I Was Running Everyday for a Month, See What Happened to My Body

Hey, check me out! I went from being a couch potato to running
a 5k! I see that look you’re giving me. I didn’t think it was possible either, until
I crossed that finish line! It all started when a friend invited me to
do a 5k with him – that’s about 3 miles. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a lot
when you’re in your late twenties and haven’t run since gym class back in school. Not to mention the barely-there energy and
weight gain that adulthood seemed to hit me with. Oh, and did I mention I had a month to get
ready?! Yeah, this King of the Couch needed to be
5k-ready in 30 days. How did I do it? The short answer is, baby steps! After getting myself a new pair of running
shoes, my journey began. I kept a daily log of my progress along the
way… Day 1: I found a 5k training plan online that
said to start with interval training. The idea is to walk for 2 minutes, jog for
1 minute, and repeat that over and over again until your jogs hit the 30-minute mark. Jogging for 1 minute was challenging enough! I got a long way to go… Day 2: Ow, my body. I’m so sore! And obviously out of shape… I did some light stretching as soon as I got
out of bed, and that seemed to help. At my buddy’s suggestion, I went to the
gym today and had my first session with a professional trainer. Outside of exercising, he told me I need to
eat better and drink loads of water. We’ll see if it helps! Day 3: I’m writing down everything I eat
throughout the day, including snacks. Foods that fuel running include bananas, oats,
peanut butter, broccoli, plain yogurt, dark chocolate, whole grain pasta, potatoes, and
coffee. Day 4: Man, my appetite is through the roof! Probably because I’m burning way more calories
than before. My morning jog went really well – 10 minutes! That included walking breaks, but still! Then I hit the gym, and my trainer had me
do speed work – running from one point to another as fast as I can. That was brutal… Day 5: Sore today too after that insane gym
sesh. I guess that’s just gonna be a regular thing
for the next month. I found a running group online and joined
them for the first time today. I was hesitant at first, but when I saw people
of all shapes, ages, and abilities, I felt a lot better! I upped the ante and jogged for 2 minutes
at a time with walking breaks in between. Having the support of others really helps! Day 6: Today’s Saturday, and I’m resting. It’s only the end of my first week of training,
but I’m already feeling like my pants fit a little looser. Day 7: My trainer suggested cycling as cross-training,
so I went on a 3-mile bike ride. Now I know exactly how long that 5k will be. It still feels like I have so much work ahead
of me. Day 8: Something amazing happened today! I jogged for 5 minutes nonstop for the first
time in my life! I also got a glimpse of what people refer
to as the “runner’s high.” Endorphins – you know, those happy chemicals
you sense in your body after a workout – they were pumping through me like nothing else
today! I think I’m starting to fall in love with
running. Day 9: My energy levels are through the roof! I no longer crave afternoon naps. Even my boss noticed that I was a lot more
productive at work today! Day 10: I did strength training at the gym. Lots of weights on my arms and legs. I’m already sore. I’m also starting to understand the relationship
between food and performance, a connection I’d never made before. Day 11: I weighed myself today, and I’m
down 5 pounds! I’m convinced jogging is the fastest way
to lose weight. My jogs are closer to 7 minutes long now. Day 12: My trainer says my body fat percentage
is gradually going down too! Before I know it, I’ll be a lean, mean,
running machine! Oh yeah, and I ate a donut today. Because I deserve it. Day 13: I jogged for 10 solid minutes today
and didn’t struggle at all! I’m getting there! Day 14: Spoke too soon. Beyond exhausted. Skipping running later today, and I cheated
again. Seriously, what do they put in donuts to make
them so irresistible? I’ve learned that when I crave sugar and
eat junk, I may momentarily feel better, but it always leads to a crash later in the day. Nap time can’t come soon enough… Day 15: Today is the official halfway point,
and I’m getting a new wind of motivation. (Or maybe panic that such little time is left!) Well, whatever it is, I jogged 15 minutes
without stopping! Day 16: Gym day. We did a full-body routine today, and I’m
feeling pumped! Never have I been more motivated to drop the
pounds than I was today! Day 17: I went on two 15-minute jogs (with
a 5-minute walk in-between) with a buddy today. My trainer told me to be extra careful to
stay hydrated. He said to divide my body weight in half,
and then drink an ounce per pound. That’s 80 oz for me, or a little over half
a gallon. Day 18: I’ve decided to start alternating
drinking water with Gatorade since my runs are getting longer. I have to replace those lost electrolytes! I’m also seeing some incredible muscle definition
in my legs. Day 19: I noticed today that my skin looks
better than it has in a long time. It struck me kinda weird, so I looked it up. I guess exercise improves your complexion
because it boosts blood circulation. Well, cool, I’ll take it! Day 20: 10 more days until the big day! Making the jump from a 15-minute jog to a
20-minute jog was not bad at all. And did I mention that I sleep like a rock
now? No more long nights of tossing and turning
– my insomnia left long ago. That, and 5 more pounds! Day 21: I’ve noticed that the backs of my
thighs have been especially sore, and my ankles have been tight. My trainer showed me how to use a tennis ball
to massage any problem areas. I do it to the bottoms of my feet, too. The last thing I need right now is an inflamed
tendon. I sure hope this pain goes away in time, or
this 5k might not happen for me! Day 22: Phew, my legs feel better! Thank goodness, I was worried I’d pulled
something. More experienced runners have encouraged me
to take it easy. I’m told that if I can run 20-minutes non-stop,
I should have no problem with the 5k. I hope they’re right… Day 23: Nothing. I did absolutely nothing. It was beautiful! Day 24: I finally went on another bike ride
today. I should do it more often. 5 miles – done! Day 25: I was feeling a little tight again. Rolled my tennis ball all over the problem
areas, stretched, and went on a brisk walk. Day 26: I ran 25 minutes nonstop!!! Listening to music while jogging helps the
time go a lot faster. Any recommendations for my ultimate running
playlist? Leave them down in the comments! Day 27: I’m stocking up on pasta ingredients
and bananas. Lots of bananas. I’m told the potassium will help balance
the electrolytes I lose on longer runs. Day 28: Tapering today. Everything I’ve read says not to overdo
it in the days leading up to your first big race. Day 29: I enjoyed a delicious high-carb meal
with my new running friends. Ready for tomorrow morning, but I’m also
nervous! … Day 30: I did it! I ran my first 5k! I’m so proud of myself! I think my training program must’ve been
just right because the run was relatively easy and enjoyable. I can’t wait to sign up for my next race! Are you ready to lace up your shoes and start
running? Other than taking baby steps, watching what
you eat, staying hydrated, and training slowly but surely, here are some other tips I can
give: – Invest in a good pair of running shoes. If you need extra support, get some medical
inserts for them. – If you feel pain, whether it’s in your
feet, knees, or any other part of your body, STOP! The last thing you want is an injury that
forces you to quit any sort of physical activity. – Find someone or a community to run with,
especially one that includes experienced runners. Follow their lead and learn from them. If you choose a friend to run with, it can
be a great bonding experience too! – Most importantly, get your doctor’s approval
before you go from the couch life to running marathons! You don’t want to shock your body into this
new lifestyle. So hey, if you learned something new today,
then give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

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