dinner though I do instead eat a lot for breakfast and lunch. Or is it too much? Sometimes in the office, we have cookies and cakes and all sorts of snacks and I only grab one or two every once in a while! I mean I really try not to but I always cave in. They look so delicious and it’s free. I usually only eat it in the afternoon, by the evening,
it’s already digested and gone. I set a goal for myself to lose half a kilo per week. It’s a weight loss goal that
professionals say are very effective. When I calculate the numbers,
I should lose about 24 kg after a year. But no, not only did I only lose half a kilo A MONTH, in some months, I didn’t even lose anything and instead gained 2-3 kilos. But then somehow, I could do it.
I lost the weight without even dieting or exercising. It all happened when I signed a contract to be a writer. When that happened,
I quit my job and only worked from home. I no longer had to face the parade of sweets in the office or internally battle the chocolates placed on my colleagues table. It really helped to not be tempted. Hedy Kober, director of Yale’s Clinical and
Affective Neuroscience Lab who also co-authored a 2016 research review on how we respond to food says “Food cues. They make you eat more.” Food cues are like seeing food, smelling food, or even just images of food that will tempt you. It’s like ringing a bell to call a dog for dinner
and he’s just drooling non-stop. If Pavlov himself were to rise up
from his grave to check our salivary glands when we
walk pass some grilled chicken, he would feel like his research
has yet again been proven true. In 2016 a researcher replicated Pavlov’s experiment in Google’s workspace which has a constant availability of food and drinks. Before the experiment, the researchers noticed that most Google employees that enter the break room would often get a drink first after entering the room. Taking this into account the researchers decided to place snacks next to the drinks at one end of the room while leaving the drink area empty
at the other end of the room. The experiment showed that the employees who went for a drink where the snacks were available ate twice much than those who grabbed drinks from where there was no snacks in sight. So, what have we learned from this? It actually comes down to getting better control
of your surroundings. For example not putting food near your place of work to avoid tempting yourself. As the saying goes “Out of sight out of mind” I myself have taken complete control of my own surroundings. Now if you were to step into my kitchen right now, you won’t see any snacks laying around. Not only do I avoid buying any junk food or snacks, if I did buy any, I would keep it away in a cupboard. That way, I’m not tempted. But I admit, when you’re stuck in a surrounding that you have no control over it’s much harder to resist the temptation. It’s no coincidence that the pork roast from the roadside grill shop always smells so good or that little dessert shops likes to offer free samples I mean there are actual jobs for people to decorate food and make it appear appetizing on screen. This is what we must overcome. It’s been 20 years now since I left my job at the office and became a writer from home. And trust me when I tell you
my weight-loss journey hasn’t been easy. But just by making these small changes
in your surrounding I believe you’ll be able to live a happier and healthier life.

100 thoughts on “I Lost my Weight Without Diet or Exercise

  1. I was pretty fat for a wile. But I lost all my unwanted weight and became thinner and a lot hotter looking. I got attention from people who told me I was very pretty and have a nice body. Little do people know that a few years ago, a fat me got very sick. I couldn't hold food down and was dehydrated all the time. Within a month I dropped 30 pounds. After the sickness ended I had a swollen throat and couldn't swallow a lot of food. So finally when I got better I was thinner but still had the big breast and butt. So I got a hot body from becoming sick. Even though I look good now, that was still the worst time of my life

  2. complete waste of time…when you are at home you can gain more weight just by sitting all the time, and the temptation is still there

  3. I’m 16 and I used to be 88kg… plus I’m pretty short. I knew it wasn’t healthy for my anymore so I started losing weight and now I’m 72kg. Still wanna lose a lot of weight then I’m not satisfied yet.

  4. I mean honestly food is a huge part of life and I guess well you kinda need to enjoy life maybe some part not so you cab also have that pretty person u want to be even tho everyone is beautiful but being honest we just wanna look like others and not really for yourself

  5. So far in life, I’ve learned that those “glow-ups” people have, don’t always come naturally. Sometimes you have to WORK for your glow-up, and WORK to maintain it.

  6. Video: Seeing food, smelling food or being near food can make u want to eat more
    shows bunches of drawings of food
    Me: suddenly I am hungry for chocolate

    But I don’t mind it, of course 👍🏻🍫🍩

  7. I'm 13 But My Weight is 56 "–") But I don't Look That Fat.. My Friend said I'm Chubby Oh C'mon

  8. Oddly enough you can shove food in mah face and I will ignore it. I’m not overweight, but like If my stomach doesn’t growl I usually don’t eat unless someone forces me to

  9. It actually happened to me before in 2017, i lost 10 kilograms without exercise and diet , it just happened because my class was so very early in the morning and dont have much time to eat breakfast and in dinner i went home very tired and i lost my appetite to eat , and i just slept

  10. I lost 8 kg in two months without being on a diet. The only things I changed about my eating habits is that I stopped eating after 8 p.m, and I eat until I'm no longer hungry and not until I'm stuffed. I did go to the gym during these two months but didn't do any strenuous exercises. It's all about your eating habits!

  11. I'm 10 so I can't really control what I eat and I try to eat not as much but I don't know how to loss weight as a 10 year old

  12. TIP don't eat if You're not hungry. It's another proven way of KEEPING your Current weight. Then u can eat sweets and stuff without worrying((:

  13. Yeah this isnt for me :/ i literally only eat 1 meal a day but there's barely a difference. Its not even unhealthy food either so yeah. I guess this tip is for people with unhealthy food options 🙁

  14. Me: *skips breakfast because i get sick in the morning if i eat*
    *doesn't really eat much for lunch cause i don't have a big appetite*
    *eats crackers and cup of ramen for dinner*
    My body: a h e c k i n' c h o n k e r

  15. If you want to lose weight by not eating

    Just watch mukbangs and asmrs😂😂 it makes you feel like your eating the food😂😂

  16. I never use scale I never check my weight I just get the fact that I'm gaining weight if my clothes ain't fitting anymore. No scale no stress😂

  17. These small changes really help. I lost about 8 kgs in the last two weeks just from stopping myself snacking, when I'm not even hungry but I see somebody eating.

  18. Welp…thanks to roblox i got thinner but now last week it was our sembreak and i got a little fat now its school so maybe ill get back my body fron last last week

  19. When you're a kid that is fast when you reach puberty and you reach growth spurth you'll be slim because the fat you have in the body will transfer it and exchange it with height.

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