Matt Lovell talks Smartfish

I want to speak to you about
this company called Smartfish. They are based in Norway,
and what they have done is they have got this
really interesting process where they emulsify fish oil
within a protein base. I think their process is
patented and so on. This one, which is the
high protein version, has a whey base, but also
significant amounts of lucein, which, if you study this area,
you will know that lucein is required for triggering
muscle protein synthesis. In fact they have
studied this at length in football, and this
has been shown to improve recovery
and performance in intensive football
based activities. You can you look
it up on their site and download the study
and read that for yourself. Stuff we like I guess,
someone that has been doing something
pretty clever that works, both in terms of
research and for me. It works for myself, case
studies I have done at myself, and with the athletes I work with. So it’s good stuff.

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