Starting a Weight Loss Journey (Day 1) | Extreme Weight Loss Transformation

300. Period. Dot. Point. ! ? ! I currently weigh 300 pounds which is a lot of weight. Hello to my family friends and acquaintances that know me, sup. To all of you who don’t know me personally, sup. You know I’m 24 years old, and for a while now I’ve been very depressed anxiety-ridden and just upset about my life in general mostly dealing with my health. And to be honest it hasn’t always been this way. Back in 2009, whether some of you know it or don’t, I did a youtube channel where basically i did a lot of vlogging. I did a lot of comedy skits, but also i did a whole thing about losing weight. At that time I was at 265lbs when i started that youtube channel and all of a sudden went all the way down to 189lbs and that was in my junior to senior year in high school. I’m out of college at this point. I just work a normal job, ordinary job that doesn’t do anything with film and I miss being creative I miss being happy with what I was and I want to do creative stuff and unfortunately for me, a lot of times i will have headphones in my ears, right? I’ll be playing music and a lot of times that music involves a lot of creative things with me. Whether it’s from images of like films I’ve ever wanted to write or film basically I’ve written them but their scenes in those scripts, and they associated with a song. When it comes to that or when it comes to a past thing that happened with me and it’s related to a song. Or something i want to happen in future is related to a song. I like putting myself in those positions and have like a world wind of imagination and creativity in my head as I’m listening to those songs, right? When I look at myself in those songs and when I look at myself in what I want in the future, I don’t look like what I do in those (visions) with what I see here. And it’s not to say there’s something wrong with what I look now. I think I look hot as #%&@! [laugh] But let’s be honest I’m 24 years old, I’m 300lbs, I’m unhealthy and I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere with my life right now and unfortunately my creativity sparked I want when it comes to film is not gonna be fulfilled at the moment. So here’s the thing every single week, every Wednesday you’ll see a video from me doing weight loss. Basically showing you around my life, taking a camera around with me, doing some creative shots, but also giving you tips. To have some fun with some friends or whatnot, but also get personal with you and basically use this moment with you guys as my therapy. and I think that will do wonders for me but also wonders for you, who might also want to lose weight or have some type of big goal that you want to accomplish. Now to those of you who are questioning this and saying, “Chris, like I hear this stuff all before. Congratulations on wanting to lose weight or whatnot but like everyone says like, ‘Oh I’m gonna lose weight’ when they lose five pounds and then they give up! It’s over for them. How can I believe that you will be doing that?” Well, I like to look at the example of how i found out that I was losing weight and committed to losing weight back in 2009-2010. I found out that I was losing weight by time I reached 245 pounds. So I’ve lost 20 pounds already and I didn’t realize that. And then I went full force into it. I went full force into losing that weight. So why should you believe me? Why should you believe me that i’m actually going to succeed in this and that i’m going to show you and prove to you that I’m gonna lose this weight? Because I’ve already lost 23 pounds! That’s right, my starting weight was 323 pounds. Today I weigh 300 pounds. Thank you friends, family and acquaintances for watching this. Thank you for supporting me. And to those of you who don’t know me and just learned about me today, thank you so much for watching and I hope that you will join me for the journey. Bye!

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