Taco Bell® | Steak Nachos Box | Food Review! 🌮🔔🥩🧀

hey everyone its Ian K back again with
another one for ya this time headed into Taco Bell to check out the latest
version of their popular nachos so is this one gonna be something truly
different or maybe just a little more of the same stay tuned because it’s coming
up next right here on peep this out reviews I mean it’s nachos how different can they be right good how you doin’ today you know peep this out let me go for the steak nachos box please let’s go with
unsweetened tea that’d be fine that’s it
oh no great thanks looks like my Taco Bell is a dollar more than what it
should be no bueno hey now I thought this promo was
supposed to be five dollars for this box I come at six crazy awesome thanks so
much appreciate it you too alright so let’s get right up on it first for that close
to look before we peep out this flavor so here we go with the steak nachos box
and what looks like a pretty decent portion of topping starting off with
obviously the steak we’ve got a three cheese blend nacho cheese sauce pico de
gallo refried beans and reduced fat sour cream and that’s all on top of a sizable
portion of their tortilla chips so nice presentation definitely and of course
this one is available for upgrades you can obviously add guacamole jalapeno
peppers or anything else extra if you’d like and even though this was a dollar
more than what this normally should be it’s still a pretty decent portion for
the money and it looks pretty great so let’s get into it all right now let me
be real for a second here this completely reminds me of the steakhouse
nachos that I reviewed a while back and if you haven’t seen that review that I
did hit the link in the upper right hand corner for display and definitely check
that one out this one on the surface however does look exactly to be the same
appearance-wise but the main difference with that one compared to these is that
the Steakhouse nachos actually had that zesty queso so this one doesn’t have
that it’s the basic three cheese blend in their regular nacho cheese sauce so
basically the regular nachos here at Taco Bell let’s just get into it and see
exactly what the flavor is gonna be like I think I already know I’m just gonna
pull a little bit of everything here as much as I can because the chips are
already getting kind of soggy there we go it’s the steak nachos box
here at Taco Bell yep come on you already knew from the
close-up what to expect with this one right this is exactly like you already
know the refried beans the steak the cheese a little bit of the Pico on there
and that reduced fat sour cream to add just a little bit more sour tartness to
it which is pretty nice guys a nice combo either way and like I said the
taco both flavors you already know the six or seven ingredients we all know
what’s up with those right hmm it’s still a nice combo of toppings either
way and with me being a fan of the steak here at Taco Bell
I really like the fact that the chunks are thicker so it’s a pretty hearty bite
with each of the pieces on these chips and there’s also plenty of that nacho
cheese sauce and the three cheese blend all throughout this right now that’s
part of the reason why you’re seeing the paper are rounded here as well guys it
kind of keeps the box from getting kind of soggy I think but pretty tasty so
obviously not bad for five bucks especially if you can get it for that
price point why my taco bell is a dollar more than normal for something like this
I don’t know but again prices do vary around the country but still tasty guys
still pretty tasty one more last look at one of these chips guys it’s Taco Bell
it’s their nachos you already know what’s up it’s five bucks if you can get
it for that price point and a very decent quantity to look forward to if
you do pick this one up they’re not that overall and like I said the steak is
always a decent choice but you can customize this really pretty much any
way you want and customize it you should this one probably could have benefited
with a little bit of guacamole a little bit of the jalapeno actions give this
even more of an authentic look guys but a pretty decent quantity for what it is
and like I said it’s taco bell you already know so as for the overall score
I can’t really go much about seven out of ten for the steak nachos box strictly
because these are the same ingredients that we already know from Taco Bell
just with some different marketing for the current month but as always if
you’re a fan of Taco Bell and you love the ingredients and you love the food in
general you have a lot to look forward to with this and it is a plentiful box
that they give you presentation is pretty solid but definitely customize it
and take your version of it to the next level so to close this one out drop some
comments down below and let me know what you thought of the appearance of this
one based upon my review today and if you’re gonna customize your version if
you go to pick it up and with that this is Ian K closing out another episode
of peep this out and like I always say I’ve got brand new content every single
week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for the next of you coming real
soon in the meantime stay frosty alright Taco
Bell I’m seriously holding out for the return of that zesty queso so bring that
one back ASAP and let’s take this one to the real next level alright guys until
next time I’ll talk to you soon

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