Indoor Cycling Training – 25 Minute HIIT Blast

– We’re off for a quick
25 minute interval blast. Let’s work together on this ride and help take our training
to the next level. Follow the effort levels as a guide and work within your own capabilities. The effort levels are measured on a rate of perceived exertion scale. Level one representing very light activity to level 10 which is
your max effort activity. The cadence follows the beat of the music. If you have a cadence meter, we have also added the numbers
on the screen for you, too. Today’s ride has multiple
intervals along our journey and I want 100% commitment from you all, especially for the short,
explosive efforts at the end. Let’s get started. We’ve got a 25 minute
cycling journey together. Let’s warm up and let’s have some fun. Hand position number one. Keep it nice and relaxed. You’ve got 100 RPM. Imagine a nice, long, straight flat road. The tarmac is perfect. We’re just spinning before we take on our
little adventure together. Just make sure you’ve
got your drinks at hand and your towels ready. Keep yourself hydrated all
the way through the session. There’s going to be multiple intervals. We’re going to be seated, standing. We’re going to be going fast and slow with plenty of recovery in between. We’ve got another 60 seconds of warm up before the fun begins. Let’s keep going guys. (upbeat music) OK, 50 seconds, we’re going to be moving to hand position two. Start a creep on your
resistance, just a little bit. Keep an eye on the effort levels. On a scale of one to 10, it’s an array of perceived exertion. We’re going to be looking to creep up to about an eight or nine throughout. At the mo, we’re just building for five to six to seven as a percentage, up to about 70% at the moment so just keep it nice and relaxed. OK guys, good start. Let’s add a little bit more. Slowing down the legs. Approaching a small climb. Hand position two or 2.5. So, listen to the beat. Let’s add the resistance. Come on guys, add a little bit more. Slow the speed, keep with me. Target 68 RPM. Hand position 2.5, stay relaxed. That effort levels creeping up. We’re going to transition
to position three into a standing climb very soon. It’s getting steeper. Add a bit more if you want to. Get ready to go up, two, one, up we go. Nice, looking good, all in sync. We’re going to be back into that saddle and I’m sure there’s more climbs ahead. Two, one, position 2.5, keep climbing. Good, let’s look where we’re going. Keep our posture nice and tall. Good start everybody. Let’s try and relax. A few more smiles. We’re going to be going out
of the saddle again very soon. Get hovering over that resistance. Add a little bit more if you need to. Standing climb coming up. That hill’s getting steeper. Effort level 80% or eight out of 10. Position three, get ready, two, one, up. Nice job, good. Everyone is on it. Two, one, down climb. Three, two, one and again up. You got one minute 45
seconds on top of this climb. Stay focused, stay with me. Two, one, down. Hand position two, take
a bit of resistance off. We’ve flattened off. Take a little recovery. Take a drink on board. Soften the pedals. Let the heart rate come down. Imagine we’ve climbed up. It’s flattened off. We’re gonna go back up again. This time a little bit steeper. Back to position 2.5. Back on that beat. Add your resistance. Creeping that effort level up again. Get ready to transition to position three. Add the resistance. Get ready, two, one, up. Nice job. Once you’re up if you feel
like you need to add a bit more add just a touch. Keep that beat, good. Three, two, one, down, keep
climbing, keep climbing. Hey, good, you’re doing really well. (uptempo music) Three, two, one, up. Good, it’s getting steeper. We’re working hard, come on. Stay focused. Work as a group. Two, one, down. Hand position two. Take some resistance off. Recover, take a drink on
board if you need one. Hand position 2.5. OK, we’re still in the mountains. We’re still climbing. Still building strength in those legs. Hand position 2.5. Relax, guys. Relax the upper body. So, we’re gonna be running on a hill. So imagine those undulating hills where we just need to
get out of the saddle, stretch your legs, get those legs moving. Activate those hamstrings even more. We’re gonna keep in hand position 2.5 the whole way through this. (uptempo music) Effort level eight out of 10, 80% if you’ve got a heart rate monitor. Cadence 64. Just add a little bit more, guys. Slow down the legs for me. Good. Listen for the music. Find that beat, ready, stay down. Good, be on it. 18 seconds, we’re going to stand up onto that running on a hill just getting over the brow of it. 10 seconds, we’re going to
be driving off those pedals. Staying in position two. Here we go, two, one, up. It’s not steep, we’re easing over this. 30 seconds up and then 30 seconds down. Stay with me. 15 seconds, look forward, relax, breathe. Keep going. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Stay down, good. Take a little bit off. Hand position two. Sit up, recover. Take some oxygen into the lungs. Let the heart rate come down. Take another drink if you need one. Doing really well. Great start, guys. Position 2.5. Back to that climb. Good. Three minutes to the top. We have some small efforts in and out of the saddle to come. (relaxing music) 20 seconds, we’re going up. You ready, guys? In 10. Three, two, up. Good, look where you’re going. It’s a lovely, rolling hill. Not a problem for us today. Keeping the effort level under control. (upbeat music) 15 seconds we’re going to sit down back into that climb. Three, two, one, down, good. Keep position 2.5, keep going. You’ve got two minutes to the top. If you feel it’s a little bit easy, add a little bit more. Effort level eight out of 10, but keeping the RPM, that cadence 64. Get ready to go up again. (relaxing music) Two, one, up, go. 20 seconds ’til we’re seated. (uptempo music) Sitting down in three, two, one. Stay seated climb. Adjust that resistance if you need to. 55 seconds to go. Hand position 2.5. The warm up is nearly over and then we can start the main set. (relaxing music) Take a drink, guys. We’re at the top. Take a little bit off the resistance. Hand position two. Who’s warming up? Got a sweat on yet? Stay in hand position two. On a flat road. Just relax. We’re regrouping. Two minutes just at 100 RPM. So make sure you’ve got resistance on, it’s not off completely. (uptempo music) OK, imagine you’re on a country road. Super quiet, super flat. We’re just spinning, catching up. A nice Sunday morning ride. We’re gonna hit a little bit
of fast reference coming up. It’s gonna get a little bit
competitive between us all. Gonna get the heart rate
up a little bit harder. You’re not competitive, are you? Maybe just a little bit. 90 seconds. Just enjoy this recovery,
this seated flat section before we’re in and out of the saddles on our next part of the journey. I’m definitely heating up. 60 seconds. (uptempo music) 45 seconds. Everyone’s recovering. Keep an eye on that resistance. Keeping that posture perfectly strong all the way through the core. Shoulders back, sternum up nice and high. 30 seconds, take some drinks on board. Believe me, you’re gonna need it. 20 seconds. (uptempo music) hand position 2.5, out to the sides. Standing climb. We’re going to go to position three. Ready and up. Good, relax your shoulders, guys. Look forward. Okay, there’s going to be a ladies’ team and a gentlemen team. We’re gonna be in and out of the saddle. Keep in with this beat. We’ve got a nice 82 RPM. ♫ She’s taking you down tonight ♫ When she’s on the run ♫ Because of what she’s done ♫ And she’s coming for you ♫ With a loaded gun – Ready, three, two, one,
down, good, stay with it. Keep that cadence. Two, one, stay in 2.5. Stay up, good. Still on the flat, working hard. ♫ She hates this town ♫ She’s gonna burn it down – Keep the shoulders out, elbows soft. We’re gonna sit down. Two, one, keep working
on the flat, come on. ♫ She’s a faker ♫ Such a little faker ♫ She’s a faker – OK, so long straight ride. It’s not an incline, it’s not a flat. It’s somewhere in between. Stay in 2.5, stay with it. We’re all gonna go up together. Then we’re gonna drop
a few people as we go. Two, one, up we go. Two, one, down. Get ready, ladies. On your own. Two, one, up. How much work do you make them do? All of it, come on. Three, two, one, switch. Man, it was a little bit slow
out of the blocks, there. Get ready, two, one, down, regroup. Sit down, hand position two. Take a little bit off, breathe. You know what’s coming. We’re going again. Position 2.5. Everyone together. Bit more resistance if you need to. Prepare to stand. Three, two, one, up, go. Two, one, down. Four, three, two, one, up. Two, one, down. Up, stay with it, stay with it. Stay up, stay up. Three, two, one, down, good. Hand position two. Take a little bit off, but not too much. Good job, guys. Hey, working really hard. We are on the flat road. There is going to be some sprints. Okay, seated and standing. I want you working really hard. Okay, here we go, ready, seated. 80, just under 80 RPM. Three, two, one, good, working hard. The resistance on,
cadence is not super fast. We’re just strong. Keep with me, guys, good. Okay, guys, looking good, looking good. Focus on the road ahead. We’re gonna go out of the saddle. We’ll go 10 seconds standing
sprint and then back down. Get ready. Position 2.5. Get ready to go to three standing sprint. Go up now, go. Two, one, down, position two. Take a little bit off. A little recovery, good. OK, you know what’s happening. Let’s have some more of these. Some more sprints. Some more fast efforts but that resistance must be on. We’re at eight and when
we’re up nine out of 10. Resistance must be strong
all the way through. Two minutes to go. That’s all I want you to do. That’s going to be it for me. Hand position 2.5. Two, one, up, come on. Resistance on. Driving hard. Sitting down in three, two, one. Keep working seated. Hand position two. Come on, stay with it. Let’s have another acceleration. Get ready with me in two, one, up, up, up. Five seconds. Two, one, down, keep pushing. (upbeat music) 10 up, 10 down. Here we go. Position 2.5 ready to go to three, up. Well done, guys. Stay relaxed, stay focused. Three, two, one, down, position 2.5. Keep breathing, stay there. Up again, three, two, one, up. 40 seconds to go. Relax, relax, relax. Sitting down in three, two, one. Keep working, keep working. 30 seconds to the end. That’s all. Get ready to position, transition from position 2.5 to three. And up, up, up, up. Stay up, stay up. Two, one, hand position two. Resistance take it off, spin. Good job everyone. Relax, hand position one. Let’s recover. We’ve got three minutes just to wind down, relax, let the heart rate come down. You are finished. Well done. Take a drink on board. Thank your teammates. (relaxing music) Okay, really important to warm down after every session. Let’s keep resistance on. Only a little bit. That cadence, 90 to 100 RPM. Bring that effort level back down from the hard work. Back down to a rest so we’re
going from 80, 70, 60%. Keeping that blood flowing. Keep hydrated right the way through. Everyone warm enough? Good job. Two minutes 15 to go. Just relax, spin those legs. You deserve the warm down. Suck in all the oxygen. Just relax. Nice stripes there, mate. Nice. Anyone else got any stripes? Anyone else got any stripes? 90 seconds. (relaxing music) Just relax those bodies there, good. Relax your shoulders. Switch the core on, look good. Last one minute. (relaxing music) I hope you enjoyed that 25
minute ride with the guys. If you want to see more videos on GCN click up here on how to set up a spike or click down here on how to
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