Losing Body Fat and Gaining Muscle with Nutrition Coaching

– Hey, guys, Robby here
from CFSB Nutrition at CrossFit South Bend. Today, we are going to talk about how you can get a better
sense of your health through nutrition coaching. So there are lots of different ways to determine a better
sense of your health, what kind of symptoms you’re feeling, blood work with your
doctor, things like that but today we’re gonna talk
about body composition. So what are some ways you can figure out if you’re healthy for
your body composition. So one way that we use when we are doing nutrition
coaching with people is we measure their waist which we typically do
at their belly button relative to their hips and
if their waist is larger than their hips which it tends
to be for quite a few people, that is a sign that health wise things aren’t where they need to be. What’s another way to measure this? Well, one of the things
we use here at the gym is our InBody body fat scanner and this tells you a lot
about your overall health but one of the things it can tell you is your relative balance
of muscle and fat. So if someone’s fat is out
here and their muscle is here, that’s not nearly as healthy as someone who’s muscle is here
and their body fat is there even if they’re the
exact same weight, right? So that’s another way
that body composition can be a measure of your health. Another way you can measure
health with body composition is your body fat percentage. For guys, it should be between 10 and 20% with 15% being smack dab in the middle and for women, it should be
somewhere between 18 and 28% with 23% in the middle. So if someone, if a guy
is over that 20% marker or a woman is over that 28% marker, that’s definitely going to
be not a healthy situation. So those are some ways
that we can help you with nutrition coaching get a better sense of how body composition
impacts your health. Thanks so much for tuning
in, we’ll see ya next time.

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