Is Decaf Coffee A Good Idea for Fat Loss?

I was asked what I think about decaf
coffee so I want to very quickly cover my opinion on it basically decaf coffee
is normal coffee but it’s decaffeinated meaning that ideally all caffeine is
taken out of the coffee um but this doesn’t really tend to happen you know
an average cup of coffee has about 70 to 100 plus 120 milligrams of caffeine on
average depending on the size depending on the strength and you know that gives
rise to all those cognitive benefits those physical benefits more strength
more endurance more a better ability to memorize and focus all those great
benefits of caffeine and decaffeination takes most of that away but a myth is
that all of it is taken away and decaf is actually completely caffeine free
which just as in the case you’ll look left with about five six seven
milligrams on average per cup with decaffeinated coffee um so my thoughts
on it that it’s actually okay you know that there are some studies which show
that the process um that decaffeinated coffee may give rise to certain
chemicals that increase the rate of cancer but honestly this isn’t a problem
that I’m not very conclusive you’re not gonna get cancer just from consuming
decaffeinated coffee from time to time so don’t worry about that I personally
think decaf coffee is good for a number of reasons one you’re getting a lot of
antioxidants from the coffee right and the best thing is that you’re not
getting all these antioxidants with that huge consumption of caffeine if you’re
having multiple cups per day so I think decaf can be a great way to do a number
of things one getting those antioxidants second reduce your appetite which I’ll
speak about in a second and that’s especially important on a fast and also
just tastes great number three right so it’s gonna help reduce your appetite
because it increases a peptide hormone called P YY and that’s been shown to
decrease the appetite but a specific study comparing caffeinated water
caffeine coffee and decaf coffee showed that decaf coffee actually increased
peptide YY the most so that was interesting so decaf coffee really may
help you suppress your appetite due to that increase in that peptide hormone
which may be particularly googling it in some in fasting and furthermore people
have a habit of drinking more than 1 cups of coffee per day
that’s fine you know you’re not really gonna do damage to yourself if you’re
drinking 3 cups of coffee per day that’s within the the the limit of the
recommended amount of caffeine so although it’s not optimal and that may
cause you to secrete too much course all um it’s not gonna be the worst thing in
the world but this can become problematic when you start to drink one
or two of those cups of coffee past about 2:00 p.m. because the half-life of
caffeine lasts much longer than you really feel the main effects that means
that it can have effects on your sleep right it can cause insomnia and even if
you’re able to get to sleep on time and you sleep for your seven to nine hours
because that caffeine is so on your system and may have some negative
effects on how deep you sleep and the quality and the ratio of your rapid eye
movement to non-rapid eye movement of them of sleep cycles right so you don’t
want that to happen that can cause problems um and getting a good sleep is
really important for weight loss muscle gain and mood so how decaf can be
advantageous is that you can have your caffeinated coffee in the morning and
then in the afternoon once or after 12:00 1:00 or 2:00 when it’s not a good
idea to drink caffeine you can drink your decaf coffee you can get the
benefits of the antioxidants and other good properties of coffee but you will
avoid over stimulating your adrenals and excreting way too much cortisol and
disrupting your sleep patterns while still being able to enjoy that
routine of consuming coffee and if you’re trying to reduce your caffeine
intake because you’re consuming way too much coffee and it can be addictive for
certain people then just having your coffee and a cup you know half decaf
half normal coffee can be a great way to sort of trick yourself into consuming a
less caffeine but still have that coffee cup and enjoy that taste that you love
so that’s what I think about decaf I think it can be great I think that it
doesn’t really have any negative as the research doesn’t show that and if you’re
trying to get your caffeine consumption down because of dependency or because of
excess anxiety and stress due to caffeine then decaf can be a good option
I’m actually drinking a cup right now some studies have actually shown that
you know normal caffeinated coffee is associated with the lower instance of
things like Alzheimer’s disease because of some of the positive effects it has
on cognition but they have been some studies which have also
linked on decaf to improvements in the risk factors for things like Alzheimer’s
but these are just correlations but it’s interesting to note nonetheless so I’ll
see you guys later thank you so much for watching enjoy your decaf coffee or
coffee or whatever you drink in the mornings and I will see you guys next
time leave your comments and questions down below

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