3:33 – what is this diet?
    5:02 – start of diet
    10:20 – results
    11:09 – the pros and cons of this diet

    Let me know in the comments what you think about diets like this: are they unrealistic? Is KPOP idol culture insane??

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  2. I’m 13 110 lbs and 5’2, and I’m really frustrated because I don’t know if I want to lose weight or not.somedays I feel great i think I look good and other days I feel like a 200lb 4’0 women,I’m also scared to lose my period as it has happened once,HELP!should I or should not I SERIOUSLY don’t know

  3. Im so sick of those "diets". I hate people who judge other people bc of their weigh,even my mum call me pig and that stuff and tbh I'm not even fat, I am chubby but not that "fat" . I started starving myself and do a lot of bad things just to lose weight and it was even worse. I hate myself and I hate my body cuz I used to be slim and my body was literally perfect and then I stared gaining weight.

  4. I used to do something like this but then during the summer break (2 months) I usually tried almost everyday to eat 1300ish calories while I needed to eat 1600 (around that amount) to sustain my weight. Which usually just meant that I skipped breakfast and ate lunch like regularly and then ate dinner like regularly. I did this for about 2 years when I was in high school. I'm just now wondering how bad it was for my body ^^' I did always lose like 3-4 kilograms because of it… This diet reminded me of that a little bit because some days I would even eat like only dinner or something… You saying that it has so many effects on your health as a growing teenager I wonder if eating like that had the same effects o.O?

  5. I think it should be said that Jimin didn't do this diet for just 10 days. He starved himself for months. In my opinion, it came way closer to an eating disorder than it is a diet. Especially when you look at his mental state throughout that period of time and even now, you can see Jimin is extremely perfectionistic and gets himself down when he doesn't meet his own extreme standards. It started as a way for him to lose weight since he found himself not good enough, but he passed out multiple times and even as the members asked him to stop, he wouldn't. At that point it's not just a diet anymore.

  6. Don't do this type of videos, so many young girls would take it as a good think to starve themselfs!! Stop this

  7. Please please people out there don't do this! This is really unhealthy and dangerous! Fasting it okay (but talk to your doctor first!) but not for an extended periode of time!

  8. Ur so lucky i cant Even diet normally i tried it and in the Second day i just eat candy the whole day #sadlife 😭

  9. i google translated the title from korean to english and i got "jimin bullying boy scouts"

  10. I was really worried when jimin ate once a day but now I’m really glad jimin and the other members eat well now.. I feel happy and excited watching the members eat during vlive especially eat Jin 💜💜

    Btw I purple you Army’s 💜💜💜💜

  11. Jovehiudjkhkjvvhiehv winuibgfehibi vbvfihi v j in I'd h w vdhi wdvoih SDK he d b bm.,d wed dwight vdwvdvwjbnvfekefvnnfke,mv ,man axnmx nm, zx,nnm.nnw,mns mz m nbmsd no jgb,m nor wn.kns .,nmm,nbsdvhjgnklnsbdihvtiunvg nm, ,nnmmbk bvnmrbhjkv mn4wvubev, I jr jjbkhr via gwbur jjrhg rguhbvrfuhbfrwihbwfuhbt4yiv4byiv HIV in dbehivbrfinevfbihvrfbklabj I o rabi wo jrvw jjbsr


  13. يا عرب وينكم 😢😢😢😭😭😭انا لحالي هون؟؟بلييييز حطو لايك من شان اعرف اني مش لحالي هون 😔😔 حطو👍👍👍

  14. Consider making "I work out like a kpop idol for a week". You can talk about how to work out healthy and how to keep a healthy diet while doing it.
    It would be interesting and informative to see

  15. I'm only 11 years old..

    Nope I look disgusting and ugly. Everyone is ashamed to be my friend.

    I'm doing this tomorrow and don't even try to get me out of this

  16. BTS has taught me how to love myself. There are times where BTS NEEDS to listen to what they've been teaching ARMY.

  17. Wait what! He didn't eat a meal for 10 days! I thought that he did eat one meal in 10 days like first day one meal second day one meal until 10 days 😑 so what was him eating? Can someone tell me what u should eat in this diet?

  18. I feel like this diet could have really bad consequences if you did it for too long. I mean you’re fine for a while but gurl you do this 4 two weeks and ur dead.

  19. I can’t believe jimin did this diet I can’t imagine starving for 10 days 😪 but the good thing is he is ok 😊

  20. I'm doing this diet for three days because I don't have ten days! Lol I have to go to camp in three days and the people there like watch over me and last time when I tried to skip a meal they told me to at least eat a salad lol

  21. Oh My GOD. Today I legit was thinking of doing the IU diet for 5 days, and I'm 14 years old, and not thinking much about it, but as I watched this video, it showed me that even teenagers shouldn't go through extreme diets to 'feel better' or 'look better'. From now on I'll stick to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, not these extreme and horrible diets, thank you

  22. It was hard to thumbs down this cus I adore you but being someone who suffers from a chronic severe loss of appetite it’s rare that I eat more than 500 calories a day so I know how harsh it feels in the body / it bothers me to see you hurt yourself. also it’s normal that the hunger goes away cus your body acclimates by ignoring it

  23. are you kidding me rn ? after jimin not eating healthy for 10 days because he wanted to be skinnier and he was getting comments on his weight, I don't think its supposed to be referred to as a fucking diet. nor a HeAlThY rOuTiNe. his eating disorder isn't something to just shove up your ass and walk away with. the fact that he was struggling with his diet for a certain amount of time is already self explanatory. so for some of y'all to GLORIFY it and make it a QuIrKy DiEt and do this really shows how bored y'all are. this is disgusting.

  24. Our society as a whole endorses eating disorders….. no ifs ands or buts about it, at least some people who talk about it try to educate their viewers.

  25. I’m 12 165cm and am 57kg which for me is too much and I made a change but idk if it’s good I’ve been working out well everyday I think for a while before I made this change bcz I’ve started ballet not too long ago and everyone was better and thinner than me so I did that but I didn’t loose much weight I didn’t lose any tbh I gained instead so now I’ve limited myself to 550 calories a day and I’ve counted them in my note book and I also made sure I got meat(protein) veggies carbs and sugar from fruits and I’ve been drinking a tablespoon of apple cinder vinegar( I think that’s how u spell it) to a cup of water every morning and I think I’m doing good idk I don’t really wanna raise calories bcz I just want to loose weight and be like everyone else but if u have suggestions or advice I’m happy to take them

  26. Guys listen up Jimin’s “diet” isn’t even considered a diet it’s just starving. I’m Glad he eats not, but during the wings era it really scared me when I noticed how tired he was especially since he didn’t reveal his diet yet. So people please, love yourself, you’re beautiful the way you are don’t starve yourself or else Jin will be on his way to kill you.

    Anyway to conclude my take on this, JUST DON’T DO IT

  27. Honestly im 15 years old 105.ibs and my face has so much fat. Im going to go on a Jimin diet for 20 days. Im not dancing for hours like jimin did on the diet.
    (One Bowl of rice in the morning, One apple for lunch and a granola bar after school)

  28. So. From Ellbat said about it causing catastrophic things to happen to your body
    I agree
    I have an Eating Disorder. Fro. The ages of 8-13 (now) im in recovery (outpatient)
    I now have
    -Mitral regurgitation
    -I'm still 4'9 (im luckily growing atm 🙂 )
    -i have the body of a 10yr old
    -Peripheral Neuropathy
    -Chronic Anemia
    -I lack litterally all Vitamins and Minerals
    -My body doesnt produce oestrogen so i wont be able to have my own children and those sorts of things
    All because of a fad diet
    Something people at school told me to do. Everyone did it. They started at a healthy weight though so theyre parents noticed. I told my parents i eas going to lose weight. They giggled and went along with it. It was healthy at first. But come 2 years later. It wasnt. I am not going into detail. But seriously. If you consider doing things like this. Dont. I know its hard to not. But now? I have had an ED for 5 years. I am lucky if i live past 40.

  29. It’s my firm belief that you still have an active eating disorder that you hide and disguise with these extreme diet videos. Your excuse about doing this to yourself to help others doesn’t hold water. Please get healthy.

  30. Ellabat thank you for showing us these diets but please eat as much as you can after these diets because you don't need to suffer just to show us these so please eat as much as you can because people care about you being alive so pleaseee eat after these days

  31. Jimin's was kind off better than Momo's diet cause Momo really didn't eat ANYTHING for whole 10 days which kind of terrified me:((

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