Singer & Miguel’s Wife, Nazanin Mandi Kicked Diet Pill Addiction & Embraced Her Curves| Body Of Work

I’ve seen comments on Instagram
like, “Oh my god,
where did this come from?” And I’m just like,
“Look, for the longest time I never even took pictures
of my butt at all.” Because there was
really nothing there, why am I going to take
a picture of it? But after that swimsuit
shoot it was like, okay, I feel more comfortable,
I’m liking the results, why not? Before I started working out
and training and making fitness a lifestyle,
my mindset was very unhealthy. I had body dysmorphia on 1000. I still get it
from time to time, but it’s about controlling
the mind at this point and being like, “No, you’re doing everything
you’re supposed to be doing to be healthy.
It’s all in your head.” But before it was
definitely a problem. I was 102 pounds
and thought I was big, and thought clothes didn’t fit
right on me, and I was so wrong. Looking back at pictures
I was like, “Oh my god, I look like
a bobble head, I look crazy.” It’s just not the message that I
want to pass onto young women. I was abusing diet pills
at one point, and just not living
a healthy lifestyle, and it was affecting
my mind and my mood, and I knew once I turned 30 I didn’t want
to live that way anymore. I wanted to reach
my highest potential with everything in life,
especially with fitness. So I put down the diet pills,
I called my trainer Tori, we got in the gym
and we set goals, and it took a while
to reach them. Getting off of the pills
wasn’t easy, I went to therapy for it. Having to get used
to that feeling of not having
that fake energy in you that it gives you was
definitely a change. But I overcame it,
and now I’m not on it at all, and I’m doing things
the right way. But yeah, it wasn’t easy.
It was not easy. I knew once I turned 30 a lot
of things in my life had to change.
In order for me to be the best that I could be
as an individual, and as a grown woman, I knew
I could not live this way. I couldn’t look
at myself this way, I can’t live the rest of my life
looking at myself the way I did. I couldn’t have
certain relationships be the way they were. Everything had to evolve,
everything had to change, or I was going to be depressed
and unhappy for the rest of my life. It’s been quite
the transformation. I exercise at least
five days a week. It helps my anxiety, it keeps me
sane, it keeps me motivated. Just a lifestyle for me
at this point. I work out three days a week
with my trainer Tori. If I’m working out
with friends, we’re hiking. And then the other two days
I will workout by myself, which is super helpful.
I love to work abs. I feel like
if my core is strong, everything is aligned
and everything is strong. So, I love the ab wheel
that I have. We do a lot of ab exercises
with the weights, which also help,
and I increase the weights, which is great
for pushing my limits. I love that. Also, squats, those are
my best friends at this point. But genetically I’m fortunate,
I’m Mexican and Persian. So, the foundation was there,
it just needed to be worked on. I use the bar for squats, I’ll also use
the dumbbells for squats, and then upper body
is super important because when I gain weight I notice it in my arms
and lower half. So, I have to as a woman
not forget that upper body is just as important
as my lower body. The body, the mind,
they’re all connected, and at the end of the day,
it all requires consistency. So, when it came to the wedding,
I didn’t feel this last minute pressure
to step my fitness game up, I just remained consistent. Just eat right,
stay focused, work out. Tori was there every morning
to train me, even before the wedding, on the day of the wedding
we all got up at 6 AM and worked out.
It was amazing actually, that was one
of my favorite parts. It was super motivating,
it set the tone for the day. But overall, no,
I didn’t feel the pressure because I was so consistent
starting two years before. I think at the end of the day,
as women we all need to realize we’re all
going through something. None of our lives are perfect, even though
it might look like that on Instagram, none of our lives
are perfect. We all have insecurities, we all are going
through something in life that we wish was a little
different, a little better. That is the highest form
of dedication, is being able to balance
everything in life, and that is what I aspire for. I want a family one day,
I have my career, I want to be the best person
I can be. I want to motivate
these young women to be just that as well.

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