side effect of mass gainer or weight gainer HINDI

side effect of mass gainer or weight gainer HINDI

Hello friends welcome back in your fitness channel how to fit I am prakash bhatt Today’s video is a requested video Our viewer dear sandeep singh jethi asked about masss gainer side effect So today I will tell you about this topic health supplements such as weight gain powder are shortcut to weight gain and muscle gains People with the desire to gain weight consume weight gain powder without any second thoughts One must have complete understanding of dangers of health supplements before choosing them The quickest way of increasing body weight is not the safest way as its usage has not been accredited or recommended by physicians. First of all we discus about How Weight Gain Powders Work? Available in various flavoured powders , the weight gain powder raises body’s ability to produce energy in a quick time span. Thereafter, the energy is utilized in training harder, providing fast results. A catalyst for high-intensity training ascertains weight gain. Classified as osmotically active substance, the health supplement pulls water into muscle cells and increases protein synthesis. what is weight gainer to keenly look at the ingredients list to ensure you’re getting what you paid for. Cheap gainers use sugar and stuff for their calories, stay away from them The really good ones givs you protein carbs and fat . Hence the higher price. yeah, weight gainers do work They provide you with a very easy way to consume the required number of calories in a hassle free, quick manner You must have a calorie surplus. Try upping your calorie intake If you take more carbs than the recommended amount So it will increase your fat cells by not increasing the muscle. Which is not a good way to gains Gainer is full of carbs . You are paying for carbs Which is already present in your kitchen It is better to consume the source of good carbs to gain weight You can watch our video in weight gain If you still see no progress, only then should you invest in a weight gainer. Before that You should be aware of the weight gain side effects Many of the mass gainers contain more sugar than users anticipate. many also contain a great deal of sugar in order to make the powders taste good. This can lead to a great deal of health issues related to ingesting large quantities of sugars and those who have special dietary restrictions should monitor their intake Some people have an adverse effect to mass gainers In addition to bloating and cramps, some mass gainers cause users to have an excess of gas to feel discomfort for several hours after ingesting the powder. Because these powders are meant to increase your caloric intake intake to help with workouts and healthy muscle gain, some people don’t realize that they need to couple powder intake with strict workouts When too much of a mass gainer is taken without the counter workout, that user can find themselves gaining more and more weight due to fat rather than muscle. Coupled with digestive problems, the mass gainers can also cause diarrhea in some users Depending on how the protein is processed, the body may not be able to handle the powder, and this results in frequent trips to the bathroom. One major problem of having diarrhea due to a mass gainer is the risk of becoming dehydrated due to losing too much water. Mass gainers are also high in protein. Like any diet high in protein users risk damaging their livers by not following safety rules. Many users don’t drink enough water, and begin to use the protein powders as a supplement to other, more well balanced meals. Make sure that when you begin using mass gainers you’re keeping your mind on how much water you take in and how much protein is hidden in your daily diet. So, as much as you can Increase calorie intake from your diet Which contains the right amount of protein carbs and fat To calculate calorie intake, you can watch our next video That’s all in this video
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  1. AGR supplement lene se 58 se mera 64 tk ho gya ….dietpuri h ….workout bhi….mai aur weight krna chta hu aur supplement lu yaa nhi….sexual prblm to nhi hogi in future?

  2. bro i workout daily in gym and take it as a post workout n take water between workout to Maintain the volume level n i don't have any such effects…..💪💪

  3. Bhai ji main Dubai me hu hotel me job hai , Ex bhi karta hu khane ko bhi bahut hai chicken beef motion fruit sab hai khata bhi thik hu par hu main patla hi kya lu ki thoda mota ho jayu body nahi banani bas mota hona hai thoda sa

  4. Bhai main ne fast weight gainer liya Hain koie side effects to nahi hoga na..?
    Or fast weight gainer lena band kor du to Kia hamhara
    Body pehle jaisa to nahi hojaiegi..?

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  6. Sir ager mai gainer lu or workot sath kru fir to nhi nikle ga pet or gainer lane k bad body me cut to aya ge ye nhi…ye btao

  7. isse kam power wale ladko ka dhila hojata he or herniya bhi hojata he bina exersize ke 1 chammach bhi kha liy to

  8. Sir mene on serious maas parotin liya h lekin sir esse hamko kahsi hu gayi h ab Kiya lena cahiye

  9. bhi ham bite se acche protine lete hai lekin thik se calories nahi le pate hai ham mass gainer use karenge

  10. gainer lene se height farkh padta h ya nahi please mujhe zaruru Bata na Maine apka channel subscribe kar rakha hai

  11. Sir mare pass muscleblaze mass gainer toh main usse Kaise aur kab Loon Subah Shaam mein aap mujhe reply Karke Bataye please

  12. Main animal gainer for muscle and weight growth protein laya hun usko kese khoun or kya labh milega or kese diet mere hogi jara batayenn ..

  13. Mere pat me aithan si ho rahi hai weight gainer se or laitring tight aa rahi hai wo gainer hai advance weight gainer hai

  14. (Alert )I have taken Mass Gainer for 4 month… gain weight….as a result… I have gain weight but I have face kidney stone problems & fatty liver problem ,so guys consult to doctor before taking any types of supplements.

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