PiScale S220 Bluetooth Smart Body Scale

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] after you have downloaded the body fat scale on the Apple Store you can now launch the program this program uses the latest Bluetooth technology to create a user profile you may click this icon and take a photo either with the camera or upload a photo from the photo library enter in your name and gender click male or female enter your date of birth here your height in meters or feet and your weight in pounds or kilograms and I have already created a user profile next you may step on the scale [Music] and once you have your weight you can save this information if you’d like to set goals to either gain more weight or lose some weight you may do so by creating a target goal you can use these icons to increase your goal or decrease you may share this information with friends you have Facebook or email in addition if you would like to chart the history of your weight measurement you may do so by looking at this graph [Music] I highly encourage everyone to look at the information page especially the outside this will guide you through the steps using a fabrication and that is the end of the demonstration [Music]

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