Legs and Glutes “TORTURE” Workout | Kettlebell HIIT WORKOUT

Legs and Glutes “TORTURE” Workout | Kettlebell HIIT WORKOUT

What’s up guys, Daniel here from DanielPT and welcome back to my youtube channel Today`s workout is a Kettlebell -HIIT workout And we are focusing on the leg muscles and the glutes And the goal is to really torture these two muscle groups today! im using a.. 16KG of kettlebell, if you want you can choose for something lighter or maybe something heavier and if you dont have a kettlebell you might want to grab a dumbbell as well im just going to ho ahead and start off with a short stretching and after that we are starting with the main trainnig! Allright! We gonna get on the ground we have one leg to the front the other one is backwards the leg to the front, we have it in the angle of 90 degrees the other one also in 90 degrees and with the other elbow you gonna come to the front you gonna rotate… and you gonna keep the pressure nice! we gonna swith to the othe side! So you have the other leg to the front the angle of 90…90 degrees and the other elbow turning to the front try to go deep! NICE! We gonna lie down on the ground..you have your arms straight to the side you’ve got your feet against each other , your knees against each other and with the knees we are going to the ..left side and with the head to the opposite side, to the right and if you don’t feel it in your lower back you might wanna come higher with your knees then you gonna feel it immediately! ALLRIGHT! Bring the knees to the middle you gonna grab them, and you gonna pull them to you chest and you´re holding this position fot 10 seconds …1! ALLRIGHT! we are coming to the front we are going to the little wide squat position we are dropping the body Elbows on the inner side and we are… pushing the knees to the outer side and we are trying to arch the back! And have your feet flat on the ground You feel the stretch Now we are bouncing left to right Right to left! GREAT! NOW! we are keeping one foot to the front, the other one is going backwards And we gonna arch the upper body Hold the position. If you don´t feel it …just go little farther with the knee… And create the stretch… In the hamstring… Legs Alright! We gonna bring the other leg to the front, this one is going back And we gonna to the same with the other one Stretch the upper body Create the stretch

68 thoughts on “Legs and Glutes “TORTURE” Workout | Kettlebell HIIT WORKOUT

  1. Great workout! Gave your video a like! I recently uploaded an intense full body workout if you wanna check it out!

  2. I can tell you are "self-thaught" good job ! Awesome!! Like your style as well as you and your channel 🙂 Love it! keep up the good work!I i hope you check out my channel 😆 Looking forward to the next video! keep killiiing it!

  3. please watch your form, when your lifting and laying down the kettlebell. you put it down leedlessly! that's bad for your body (especially back)! lift and lay down with proper form!
    But great workout! I just completed it 😀

  4. Omg!!! Love this workout!! Now you have a new subscriber!!!! Love it!! I think tomorrow i wont gonna go to the 🚻 hahahaha

  5. Great video I love kettle. I try to do more calisthenics than anything, don't really go too heavy but I enjoyed this.

  6. Liked and subbed. I just destroyed myself. Feels good to be sore again. I'll check out ur other vids. Good music too.

  7. Keeping your head up like that when you do deadlifts arches your back too much and puts your lower back at risk (as shown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkj9Y5zghaY)

    Please keep your head/eyes in a normally aligned position during the deadlift to maintain a normally arched (not over-arched) back.

  8. Wow, what an incredible coach. This is my best video. I tried it out and it will be my daily dose. Thank you very much

  9. Please make a kettle bell 'torture' ARM & kettle bell 'torture' Chest / core workout please!!! Your vids are GREAT, I use them all the time!!

  10. I always come back to this LB workout.. the music is great, it’s fun, your form is perfect and I get great results quickly.

  11. I have never commented on a video before but this is a great workout, good pace, a nice variety of exercises far from boring and effective thank you!!

  12. Another great video!

    The last block/round is so fun
    Especially that back lunge getting into prayer position. Gonna steak that one from you!

  13. Oh HELL Naw, 😫🤬💪🏾🍑🤸🏾‍♂️🏆 I better have a Serena Williams azz after this Extremely Intense workout! I damn near lost consciousness after that last 🦀 crab walk😳😫🤦🏾‍♀️👍🏾

  14. Lets say I bought kettlebell more than my capacity (overweight). Which one is better. 1) Use the same kettlebell but go slower pace aka lower rep 2) Switch to lighter kettlebell to maintain the pace like your video

  15. Thank you so much for making this video there so much you can workout with a kettlebell I didn’t even know am going to get one tomorrow 😘💪

  16. I stopped at 18:34. My back hurt much more than my legs especially after doing 5:30. Then I continue my own way; laying down and put the kettlebell (sandbag) on my legs and kick up until I exhaust. Does this means my kettlebell is overweight? It's 13.5kg. Online said should start with 16kg.

  17. 1st time doing lower body kettle bell workout, I was doing great until about 20 mins in. I literally was dripping in sweat and could not finish this. Will do this again the day after, hope to complete and look forward to feeling sore tomorrow. I already feel the tightness in my glutes !

  18. This is awesome. I'm looking for workouts like this. What playlist or mix are you listening too. I need it. 😍😍

  19. Dear Daniel, this is a boon for me. I do this workout twice a week and in four weeks, my results were excellent. Thanks

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